Xbox One 'Might As Well Be The Troll Box'

NowGamer: ''Xbox One developers are people too, you know.

There's no denying there's been a lot of negativity surrounding the Xbox One since, well, way before it was even revealed and was rumoured to have the always-on DRM.

But now that Microsoft is flip-flopping on its policies, one anonymous Xbox One developer has taken to Reddit for an AMA, revealing a surprising amount of candid detail.''

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Insomnia_841776d ago

And he ends it trolling!

"We'll say this though, Troll Box is a much better name."


Need4Game1776d ago

Troll Box? Sure Why not.

pompombrum1776d ago

Nah troll box doesn't do it justice.. Xbox Derp would be a more fitting name. Really do hope they turn things around but as it stands, PS4/PC for me next gen.

mewhy321776d ago

I wonder how Activision feels about how the PR has gone for Microsoft? I mean the next COD dlc will first release on xbone. I bet they wish they'd made that deal, instead, with Sony.

Sitdown1776d ago

If the general conscious is that Microsoft always pays for exclusive content, why would Activision feel any different? The money is already in the bank, and people will still purchase dlc content on the ps4. So they win matter what...... there bigger concern should be the Battlefield series.

Insomnia_841776d ago (Edited 1776d ago )

And speaking of trolling, this is hilarious! !

lol people have too much free time in their hands!

sak5001776d ago

Xbox one will get the step child treatment coming gen like PS3 got this gen. I doubt it will catch a break till way after launch.

FanboyCrusher1776d ago

Taking in a Reddit account as "proof" with no real proof at all, that says something about this "journalist". It's not a troll box, but it sure likes to flip flop around.

Thehyph1776d ago

Agree. This article is in no way informative, and it will only be misconstrued to become a war of fanboys.
The best thing to do is to move on to the next post.

FanboyCrusher1776d ago

The next post is the same thing, that's all this site is. Flame bait after flame bait put up so the enormous amount of Sony fanboys can smother, and silence anyone with valid criticisms and opinions. I'm second guessing my coming here, to have disagree's with my comment just shows how stupid the user base is. They'll take things with no evidence as fact as long as it's bashing Microsoft, but if it's Sony then by God it must be fake, also it's Don Mattrick in disguise. These people are literally uncompromising with their faith to Sony. They could have done what the Xbox One did with DRM and they would defend it to their dying breath. I'll have to follow your comments, seems you're one of the few people that knows what the hell logic is.

devwan1776d ago

Someone needs a hug...

n4rc1776d ago

Couldnt agree more..

Its the same crap on every thread.. Ms devs and engineers are all lying while cerny preaches the word of god..

It really does lead me to believe its mostly kids on here acting like this.. Ones that don't understand how business works..

If you are a grown intelligent person that believes Sony is all about your happiness while ms wants to bankrupt you and rape your dog.. Well.. I don't know what to tell you..

This is big business.. Your happiness only matters if it will directly lead to profits.. Activision/cod are proof enough of that..

I'm not saying Microsoft cares about you.. They don't.. But either does Sony.. They will all bs you to increase sales

Thehyph1776d ago

I feel bad for anyone in PR or feedback from Sony or Microsoft. Having to weed out the fanboy crap to find constructive comments must be terrible.

pompombrum1776d ago

Don't think Microsoft employee people to look at fan feedback tbh. For Sony it's easy games games = happy fans.

horndog1776d ago

Damn phucking right! Day one on TWO of them. Managed to lock another one down. Can't wait

n4rc1776d ago

Hell yeah.. Got my preorder in barely after e3 shut down..

Nothing I read on here is changing my mind

n4rc1776d ago

How the hell do I get a disagree for THAT?!

Screw you fanboys.. Lol

vigilante_man1775d ago

Let's face it - there were plenty left to pre-order after E3!!!

Glad you got the system you wanted but common, you were in a minority at the time. Good for you sticking to your guns though..

Jdoki1776d ago

Even if this 'dev' is a bogus account this quote sums up the opposite of what MS have done.

"He said: "Engineering practices have taught us there are always trade offs. We lay out all the benefits of different policies and figure out what we have to give up in order to obtain those benefits."

MS never laid out the benefits to consumers. The message they gave was negative, it was apologetic, it made them look like money grubbing weasels.

If they had shown titles which took advantage of the DRM benefits then the public feeling might have been more positive...

As MS did not do this, there can only be a couple of assumptions to make.

1. No games currently exist that really showed off the 'benefits' of DRM


2. There are no benefits.

I can actually see some benefits to an always on console, and to be honest it was the only real differentiator between the XB1 and the PS4. Now the XB1 just looks like a slightly lower spec but $100 more expensive console compared to the PS4. Sure it has a good looking launch line up - but so did the 360. But it only took 2.5 years before the games dried up.

iceman061776d ago

I couldn't have said it better. This nameless, faceless dev has potentially given us more insight into the reasoning behind the decisions than the console makers themselves. That says VOLUMES about how much MS really considered their terms of confidence. They were riding high on numbers without consideration for how these numbers are actually people; people opinions and valid concerns about the future of their favorite console and the industry as a whole.

nosferatuzodd1776d ago

just when i think the negativity is done xbone manage to prove me wrong..

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