Codemasters: F1 2013 Would Need To Be "A Very Different Game" To Run On Wii U

Nintendo Life: ''F1 2013 — the latest entry in the popular motor racing series from UK publisher Codemasters — is being revealed today. Given that F1 Race Stars has recently been ported to the Wii U, it's understandable that many Nintendo petrol heads are hopeful that this sequel will get the same treatment.''

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shibster881587d ago

Defo wouod need to be different it will look crap thats the difference lol

locomorales1587d ago

IMO, the news should be: "Wii U Would Need To Be "A Very Different Console" To Run F1 2013"

herbs1586d ago (Edited 1586d ago )

If any of you think he is referring to console performance in regards to running this game you are simply not very intelligent, the first asinine comment is a perfect example of this. This is a simulation racing game that requires precise variable analog inputs when it comes to accelerating and braking. No one in the world could properly drive an F1 car without this and unfortunately the Wii U only features digital buttons. (Its biggest design flaw IMO) I often wonder why gamers from this community can't piece these kind of things together oh yah because half of you are fanboys who love to ride the negativity brand wagon to off set your own self esteem issues ;}

chronoforce1586d ago (Edited 1586d ago )

The WiiU has two analogue sticks, problem solved.

herbs1586d ago

That would be an interesting setup steering with the gyros and gas/brake joysticks
:) I never thought of that and neither did Codemasters apparently.

Drakesfortune1587d ago

F1 should be released every 2-3 years....not much you can do with this franchise...tracks dont change much apart from those that alternate yearly....the cars change a little bit in real life..but not enough to to notice in a basically it is just a yearly update

nirwanda1587d ago

Cars change quite a bit yearly, and even new teams have been introduced recently, and you have the whole pirelli saga this year.
I think they should be every two years building all the tracks and car models and then getting all the real data from the cars during each race to accurately simulate what each car will do round corners and how many laps a car will do before the tires degrade.

WitWolfy1587d ago

Sounds like a BS excuse to me. They probably dont want to port it scared it will tank just like most of the other 3rd party games are on Wii U

WeAreLegion1587d ago

I highly doubt that, but the Wii U would need more market share and F1 fans.

Klad1587d ago

This guy is making out as if Wii U is not powerful enough to run the game, when its being released on the PS3 & 360!! Wii U is a more powerful machine & is more than capable of running it!! ie. PROJECT CARS!!

He's LYING to the public on this one!! they just don't wanna take the risk yet as it might not sell with Wii U's small install base. I Guarantee you, if Wii U's Sales were much higher, most, if not all third party games would be coming to Wii U. I have a feeling thing will improve for Wii u in the future..

I'm calling it now, MARIO KART 8 releases, Nintendo will market that game like theres no tomorow, all over TV!!!! explosion in sales!!!

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The story is too old to be commented.