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Ultimate Warrior Returns in WWE 2K14

The warrior of ultimate ultimateness is making a comeback in WWE 2K14 (PS3, WWE 2K14, Xbox 360)

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NYC_Gamer  +   283d ago
WWE 14 looks real outdated gameplay and graphics wise
BillytheBarbarian  +   283d ago
Nothing beats N64 wwf no mercy
HugoDrax  +   283d ago
The game I had the most fun playing growing up was Royal Rumble on SNES/Genesis. I also remember the joy of seeing Bam Bam Bigelow do his cartwheel on WWF Wrestlemania for my NES hahaha! Which had Hulk Hogan on the cover, how do I still remember such things.
DeadlyFire  +   283d ago
It is the Call of Duty of wrestling titles. I hope in the next two years we see TNA snap into a videogame deal of some kind and at least stir the pot so that some competition can push them to upgrade their game engine.

Call of Duty still is built off an enhanced version of the Quake engine. Which explains the graphics not being super realistic. They actually pushed to enhance it quite a bit for new consoles, but still I wonder how it compares when its released next to BF4. I am starting to wonder if THQ has the same plan.

WWE 13 I must admit was actually the first real turn around I have seen from WWE games in the whole 7 years they have been coming to PS3/X360. I wonder if 2K enhances that or let it flop. So far I have seen two promotional trailers and no details at all.
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3-4-5  +   283d ago
2k does a great job with sports games in terms of being addicting and getting the details right.

I can get lost for hours in playing MLB 2k franchise mode, checking stats, making trades, makes moves, I play it more like a Manager mode only rather than playing a ton of games and it's so much fun.

I'm assuming they have taken those ideas and forged them into wrastlin.

Can't stand wrestling but Ultimate Warrior was my favorite growing up.
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Dno  +   283d ago
Looks great to me!!! THE WARRIOR IS BACK!!!!!
Anthotis  +   283d ago
That guy was legit crazy.
DeadlyFire  +   283d ago
maybe, maybe, but I like it. :)
BillytheBarbarian  +   283d ago
I'm going to beat Cena senseless with the power of the Ultimate Warrior!
The_Klank  +   283d ago
This is surprising considering everything that has happened between the Warrior and WWE.
Might pick it up, I haven't played a WWE game in years.
danthebios  +   283d ago
If only WWE would make an WCW classic game meaning it will be a wcw game featuring all those wcw wrestler at their prime,it will like be the 90's again hahaha!
Foxgod  +   283d ago
They should hire a new guy in the wwe to play the Warrior, they where played by two different people by now anyway, so why not go for a third.
Make him like Scorpion of the WWE, a vengeful spirit that finds a new host once every while to ressurect from the ashes.

Call him the Unstoppable Warrior this time :P
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Norad6  +   283d ago
Warrior has been the same person since the begining. Same with the Undertaker. Why people even think that is still beyond me.
BillytheBarbarian  +   283d ago
Always Jim helwig. Wcw had a fake renegade guy that was not Jim. The real warriors know the one true warrior was always Jim.
slivery  +   283d ago
Wow that looks horrible. Amazes me people will still spend money on this crap, amazes me even more people still take WWE or any of this fake wrestling seriously anymore.. It has become absolute trash now.

At least back in the days the wrestlers were more entertaining and put on a decent show.

I could never take it that seriously, mom forced me to go to a WWE match when I was a kid and that was enough for me to realize I never need to be apart of any of it. The crowds are horribly stupid but I guess you would have to be to pay that much money to watch something so dumb.

My mom just thought I would like it. Turned out, she was very wrong, hell I even gave it a chance though.. but I complained the entire time, I didn't even stand to watch or anything. Everyone reeked of alcohol and they were the epitome of people you never want to be around for too long. I just wanted the show to end so I could get the fuck out of that mess.

Sheesh and people pay money to experience that? I could go to a club at night and see more entertaining fights and deal with the same drunken idiots for free.

Why play a game like this anyway.. Can we get a real wrestling game, we get all these other sports games but we have to get this WWE crap? Is that too much to ask for? Don't we already play games to escape in some type of fake reality. Seems odd to buy a game based on something that is truly fake to begin with, not like it is some cool premise to be based on really.
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Foxgod  +   283d ago
The universe mode is pretty good, they are doing a decent update on it every year.

But yeah, little changes on the rest of the game.
Hopefully with next gen they will allow 8 or more wrestlers on the screen again.

They had it in Smackdown JBI, and since then they moved back to 6, even this gen.
And i dont think people take it seriously, its kind of like a movie, you try to live in to it, to enjoy yourselves, even tho you know what happens on the screen isnt real.
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The_Klank  +   283d ago
Haha I have to laugh at people that to this day think saying 'Wrestling is fake' is some kind of revelation.

If you think people go to watch wrestling to see a REAL fight you are just as deluded as you claim wrestling fans are.
Zuperman  +   283d ago
1. Wrestling isn't 100% fake son. Why don't you get slammed on wooden floor rings, let's see how the back of your head feels.

2. Sure the punches, kicks and whatever might not seem UFC real, but believe it or not.. Wrestling is real bud.

3. it's just the performance are predetermine, which 95% of wrestling fans already knows. It's called Sports ENTERTAINMENT, you pay for what wrestlers put on a show.

4. You must enjoyed playing with dolls as kid or something, who didnt like wrestling as a kid!
iceman06  +   283d ago
You are correct. It IS Sports Entertainment (which is kind of a redundant statement in itself). These guys are like athletic stuntmen. Their job is to pull off the illusion of a fight with crazy "wrestling" moves, props, etc. It's also kind of like a man's version of a soap opera with all the drama and conflict. I used to be a fan long, long ago. But, imo, it was the story lines that stopped being interesting (or just rehashed) that pretty much got me disinterested. However, the games can be highly entertaining.
Ramon3MR  +   283d ago
Awesome promo lol
cervantes99  +   283d ago
That was a classic Warrior Promo right there! Loved it!

Too bad the graphics in this game look abysmal.
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sovietsoldier  +   283d ago
wow ultimate warrior must be hard up for money to do this promo. and if you watch hes even got a bad limp the whole time and isn't even in full costume or had his haired dyed so it don't look grey. sad
BillytheBarbarian  +   283d ago
He's old. What do you expect. See how you look in your 60s and you get a promotion at WalMart to be a greeter.
sovietsoldier  +   283d ago
sorry to disappoint you but i don't work at wal-mart.
swerve121  +   283d ago
Well remember this game is coming to next gen so. He will probably look alot better
ShadowNextGen  +   283d ago
I am fairly certain this game is not coming to next gen. The first next gen WWE game will probably be WWE 2K15.

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