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Submitted by allformats 867d ago | news

Mark Cerny: PS4 Is “Easy To Learn”, But “Difficult To Master”

Mark Cerny, in an interview with CVG, said that although PS4 will be easy to develop games on, it'll take a long time before developers can master the console. (Mark Cerny, PS4, Sony Computer Entertainment)

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The_Infected  +   867d ago
Now that's a saying I like to hear:)
allformats  +   867d ago
Mark Cerny is the most important person at PlayStation. He is a man that brings hope to gaming, and I hope he's also the chief person behind PS5 when that time comes!
The_Infected  +   867d ago
Yea I know he's the most important person at Playstation. He's a very very smart person and he's built the best console ever made PS4. I can't wait to for the day I get to open that box and pull out my PS4!
Need4Game  +   867d ago
“Easy To Learn” more games can be made.

“Difficult To Master” better Gameplay & Grapics waiting to be Unleashed.
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miyamoto  +   867d ago
The greatest games ever made abides by this creed.
"Easy to Learn Difficult to Master"

This will keep gamers & developers coming back for more of PS Four.

PlaySavior Four: Made by a man with a towering intellect and indecipherable knowledge of games and games systems!

Your Four Hundred Dollars will be worth the Investment.

Greatness Truly Awaits!
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RedHawkX  +   867d ago
yep thats why im supporting the ps4 because its best for gaming. the only thing xbox one brought was heart ache, destruction and drm. as a gamer I dont play that sh*t. im not easy like some of these 2 dollar hooker gamers. jumping at an chump change ms throws at them.
mewhy32  +   867d ago
Cerny is a genius.
dcj0524  +   867d ago
Quantum computing gaming ONLY ON PLAYSTATION 5.
PSVita  +   867d ago
I'm sorry but this needs to be said. Y'all need to get off this mans d!ck. no one even heard of him before Febuary and suddenly he's the most important person at PS? The guy is did a great job with the PS4 but let's not take it too far.
MYSTERIO360  +   867d ago
Oh i wish this guy was in charge of the PS3's hardware development. If only :(
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Psn800  +   863d ago
You tell them buddy , friend !
3-4-5  +   867d ago
Regardless if Knack is good or not, it's the fact that the guy in charge is responsible for a game that has nothing to do with sports or military FPS games.

I love FPS and sports games, but I realize the diversity there was with PSone is not here today.

It was 5-10% FPS games. Now it's 40-60% FPS games and that is an unhealthy balance.
KingZFlipper  +   867d ago
I'm starting to respect more and more Mark Cerny. Great person to lead the PS4 to success.

Can't wait to jump ship this year and experience awesomeness! :)
TrevorPhillips  +   867d ago
I am truly proud of Mark Cerny for what he is doing with the PS4 and simply cannot wait to pick it up along with Knack and many other great titles. Thank you Mark for everything and everyone at Sony :)

Also, much love and respect to each and everyone of you guys who are picking up the PS4 :)
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Software_Lover  +   867d ago
I really dont think it's difficult to master. Its pretty straightforward. You know how much of a Ram pool you have. You know what cpu and gpu calculations your working with. It's all pc parts. Get at it.

Will people use different "tricks" as the generation ages, of course. But as always, as with the 360 and ps3, you will hear people say this even 6 years into the cycle: We have used all the power of the ps4.
abzdine  +   867d ago
you should start making games for PS4 100% full power from day one if you're that knowledgable but i'm afraid the result would be laughable.
Metfanant  +   867d ago
i would imagine the hardware designer of the console has a better grasp of the its capabilities than you or anyone else here does...

as for "using all the power" yes there will be games in year 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and so on that use "all the power" of the PS4 (and Xbone)...

but a console's power is a relative thing...its about how efficiently you use that power that matters...a terribly coded game will use all of the power and look like crap...while a well coded game will use the power and look/perform well
The_Infected  +   867d ago

"The original AMD GCN architecture allowed for one source of graphics commands, and two sources of compute commands. For PS4, we’ve worked with AMD to increase the limit to 64 sources of compute commands"

Developers will master the increase in compute commands down the road.
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fsfsxii  +   867d ago
Are you a developer??
Madderz  +   867d ago
If its that straight forward, i'm assuming your a very well paid, successful dev (that spends his days on n4g instead of developing obv ;))
BlaqMagiq24  +   867d ago
Damn if it's not difficult to master then make me some good games. Oh wait you're not a developer are you?
Tatsuya  +   867d ago
I was going through all the good comments, people voicing their own opinion and then I saw yours, what an eyesore. It's funny how you feel so threatened by the PS4, that you need to troll in every PS4 article. When Mark Cerny says that PS4 will be difficult to master, you better listen son, he's the lead architect of the machine itself. Unlike you a troll, who doesn't know shit and yet you still talk crap. It's sad that most Xbots are as pathetic as you.
Software_Lover  +   867d ago
How is this trolling? How am I threatened when I am getting one day one?

