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Submitted by SethThePirate 944d ago | opinion piece

Playstation Vita: Five Reasons Why Now Is The Time To Buy One

Ruaidhri has been converted, from hating the Vita at launch he is now championing it. Is Ruaidhri right to say now is the time to buy a Vita? or is the console as dead as the dodos? (PS Vita, PS4)

xxPillsxx  +   944d ago
One does not simply hate on Vita forever
chestnut1122  +   944d ago
From Hating it to Loving it, These tells that You people who has no Vita should try to experience the Greatness of it instead of bashing it based on what You have just seen or heard from The Haters and Trolls, Vita is The Ultimate Handheld Machine on the Go ;)
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CEOSteveBallmer  +   944d ago
Agree bro, i don't get why there are alot of people who hate the vita. its a awesome device, i have the 3g model. it lacks games is not true. most people who said that didn't even play the entire vita library. dynasty warriors next, shinobido 2, littlebigplanet, soul sacrifice, silent hill book of memories, assassins creed 3 liberation, uncharted, wipeout etc. hands down its the ultimate portable "gaming" device right now. I have never known anyone who has a vita that hates it. im surprised they really buy and invest it its games. im still not even finished with ragnarok odyssey which is an underrated game
webeblazing  +   944d ago
hate that i lost mine been downloading the free games for it onto my ps3. imma buy another one later i dont get why every one act like its so expensive for $200 cost a itouch memory overpriced tho. the need get their act together and get more appz like port over phone app.

the screen is so clear and ez to read text so how do you not have a adobe read, ebook, and comic reader. how they dont look on the play store and see the highest rate and downloaded stuff and not think it will get casual people to buy. i loved my vita but theyre doing a bad job especially since the vita can do everything a tablet can do plus more
3-4-5  +   944d ago
I will buy the Vita when more RPGs are released for it.

There aren't enough that interest me yet even though there are a 2-5 games I would buy it's not enough yet.

I've only had my PSP since January so I have so many games to catch up on.

I'm hoping to grab a Vita + PS4 in 2014 at some point.

Probably next summer.

GTA5 + Total War:Rome 2 + Fifa/PES is going to keep me busy for a long time.

Along with the backlog of PSone/psp rpgs I need to catch up on.

Good thing is, once I finally buy, there should be another 4-5 good games for each system.

Vita is going to be great in a few years.
webeblazing  +   944d ago
you was better off buying a vita instead of a psp and brought the psp psone games plus the ps+ give free games out i had a ton of games on mine plus the video player and mp3 player is a upgrade than the psp throw in the app it hard to see why didnt you buy the vita
Perjoss  +   944d ago
Isn't the new Vita Killzone game out pretty soon? I have it on pre order as it looks pretty slick. Also looking forward to picking up Muramasa soon.
minimur12  +   944d ago
6th of september buddy :)
badz149  +   944d ago
soon? try months away! I'm still disappointed that Sony put it in the pack end of the year as KZ Mercenaries is fitting for a release date like...right now! back end of the year is not good, ESPECIALLY this year with GTA V, CoD:G, BF4 and not to mention NEXT GEN! R&C is going to be overshadowed too...:(
JBSleek  +   944d ago
I find it weird that a selling point of the Vita would be the PS4.
SethThePirate  +   944d ago
Why? My point is that the PS4 and Vita are going to be well integrated into each other, so if you are thinking of buying a PS4 and want all possible benefits from doing so then a Vita would help with that. As I said in the piece it's all about future proofing.
Locksus  +   944d ago
Because "You have to spend another 400 euros if you really want to enjoy the Vita" doesn't sound very tempting. At least not to me.
PrimeGrime  +   944d ago
No idea why people are going against you. No one is forcing you to purchase either you are always inclined to pick one or the other.

No one is expecting everyone to use remote play either and it won't be all the PS Vita has to offer which many seem to dwell on, it is an added feature that again no one is forcing you to use, let alone run out and buy a PS Vita for.
iceman06  +   944d ago
I would agree. They have become extremely complementary products. This essentially extends the life of both products. To add, you will also get the benefits of hundreds of great games to take on the go.
PrimeGrime  +   944d ago
I find it weird you assume everyone thinks the same.

I don't understand why people complain or act like Remote Play could never been a selling point for anyone else. It actually is, I know many people who plan on buying a PS Vita with their PS4.

Yes it isn't the most affordable option for some but there are many who can afford it at the same time and people who will use the two as well. Regardless people will spend that on extra games for the PS4 or who knows what else anyway if it wasn't on the PS Vita.

Mainly depends on how you want to prioritize your purchase. Not everyone is going to buy the same things for their PS4 at launch so it isn't really fair judgement assuming no one is excited to buy a PS Vita just for remote play.

