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The Xbox 360 casualty sheet: 45 companies that didn't survive this generation

Remembering those who didn't make it
It's been a long, hard generation: financial crises, increased competition from tablets and mobile, the rise of certain mega-franchises severely limiting the success of other games' multiplayer modes. There's been a brutal shift in business models over the course of the Xbox 360's life. Spiralling development costs and uncertain returns have taken many companies to the wall; the loss of the "b-game" mid-market titles has taken down publishers and studios alike. (Dev, Industry, Xbox 360)

BadboyCivic  +   742d ago
Sony Liverpool? THQ?

I bash MS for the things they have done wrong. I don't blame them for everything gone wrong.
dirigiblebill  +   742d ago
"I don't blame them for everything gone wrong."

Nor does the article.
gaffyh  +   742d ago
Thing with Sony though, is that even though Sony Liverpool has closed, the IPs still exist, and they could make (and probably will) sequels to the franchises that Sony Liverpool developed.
Bathyj  +   742d ago
yeah, it must be one of those Sony fanboy sites.

oh wait...
DragonKnight  +   742d ago
Oh BadboyCivic.
Well the next gen would have been so locked down if MS had their way.
ColdFeet  +   742d ago
Maybe I'm just knitpicking this list but when they talk about Clover Studios, they don't even mention Okami. God Hand is hardly the reason Clover Studios were considered creative.
GentlemenRUs   742d ago | Bad language | show | Replies(2)
Cmk0121  +   742d ago
This is just so ignorant. 3rd party companies closing because of one console? Just beyond imagination the amount of fanboy write ups allowed on this site. def jam fighting game failed causing it to not make more games...SHOCKER. good games sell crap games dont simple as that.
DragonKnight  +   742d ago
Official Xbox Magazine wrote this. Are you saying that Official Xbox Magazine is a Sony fanboy magazine?
WrAiTh Sp3cTr3  +   742d ago
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Welcome2Die  +   742d ago
lol owned.
die_fiend  +   742d ago
So ignorant? So when you say good games sell are you saying Okami isn't good? Or viewtiful joe? Def jam was fun back in the day
Killzoner99  +   742d ago
Just goes to show you Microsoft is circling the drain and they're trying to take everyone down with them. They're done.
DiRtY  +   742d ago

Sony Liverpool

ring a bell?
GameCents  +   742d ago
The article is about developers that used to work on xbox games, multiplats included, that have not made it through for whatever reason.
This isn't about the studios that closed because of Microsoft. Heck SONY is involved in the demise of more studios this gen than any other console maker.
Killzoner99  +   742d ago
These are 45 companies that went out of business because of Microsoft. Sony only shut down a handful of devs this generation. The fact is Microsoft is destroying the industry while Sony is innovating and rebuilding it. "The Last of Us" alone has done more for the industry than Microsoft has ever done. Microsoft works with the NSA to spy on consumers with the required Kinect. That should be enough for you to see how evil they are.
dirigiblebill  +   741d ago

"These are 45 companies that went out of business because of Microsoft."

Hilarious. Literally all you have to do is read the intro paragraph, right there at the top of this page, to understand that this isn't what the article's saying at all.
coolasj  +   742d ago
I miss Pandemic the most.
rustyspoon80  +   742d ago
The article isn't saying MS have caused these studios to close, its just taken from the official xbox magazine.
segamon  +   742d ago
sad stuff, a little..
azshorty2003  +   742d ago
Wow. I knew there were a lot of companies that went under, but I didn't know it was That serious. Its a shame to see so many close down. Many were responsible for some amazing games, this gen and previous.

Looking at the dates of the companies, you see it doesn't matter how long you've been around this business, old or new startup, all it takes is a few bad games/ decisions to bring you down. Sad.
GABRIEL1030  +   742d ago
Eidos Hungary and Ensemble Studios were great studios, games like Battlestations and Halo wars are great examples of an amazing job, this is sad. :(
CalamityCB  +   742d ago
Ladies and Gentleman, we have gathered here to respect those who have been lost in the 7th generation of video games. Let us cast away our differences and royalties, whether or not you are a Microsoft, Sony, Nintendo or PC gamer, all that is needed is our memories of these legendary companies and our duty to never forget the marks that they have made on the gaming fabric.
These companies may be gone from reality, but they will always be alive in the memories they have given us.
SonyPS4  +   742d ago
The 7th generation is by far the worst post 16-bit generation ever. What a mess.
CalamityCB  +   742d ago
We've had some hit and misses but in the end, what a ride it was!
segamon  +   742d ago
nice speech, you have my vote.
kma2k  +   741d ago
Pandemic hurts the worst, the sabateur is without a doubt they most underated game of this gen. I have also loved the destroy all humans series

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