The architecture is the same. Will they learn new tricks as the console ages...........yes. That is a given. But to say it will be difficult to master is another thing.

What I said was not negative in any way shape or form. Show me something negative that I said.
claudionmc  +   867d ago

I disagreed mainly because you are underestimating the developers and being arrogant about develop itself...

It is not as simply as "hey, I've got a ps4 dev kit! let's get the 100% of it in 6 months or so"...

The architecture is important, however it is a long way to master a game console
Leio  +   867d ago
If you actually have something to back up your expertise please show us ....
Until then your words hold no weight
psyxon  +   867d ago
that moment when someone who doesn't hold a degree in computer science or computer engineering tries to deny it's difficult to master.

don't know whether to laugh or cry!
shibster88  +   867d ago
Im defo jumping ship to, this gen I was all for xbox 360 because the live was better not saying sony wasnt but xbox almost nailed the online experience which some will agree and disagree with me, but next gen is the ps4, first I was ps4 then I went to xbone now im defo all for ps4 was a hard choose had my 360 for 6 years and has been awesome let me tell you but my hard earnt money deserves to be spend wisely and tgats the ps4, its just so gamer friendly in every way.
thank you mark for putting your time intomaking a truely awesome machine, cant wait to open my ps4 and unwrap my bf4, im soo excited words cant explain.
Blankolf  +   867d ago
Awaiting for the butt-hurt M$ fanboys that say either of these responses:

- Sick of Cerny, it's only PR. *cries*

- N4G is PS4 bias.

Go on fanboys, choose.
jeffgoldwin  +   867d ago
As you already stated, this is sony fanboy dominated site. You have to wait around longer to see a ms mouth foamer to come out of the wood work.
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sashimi  +   867d ago
If this is such a sony fanboy dominated site than why do xbox fanboys have such high bubble count still? -_- too much inconsistency imo
jimmywolf  +   867d ago
i do prefer Sony an i do try too be unbiased, x box is doing better now with their changes

but i stand by my belief that their in it for them self, consumer second. they just showed it to much too hide this time. with x box gold it was easy to say your paying for better service

yes Sony charging now also but again blame Microsoft for paving the way too pay too play, least with Sony they offer something with it...
AzureskyZ  +   867d ago
I find both console fanboys annoying. On one hand you have sony fanboys think cerny as the second son of God and he came down to forgive your sins. On the other side you have xbox fanboys think cloud is the greatest thing since slice of bread, but have no clue how cloud operates and have no idea they are being fed a bunch of garbage from M$. Pick your poison on this website i guess. For the most part if i had to deal with one or the other i find sony fans to be tolerable as talking to an xbot is like chewing on razor bits.
Metfanant  +   867d ago
And then, you will get the PC elitists that will not even read the article and then come here and say:

a old ass GTX 680 will stomp all over the PS4!! PS4 is so weak!! its a laptop!! low end!!! high end pc's rule!!! no way the PS4 can match pc's from 2 years ago!!! ahhh!!!

making themselves look like fools because nobody has said that the $400 PS4 will outperform a PC with a $600 GPU lol
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jeffgoldwin  +   867d ago
wait the 680 can out less than 1 year ago, I don't think anyone would call it old yet
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Agent_hitman  +   867d ago
Mark Cerny is the new face of Playstation division.
shibster88  +   867d ago
I get a disagree I have no idea why.....hmmmmmm?
abzdine  +   866d ago
da powah of da clowwd.. xbox fanboys are bored nowadays and they keep disagreeing with everyone.
Welcome to the darkside :D
were you a PS2 gamer before 360?
Madderz  +   867d ago
I don't think I have ever respected someone so much without actually knowing or meeting them.

