The big PS4 RPG list: the next gen role playing games heading to PlayStation 4

OPM: The PS4 could be the time for an RPG renaissance with 14 impressive looking games heading to next gen. Here’s an impressive list of big budget MMOs, niche JRPGs, mainstream stat counters and, of course, Final Fantasy.

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Blankolf1593d ago

Indeed, the only thing I have to argue is having to load each page to know what other 13 games are <.<

Seriously, do you need to fetch web'clicks by doing a game per page, it's frustrating as hell.


PSN_ZeroOnyx1593d ago

I'm on my HTC mobile and it was all on one page for me.

minimur121593d ago (Edited 1593d ago )

Mike, the guy who is running the Soul Saga JRPG game said that he is getting rid of the chibi models (average body big head)

I don't really mind :)

But for those of you who missed the kickstarter, he has a paypal open for those who missed it (or don'thave a debit card)

Also, you can buy the game for $15, he plans on retailing it at $20

3-4-51592d ago

Yes but it still needs more Traditional Turn based RPG's.

A lot of those looked similar in graphics because they are trying to look "real".

Any game trying to look real, won't. Looking at all games who tried this, they look very dated now.

EVERY single one of them.

Games like Wind Waker on the other hand, still look good today because they went for a unique art style.

That is why I prefer Art Style to HD "real" graphics.

That being said, these games all look good even though I'm only interested in Destiny, Soul saga, Cyberpunk and a few others. About half of them. But still great to know they are on their way.

FF14 looks interesting as well, and Planetside 2 is fun on the PC when you have nothing to play.

It's the purpose it will serve on the PS4, being that "In between releases" game.

Jiggy7d1593d ago

Witcher 3 is coming to ps4 for sure?

PeaSFor1593d ago

yes, will also be on my ps vita since remoteplay is mandatory for ps4 games.

GenericNameHere1593d ago

Can you imagine EVERY PS4 game (except for maybe the Move exclusive ones) playable on Vita?? That idea just fills me with so much happiness!! I hope the frame rate don't drop (or at least don't drop too much), and the controls still feel fine.

PeaSFor1593d ago

going to toilet will never be the same.....

TuCk3rO1593d ago

Some awesome titles there, some shockers too though

AlexanderNevermind1593d ago

Strong lineup. Seems the author forgot Dark Souls 2. Still nice list none the less.

slinky1234561593d ago

Dark Souls 2 is not coming to next-gen, only the current gen consoles.

AlexanderNevermind1593d ago

Wow, I stand corrected. I just naturally thought it was coming to next gen. Guess I will be getting it on PC then.

jessupj1593d ago

Technically that's coming to the PS3.

But I'm still more pumped for DSII than any other game.

I hope we get a dragon's dagma 2 on ps3. That was an awesome game.

MWong1593d ago

I think Capcom will make Deep Down almost like DD. But, yea I want a DD on either PS3/PS4, just as long as they make one with a longer story.

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The story is too old to be commented.