Real Boxing Vita Dev: Sony Are "Really Supportive To Indie Developers," But "Challenging" reports: "Sony's concrete support of the burgeoning indie development scene is common knowledge, and Vivid Games have added their voices to praise the console manufacturer for their continued assistance with Real Boxing Vita. However, they're apparently also very hands-on during the development process and occasionally "challenging" to work with."

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JoeReno1611d ago

This may be to assure that crap software doesnt make it to their already struggling Vita. Cant really fault them for that, and as a Vita owner i actually like it if this is the case for the "hands on" from Sony.

Blues Cowboy1610d ago (Edited 1610d ago )

Yep, this is it. As the article editorial says: "Supporting indie games but seeking quality in return? Sounds more than fair to us."

Sony lets indies pub via PlayStation Mobile, but it's more than fair to give assistance and demand a quality product in return when providing PSN support IMO.

aixao1611d ago

Sony wants Indie to make AAA Games

Goro1611d ago (Edited 1611d ago )

I want some AAA games, not just indies...don't get me wrong, i like indies but not to the stage where that's all that is being made on Vita

dcj05241610d ago

Warframe is indie but its triple a quality it depends on the game really.

Blues Cowboy1610d ago

You hit the nail on the head dcj0524. The term "indie" is evolving all the time, and is bringing us some of the best games on all platforms - period. Can't wait to see where it takes us.

Also, erm, I just want to play stuff on Vita. While the big publishers ignore it, good on those indies who see potential in the platform, and Sony for incentivising them to develop for it.

_FantasmA_1610d ago

We'll take what we can get. If the userbase starts growing because of the indie games to point where other developers jump on board, then maybe we will see GTA and Bioshock. But for now, we aren't getting those games so indies are keeping the Vita afloat. Thats a good thing.

AzureskyZ1610d ago

Quality control and nothing more--- we dont want garbage that plague ios and android. Whats truly challenging is finding a gem in one of those os's.

nosferatuzodd1610d ago

Indeed we don't quantity we want quality has well

MrTrololo1610d ago

That why most of the kickstarter game are coming out for PS,WiiU and not for Xbox

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