F1 2013 to skip Wii U & PlayStation Vita

F1 2013 will not release on Wii U, creative director Steve Hood has suggested, claiming that the game would "have to be a very different game just to run on" Nintendo's console.

And if you were thinking of picking it up on PlayStation Vita to take away on your holidays, well you're out of luck there, too.

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tubers1743d ago

Bet they'd just love to say it doesn't have enough of an install base.

Qrphe1742d ago

They just can't afford ports for those systems. It's business.

_QQ_1742d ago

Well that is the reason why....

G20WLY1742d ago (Edited 1742d ago )

Good point tubers. 3DS has a huge install base, so it's bound to be on that!

No??! ...then why isn't that mentioned here? :/

tubers1742d ago

The platform's too busy with their Mario Karts.

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chikane1743d ago

i think the Vita will be ok when PD announces GT6 for the Vita.. Yea i said it! its coming ...

deafdani1743d ago

A Gran Turismo game for Vita? Definitely, it's coming.

But not Gran Turismo 6, I don't think so.

tubers1742d ago

It'd be nice if it's some sort of GT 6 "Companion".

The VITA "game" would basically be a limited GT 6 where you can carry Select Tracks and Cars for the on the gaming. You can play all tracks and use all the cars but you are only limited by a few at a time unless you have a larger MMC.

You can then transfer progress to your PS3/4 afterwards.

An exclusive standalone GT game sounds good though but I think the "GT 6 Limited" is a good alternative.

They can probably release both.

The_Truth_24_71742d ago


That would be awesome. Race, earn money, get cars, upgrade from from a companion app or mini game on the Vita.

blackmanone1742d ago

Too bad they missed out on the marketing bonanza that would've been GT.V for the vita. Too late, now best we'll probably get is a water down GT.Portable

PunisherRevenge1742d ago

Sorry too say but GT will not be a system seller for the PS Vita. Just like the new Kill Zone wont be enough. I don't know what it is about the Vita because its a great peace of hardware, but for some reason people are just not feeling it.

tubers1742d ago

Uncanny Valley Console:

1. Too close to home console the way it's advertised. Some software are then viewed as castrated experiences even if they're the best in terms of being a mobile game.

2. "It's more expensive than a PS3" Mentality. $ 250 w/ 4GB at best with the current MSRP.

3. B-class port machine. Where's FFXIII, Mass Effect, Fallout, Elder Scrolls, Dragon Age, Dead Space, Far Cry 3 ports?

4. They enjoy Nintendo games more for portable games.

5. They're already satisfied with a portable smart device for entertainment.

6. They'd rather spend $40/50 on a console game that has the "full" experience.

r211742d ago

We'll see. KZ Mercernary isnt out yet. Hopefully, with enough marketing and promotion, it will sell well.

PunisherRevenge1742d ago

@R21....Hopefully Sony can come up with something that could make a huge spark and get the Vita rolling. I'd hate to see a peace of tech like that go to waste. Like you said we'll see.

r211742d ago

Indeed, it is a great piece of tech and currently has some great software to it. Theres a supposed rumor of price drop comes Gamescom. Im also quite hoping for more vita exclusives but best keep expectations low.

stragomccloud1742d ago

They're just too lazy to program for a non x86 based unit.

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