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Tribloos 2 Review | Total Revue

Casual gaming can be stressful. The moments when that last smug pig just won’t die in Angry Birds, when your timing is just off so the candy drops into oblivion in Cut The Rope and the little jiggle of the gyroscope in Real Racing that sends your spinning of the track; casual gaming and apps are soft on the outside, but as obsession rears its ugly head, stress arises.

Luckily though, Tribloos 2, the newest game from The Bumpkin Brothers and sequel to success Tribloos, stand out from the crowd by being a fun, charming time and resources management puzzler that is as relaxing as a night in with Toy Story and 500 grams of Cadbury’s Dairy Milk. (Android, iPad, iPhone, Mobile, The Tribloos 2) 8/10

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