What Happened Microsoft?

This was your time to shine Microsoft, 2 sets of eyes were on you on the afternoon of May 21st. Eyes that belonged to the press who witnessed the event from the front row, with laptops on their laps, eager to write page-breaking headliners. More importantly, far away, around the globe, there were eyes which belonged to us, your long-time fans.

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Need4Game1770d ago (Edited 1770d ago )

Its their Freedom to do whatever they want.

s8anicslayer1770d ago

But when your in the business of selling, you must give the people what they want!

kreate1770d ago

Or brainwashing the people so they end up buying what the business make.

s8anicslayer1770d ago

Yes it's called marketing! we all are victim to it.

iamnsuperman1770d ago

I don't want to be rude here but nothing. Microsoft's business practice has been the same since the launch of the 360. It decided to spend more getting timed exclusives than developing their own/ new ips. The feel that they can sell more consoles with timed exclusives deals like COD. It has worked for the most part. Its good to here 8 new ips but I am worried of those 8, 4 will be heavily Kinect based (as they spent tons developing it).

They have always been about mass market appeal without really focusing on one specific market. I don't blame them as Microsoft (the company) has its fingers in a lot of pies and bringing them together makes sense. But from a gaming perspective you do wish they focused in on us. More and more people are buying consoles (not because they can watch TV on it or do social stuff but because the games are like massive blockbuster films and have a lot of replay value. They don't need to focus on the social stuff anymore

DiRtY1770d ago

So why do Xbox One exclusive outnumber PS4 exclusives then? And I mean big time.

CGI-Quality1770d ago

Care to explain? How big time? In fact, how at all? How many does each have ready for launch?

shibster881770d ago

That article somes up what I felt, its like being cheated on, then you lrt that person go have a break for a while a try something new, thisbhas happened to me, im on the break period atm, then ps4 for me, had my 360 for years and years and I still do enjoy it, but unlike sony ms will drop the 360 like it never was there a big shame.

Wikkid6661770d ago

What makes you think they are going to drop the 360?

True_Samurai1770d ago

Exactly they already said they will be supporting it for at least 3 more years

ChozenWoan1770d ago

Well MS's first party games have already started to dry up on 360 since 08, and now with the Xbone coming they are going to push it more.

The 360 will get some support for a couple years, but they will just be mostly ports of Xbone games or Kinect games. Not to mention in 2015 the Xbone will be 10yrs old and that is likely when support for it hits a stone cold wall to help urge gamers to upgrade to the Xbone. At most the XB360 will be supported till 2016, but that will be stretching it.

Wikkid6661769d ago

The "Xbone" will be 10 yrs old in 2015... LOL it's not even out yet. Do you know what year it is today?

Wikkid6661770d ago

PS3 is Sony's big shame. MS did very well with the 360 and will continue to do well with for many years to come.

Roper3161770d ago

What Happened Microsoft?

Who cares! Every negative thing was brought on by themselves for being a greedy anti consumer company at heart.

ala_7671770d ago

Microsoft wasnt happy with their profits... they wanted more, therefore they screwed up!

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