Bungie: people are "too quick" to compare Destiny to Halo

"Depends on the Cabal," the studio wrote, a little tangentially, when asked how player-controlled Guardians and the ferocious alien Cabals square up, size-wise. "The Guardians won't be the only fighting force in Destiny teeming with unique warriors. Take the Fallen, for example.When people saw them at E3, they were all too quick to compare them to the Elites you fought in Halo. In truth, the Fallen are as varied and diverse as the Covenant as a whole.

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dirigiblebill1713d ago

I see small enemy dudes with guns, medium enemy dudes with guns and big enemy dudes with guns - revolutionary stuff. The problem's not so much that the enemy line-up reminds you of Halo as that it reminds you of generic shooters in general, imo.


question needs to be asked then... what is NOT a generic shooter these days ?

DeadlyFire1713d ago

People call anything from first person perspective generic now. Like OMG why can't we look at this person's ass or something is going to make them flip out.

zeal0us1713d ago

Halo is Bungie's previous work/title/game so the comparison is obviously going to happen whether they like it or not.

When Epic release their new AAA game I willing to bet you people will compare it to Gears or Unreal Tournament.

RedHawkX1713d ago

destiny is better then halo and halo sucks now big time since bungie isnt making halo anymore. you dont need halo anymore all you need is bungie and they making destiny and destiny plays better on the ps4. halo is dead.

CalamityCB1713d ago

Halo will never die and to be honest,
"I think we're just getting started..."

southernbanana1713d ago (Edited 1713d ago )

You must not have played 343's Halo because it is the best one yet in my opinion.
Edit: Oh your comment history shows you hate anything Xbox related. If Destiny was only on Xbox you would be saying the same things.....

Funky Town_TX1713d ago

Im jelly because you played Destiny.

spicelicka1713d ago

lol i love how your "destiny plays better on ps4" claim totally exposes the rest of your comment.

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die_fiend1713d ago

Destiny definitely feels different. It kinda seems more Mass Effect in terms of the universe rather than Halo. Which is definitely a good thing. Hoping it's got a really solid story

3-4-51713d ago

Halo hasn't evolved.

Titanfall is what COD should have evolved into.

Destiny is what Halo should have evolved into.

This is what happens when you take a step back and you get to brainstorm and take a few years to re-think just what your game needs to improve.

It's nearly impossible to do that on a year to year basis.

This is why GTA games and Super smash brothers games and Mario Kart games do well.

They aren't yearly releases, but once in a console releases. They have time to correct mistakes that you can't within a year.

Money talks. Once activision starts selling 40-50% less with COD, they will start to think outside the box, but only a little bit.

COD isn't finished now, but if they don't evolved they will be done in 1-2 games.

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KingZFlipper1713d ago

I don't think they remind each other at all. Okay, they're both FPS's, and made by Bungie, but imo that's pretty much it. Really wouldn't care either if they remind each other to some extend, because that wouldn't still make Destiny a bad looking game.

Flavor1713d ago

It's Halo with a different character designer

ScamperCamper1713d ago

I have the same feeling. For Bungie to think otherwise is just silly.

Perjoss1713d ago

I don't understand the thinking at Bungie, they finally have a chance to prove they are not a 1 trick pony, and what do they decide to make? a sci-fi first person shooter. It's no surprise people are comparing it to Halo.

spicelicka1713d ago (Edited 1713d ago )

I don't understand your thinking. Why would they need to prove anything? They're brilliant at making fps games and their their storytelling shines in the sci-fi genre. That's where their passion lies and it has nothing to do with being a one trick pony. Why in the heavens would they commit to a 10 year franchise experimenting in a different genre that they don't have as much interest in, just so they can "prove" they can do it?

Seriously listen to yourself.

And Comparisons to halo only means a good thing, halo fans like me are excited beyond belief because we get this new universe to play in, while still having halo from 343.

GodGinrai1713d ago

As somebody that plays halo, watching the destiny gameplay trailer, the gunplay reminded me of halo , minus the jump hight. I dont think thats a bad thing. This game is far more open than halo. Different weapons , enemies settings, open world, galaxy etc. but with that halo formula implemented in the combat.

I cant wait to play this with my friends.