Mark Cerny's passion, calm and calculated feedback, and his experience within the industry makes me feel comfortable that he is the best man for the job.

Really positive guy who seems to be bringing a fresh and positive attitude to Sony. Fair play to him.

Also is it a little weird that I wish he would read me a book at night!! LOL I think i'm in love with Sonys lead architects voice :/ almost as good as Stephen Frys!
Tatsuya  +   867d ago
Mark Cerny is the playstation god. He has created the perfect machine that will crush all other consoles. I for one, am looking forward to unbox and hug my PS4 this coming holiday! He's a genius in making it difficult to master, now the devs, 1st and 3rd party will work hard to crack the PS4 in order to gain the horsepower that awe gamers! Good times ahead for all of us, cora gamers that have made the right decision :)
jeffgoldwin  +   867d ago
No console is perfect, only a mouth foamer say that.

Ps4 does look to have some very nice specs for a console. Probably the best specs the best of all 3 from what we read, but it can't be perfect because it doesn't have a fast ssd drive and is fugly as sin.
Picnic  +   867d ago
What I've learnt about the PS4 so far - can do particle effects, including heat, (see Deep Down) very well.
SynestheticRoar  +   867d ago
I enjoy hearing from Mr Cerny, he gives you a insightful developer perspective.
thetruthx1  +   867d ago
Still can't see what's so great about the ps4 other than price. I watched both conferences and xbox one has better graphics and developers will learn to master their hardware as well
FlunkinMonkey  +   867d ago
Your account is newer than my last turd.. Your trolling attempts are also comparable.

You sad specimen.
lawgone  +   867d ago
LOL. Wait though, are your turds OK? If the truthx1 is a sad specimen and he is like your turds. Give it a few days and if doesn't clear up see a doctor.

(Don't get mad LOL...I'm just playing. I thought it was funny how you worded it.)
vigilante_man  +   866d ago
Have you ever thought of recycling your turds for a new energy source?
shibster88  +   867d ago
No way will the xbone beat the ps4 graphically its like say can a two year old beat a new build pc no ps4 has stronger specs simple as egg on toast, xbone will still look awesome but ps4 will have the edge.
goldwyncq  +   867d ago
And it will be up to developers like Naughty Dog to master the console.
jeffgoldwin  +   867d ago
Hopefully it wont require such high tech mastery with the new and supposedly easier to code x86 cpu, so across the board you'll see high end looking games.
danthebios  +   867d ago
Maybe if mr. Mark Cerny himself develope an exclusive ps4 game i think that would be a game masterpiece of ps4,just saying:)
#16 (Edited 867d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
dcj0524  +   867d ago
You mean like knack? Which was the first PS4 game to be announced?
Mithan  +   867d ago
A statement catered directly to retarded fan boys. lol.
killerips   867d ago | Spam
IIJOSEPHXII  +   867d ago
Mark Cerny can't fart without someone writing an article about it.
Phoenix76  +   867d ago
Mark Cerny: PS4 Is “Easy To Learn”, But “Difficult To Master”

So....... just like a guitar then :D
Am_Ryder  +   867d ago
This is basically exactly what they said about the PS3.

Look how that turned out. It proved to be incredibly awkward to code for, for developers.
Metfanant  +   867d ago
can we get some evidence to back up those claims? lol
Am_Ryder  +   864d ago
What I said doesn't directly tie to PS4, as the new console's apparently easy to code for.

But with the Cell processor or whatever, Sony were all over the shop saying that PS4's processor would give more power over time, and that "mastering" it would give developers more possibilities.

In practice, every developer under the sun said it was really hard to code for and really awkward. Still powerful, just awkward. I thought this was common knowledge.
Metfanant  +   864d ago
yes, it was awkward to code for...and yes they said that the PS3 would get better over time...are you trying to argue that it didn't??..i mean just look at a launch title and then look at The Last of Us...tell me that the developers did not find more performance from the cell over time...
vigilante_man  +   866d ago
Take it from someone who has developed software before, no matter how well you do first time around you will always be able to improve or go at things from another direction second time around.

And when you see how other developers have used a system you grow and learn your skillset to incorporate as many of the good, optimal ideas yourself.

It is exciting times for developers.
marloc_x  +   866d ago
The game quality will not differ between $ony nor M$. <this is called a "period"

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