Mark Cerny: PS4 Is “Easy To Learn”, But “Difficult To Master”

Mark Cerny, in an interview with CVG, said that although PS4 will be easy to develop games on, it'll take a long time before developers can master the console.

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KingZFlipper1741d ago

I'm starting to respect more and more Mark Cerny. Great person to lead the PS4 to success.

Can't wait to jump ship this year and experience awesomeness! :)

TrevorPhillips1741d ago (Edited 1741d ago )

I am truly proud of Mark Cerny for what he is doing with the PS4 and simply cannot wait to pick it up along with Knack and many other great titles. Thank you Mark for everything and everyone at Sony :)

Also, much love and respect to each and everyone of you guys who are picking up the PS4 :)

Software_Lover1741d ago

I really dont think it's difficult to master. Its pretty straightforward. You know how much of a Ram pool you have. You know what cpu and gpu calculations your working with. It's all pc parts. Get at it.

Will people use different "tricks" as the generation ages, of course. But as always, as with the 360 and ps3, you will hear people say this even 6 years into the cycle: We have used all the power of the ps4.

abzdine1741d ago

you should start making games for PS4 100% full power from day one if you're that knowledgable but i'm afraid the result would be laughable.

Metfanant1741d ago

i would imagine the hardware designer of the console has a better grasp of the its capabilities than you or anyone else here does...

as for "using all the power" yes there will be games in year 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and so on that use "all the power" of the PS4 (and Xbone)...

but a console's power is a relative thing...its about how efficiently you use that power that matters...a terribly coded game will use all of the power and look like crap...while a well coded game will use the power and look/perform well

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Madderz1741d ago

If its that straight forward, i'm assuming your a very well paid, successful dev (that spends his days on n4g instead of developing obv ;))

BlaqMagiq241741d ago

Damn if it's not difficult to master then make me some good games. Oh wait you're not a developer are you?

Tatsuya 1741d ago

I was going through all the good comments, people voicing their own opinion and then I saw yours, what an eyesore. It's funny how you feel so threatened by the PS4, that you need to troll in every PS4 article. When Mark Cerny says that PS4 will be difficult to master, you better listen son, he's the lead architect of the machine itself. Unlike you a troll, who doesn't know shit and yet you still talk crap. It's sad that most Xbots are as pathetic as you.

Software_Lover1741d ago

How is this trolling? How am I threatened when I am getting one day one?

The architecture is the same. Will they learn new tricks as the console ages...........yes. That is a given. But to say it will be difficult to master is another thing.

What I said was not negative in any way shape or form. Show me something negative that I said.

claudionmc1741d ago


I disagreed mainly because you are underestimating the developers and being arrogant about develop itself...

It is not as simply as "hey, I've got a ps4 dev kit! let's get the 100% of it in 6 months or so"...

The architecture is important, however it is a long way to master a game console

Leio1741d ago

If you actually have something to back up your expertise please show us ....
Until then your words hold no weight

psyxon1741d ago

that moment when someone who doesn't hold a degree in computer science or computer engineering tries to deny it's difficult to master.

don't know whether to laugh or cry!

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shibster881741d ago

Im defo jumping ship to, this gen I was all for xbox 360 because the live was better not saying sony wasnt but xbox almost nailed the online experience which some will agree and disagree with me, but next gen is the ps4, first I was ps4 then I went to xbone now im defo all for ps4 was a hard choose had my 360 for 6 years and has been awesome let me tell you but my hard earnt money deserves to be spend wisely and tgats the ps4, its just so gamer friendly in every way.
thank you mark for putting your time intomaking a truely awesome machine, cant wait to open my ps4 and unwrap my bf4, im soo excited words cant explain.

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