There are tons of people honestly, you can even find them here in N4G praising it. Some like I said haven't even bought a Vita or never really intended to buy one but will now knowing PS4 games can be played remotely. Just seeing people who had no interest in the Vita want one now for their PS4 is enough for me to see it has become a selling point for many.

That isn't including the 5+ million people who already own a PS Vita that will no doubt buy a PS4 also.

So again it is a selling point whether or not it interests you or whether or not you can afford it really has nothing to do with "everyone".

I for one cannot wait to use remote play on PS4.
JBSleek  +   944d ago
Anecdotal evidence is no evidence at all.

Also what makes you think just because people buy a Vita they will buy a PS4?

Do people who buy a 3DS buy a Wii-U?

And sure people can find it useful and they can do whatever. All I said was I find it weird that the selling point is a PS4.
iceman06  +   944d ago
@JBSleek...actually anecdotal EVIDENCE is EVIDENCE (hence the word being there). It just isn't the proof that you were looking for. Also, the analogy about the WiiU and 3DS is just simply false because there is NO INTEGRATION between those two, while the Vita and PS4 can be complementary products. They can play together or apart from one another. This is not THE SELLING point, but it is A SELLING POINT, especially for those that are on the fence.
webeblazing  +   944d ago
yall still kind missed his point the vita has ton of selling points putting ps4 as a selling point for the vita will cloud the cloud the judgement of unexpected customers to the value of vita. keep on saying get a vita because it integrated with ps4 is not going sound good to someone looking for a tablet, mp3 player, that is open to playing games.
clearelite  +   944d ago
Honestly, i'm more excited to play games like Disgaea, Persona, Dragon's Crown, Mirumasa, etc. on Vita and play my PS4 games on my PS4.

The remote play and control of my PS4 will be merely icing on the cake.
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Hicken  +   944d ago
As weird as people thinking TV services are a selling point for a video game console?

Can you really not see how being able to access your console library anywhere you've got internet is a draw? Perhaps it's not a good SOLE reason, or the best PRIMARY reason, but it's an excellent selling point.

"Hey, you know all those new games on your new console? Why stop playing them just because you're not at home WITH your console? Grab a Vita, and never stop playing(Oh, isn't that the Vita's tagline, anyway?). And while you're at it, take a look at everything else the Vita has to offer."

I guess you're right: nobody could possibly see the ability to play their home library from anywhere as a selling point. What was I thinking?
JBSleek  +   944d ago
That isn't what happens though. So you are saying to me that PS4Vita combination I can be in Germany with an internet connection and play all my PS4 games?

If that is that case than I am wrong and stupid and that is an awesome feature. If it is limited to your home than I stand where I am and say well that's weird.
Hicken  +   944d ago
That is exactly what I'm saying. It's the same as with PSP/PSV and PS3 now, except it'll be even better, as it's designed for it.

I can take my Vita to work today, use our store's wifi, and play my PS3 games right now(though some games are limited). I will be able to do that very same thing with EVERY game on PS4.

So you go to Germany, fire up your Vita over some wifi or 3G there, Remote Play to your PS3/PS4, and play your games.
JBSleek  +   944d ago
Then by damn that's a great feature to have. I was wrong for the assumption.
Acquiescence  +   944d ago
You wouldn't want to buy one now...
GamesCom is just around the corner and it's allegedly "a PS Vita show" according to someone at Sony. Chances are a price cut will be announced.

A price cut, PS+ and Killzone Mercenary a couple of weeks later equals one very happy customer.
Protagonist  +   944d ago
It was PS Vita show last year at GamesCom, which is why I was not too worried this time around at E3.
Expect some games announced (once again) for the PS Vita.
webeblazing  +   944d ago
thats what i like to hear i need a new one and a price cut would do me justice. ill doubt they will drop the memory card price tho, psp didnt see much of a price drop throughout its life
jrbeerman11  +   944d ago
I love my Vita, I have remote play with Shadow of Colossus and it plays fantastic, cant wait to be able to play all my ps4 games on it. (i have wife and child that hog TV)

the system itself is great and if you consider the older playstation and psp games it has a decent library. obviously psp games wont excite someone who owned a psp but I didnt so im having fun picking up some of these titles.
Protagonist  +   944d ago
I´ve had a PSP since 2007 and with games like Black Rock Shooter, just been released - April 24, 2013, that excites me and I still need to pick that one up, since I´ve been busy with P4G.
soundslike  +   944d ago
bought a vita last month and I have a backlog. There are more games I want to play on it than I'll be able to.

Can't wait till wednesday when my shipment of Rayman and Sly comes in off amazon. VITA BINGE AHH YIS
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TheOneEyedHound  +   944d ago
Wait about 5 minutes, The "5 reasons why not to buy one" is coming up shortly.
r21  +   944d ago
Point 2 seems a bit wrong. It had a hell of a great line launch up, the other statement afterwards seems slightly true.
Protagonist  +   944d ago
He stated it as a fact, that the PS Vita was not supported at launch, but that is BS. He was a hater and seem to forget that he was delusional and biased. PS Vita had one of the best game line launch, when it comes to releasing new gaming gadgets.
r21  +   944d ago
He probably isnt hater, just ignorant. He seems to like the vita now though.
Chaos_Raiden  +   944d ago
Another reason for me to get a PS Vita is due to many upcoming RPGs for that console.
XisThatKid  +   944d ago
This is an amazing machine and its only going to get better. I love my Vita and glad to see it starting to pick up momentum especially in this mobile confused world we live in. There is no substitute for handhelds especially ones that give damn near PS3 quality visuals and connectivity to home consoles that increasingly gets better. The software is a bit lacking but just playing some older psp stuff and LBP cross contdroller and psone games and PSN games keep me satisfied untill those other must have titles reach my markets. Hell im using it to type this comment now and I'm goin right back into Power Stone with a flick of the thumb....
Thehyph  +   944d ago
That's the beauty of vita. Party chat, low power state, instant pause/resume, a lot of the features on ps4 already exist on vita and work great. My one gripe with these features is something that won't be any form of issue on ps4. The PlayStation network sign on that happens so often on vita because the low power state times out connections. It's nowhere near a deal breaker though
JackVagina  +   944d ago
If you have had PS+ for over a year, all these games are already on you're download list

Gravity Rush
BlazBlue: Continuum Shift Extend
Uncharted: Golden Abyss
WipEout 2048
Disgaea 3: Absence of Detention
Ninja Gaiden Sigma Plus
+ more
dcj0524  +   944d ago
Don't forget JET SET RADIOOOOOOOOOOOOO &Zero escape:Virtue's reward. That game had me thinking about the story for a few weeks.
Thehyph  +   944d ago
I have a vita and love it, but I still have questions. It's fine and well that it has remote play, but how does it compensate for the fact that vita is missing 4 physical buttons that dualshock has. Unless a game is tailored to the remote play functionality, how does it map all the controls?
This is probably not an issue with upcoming and ps4 games, but if the functionality is supposed to work with existing ps3 games, either devs will have to revisit all their games or Sony will have to implement some form of touch alternatives to L/R 2/3.
SethThePirate  +   944d ago
My guess would be virtual buttons on the screen or divide the back pad into a left and right sensor area for R2 and L2. To be honest I don't think the L or R 3 buttons are used too much these days and if they are I can only think of a couple of examples of them being essential (like weapon select etc). But touch screen could be used to replace that. Not saying it should, just saying it could.
Thehyph  +   944d ago
A first party hardware add-on could work too, but it is highly unlikely that they would go this route. Something like trigger grips with a couple of extra buttons that could be tethered to the device physically or wireless-ly would work. Again, I doubt this scenario in favour of the back touch pad.

Also, I don't know, but does the rear touch support multi touch? That could be an issue. I've had to hold my vita differently when I play something that uses the rear touch due to finger placement and the edge of the touch pad. I'm sure many of you have been there before, too!
dcj0524  +   944d ago
The back touch pad worked great for R2 & L2 in metal gear solid.
GentlemenRUs  +   944d ago
Well after thinking about it, I reordered the Vita but this time I went for the Mega Pack :D

That should be more then enough for when my PS4 comes in late October.
Loki86  +   944d ago
So glad I purchased a Vita, worth it just for P4G imo, but with PS Plus and the specs this makes this the best handheld to date.
TwilightSparkle  +   944d ago
I sold my vita for a ps3 ill get it back when kh 3 comes out which probably wont be till 2015
DEATHxTHExKIDx  +   944d ago
Most reasons are good except number 1. Remote play is not a good reason to buy a Vita. Good feature thats it.
iceman06  +   944d ago
That depends on the makeup of your household, work/school schedule, etc. I would have loved this feature in college. Or, if I had kids that commanded the TV with whatever. Being single, it's still a pretty cool feature. I can see it both ways. Probably not the sole reason...but it could be for some.
sincitysir1  +   944d ago
I have over 60 games on my vita (game bubbles) and I just bought sh book of memories! I love my vita!
tubers  +   944d ago
1. Remote Play - don't bank on it yet unless you're not competitive with action/twitch games or not a fan of turn based games. Wait for input lag and latency tests. Knack demo was laggy and no vsync.

2. "unpredicted support" - Yes. Buyer's market? No.

3. No. Paying PSN/button tax on a lot of indie games are not appealing. Not to mention that most of them are already available on other platforms.

4. Yes. PS+ is a great value.

5. Yes.

VITA has had a rough start but today isn't any better.

Unless you've found a personal system seller already, I suggest waiting a few months after PS4 release to see how well integrated it actually is.
n4gusername  +   944d ago
It would be nice to see a 4G version.

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