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Submitted by muhameds 2871d ago | interview

First guy to complete GTA IV

Gamesradar wrote: "With GTA IV due out on April 29 a few of our esteemed magazine friends in the GamesRadar network have been granted access to review the game already. That's right - one of the perks of being permanently slagged off on forums and two-bit blogs is that games writers get the opportunity to play games before they're in the shops.

The first of our colleagues to actaully finish the game is Rob Taylor, deputy editor of Xbox World 360 magazine, and below he tells us (as best he can) what it feels like to be the first person to finish GTA in the world. Lucky bastard.

If you had to pick a favourite out of all the games in the series now which one would it be?

GTA IV. By a country mile. It craps on all the others – even the mighty Vice City – from a height equivalent to the Statue of Happiness. Believe me, GTA IV is even better than the hype suggests!"

No spoilers in interview (Grand Theft Auto IV, PS3, Xbox 360)

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btkadams  +   2871d ago
omg i cannot wait for this game.
the_gaming_guy  +   2871d ago
Has anyone seen this clip about GTAIV before?
gaffyh  +   2870d ago
He is hyping it up way too much, like saying the main character is the best character he's ever played. He basically praises every single thing about GTA4, not even any criticism. He just seems to be hyping the game up more and therefore promoting the game for the 360 even more.

I will probably get this game, but I can pretty much tell that it won't be as good as he says it is, don't get me wrong it will be very good, but his fanboyness for the GTA series is making the game seem better than it actually is to him.
Adamalicious  +   2870d ago
@ 1.1
Rick-rolling is SOOO three days ago. :)
solar  +   2870d ago
more like 6 months ago.
Panthers  +   2870d ago
@ Gaffy
"but his fanboyness for the GTA series is making the game seem better than it actually is to him."

How can something make it better to him than it actually is? If he loves every single aspect of the game and does not see anything wrong with it than that is how he feels.

He is not a critic apparently. He does not need to find nit picky things wrong with the game. That will just make you hate games more than you should. You should take a lesson in his love of the game and stop worrying about little things.
mistertwoturbo  +   2870d ago
"He does not need to find nit picky things wrong with the game. That will just make you hate games more than you should. You should take a lesson in his love of the game and stop worrying about little things."

That quote, is perhaps the most meaningful quote in the entire universe of video games. I agree 1000000000x. It's the fact that people today who happens to like a certain video game, enjoys that video game, loves that video game, will be bashed by others because of it, instead of just respecting that love for the video game.

There's just far too much hate, nit picking, and comparisons going around it's ridiculous. Games are meant to be fun for everyone. That's why there's different genres for different gamers. I seriously dislike the fact a Action/shooter fan will bash on a RPG fan or vice versa. People need to take they're heads out of they're rears and realize, the world is different. If someone praises a video game from his own experience, let him love it.
gaffyh  +   2870d ago
@Panthers - I know what you mean, but every game has a flaw, but this guy is making out that GTA4 is absolutely perfect. If he is meant to be a professional game reviewer, he should give some sort of criticism no matter how good the game is.

It's like those reviewers with Halo 3 that said it was perfect, when I got the game it was good but not perfect...
kosha  +   2871d ago
better than all the other gtas
if thats true than this game will be amazing
sonarus  +   2871d ago
not really. I don't know about you guys but i expect sequels to exceed their previous titles especially with a next gen upgrade. GTA4 will be a great game and i have no doubt will be the best GTA game yet however i am not the biggest GTA fan out there, i am honestly more interested in mischief with the cops than the actual game itself. I still haven't finished any GTA4 game yet. My gaming attention span is quite short but i am absolutely determined to finish this one
Official General  +   2870d ago
@ sonarus
You missed out BIG time if you have never acually completed the storylines of any of the last-gen PS2-era GTA games . GTA III, Vice City and Sand Andreas had the most immersive, intriguing, cinematic and exciting storylines ever seen in video gaming history. I completed the storylines of all three and the experience was just fun, enjoyable and incredible. I think Vice City had the best storyline out of the three. It was a big waste of the game if you spent all your time on GTA just messing around and getting chased by cops. It's the storylines that really made GTA's gameplay a most enjoyable, immersive experience. I just hope you dont make the same mistake with GTA 4!
#2.2 (Edited 2870d ago ) | Agree(6) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
JVIDICAN  +   2870d ago
amazingly a couple years ago i didnt even know the gta's had a story id just hijack a car,run over some people, get blown up and repeat for hours lol
Elvfam511  +   2870d ago
I hope Gta4 be what everybody is hyping it up to be man i love GTA3 vice city and san andreas man those games i can't stop playing and i hope GTA4 doesnt disappoint like every other game that had to much of a hype Hopefully it meets my expectations like the others did
mistertwoturbo  +   2870d ago
"immersive, intriguing, cinematic and exciting storylines ever seen in video gaming history."

I bet to differ, the metal gear series had that for me. But of course i'm not knocking on GTA, i'm getting GTAIV for sure. But i'd have to give the cinematic title to metal gear.
-EvoAnubis-  +   2871d ago
Sounds good.
Now all I have to do put myself in stasis until 4/29.
BeaArthur  +   2871d ago
haha, I've already planned to miss that day of work.
Milky  +   2870d ago

I would not agree that previous GTAs had the most immersive storylines out there. Not at all.
Buff  +   2871d ago
Lucky bastard
SeanScythe  +   2871d ago
good read can't wait to get my hands on this game. Online is goign to be sweet.
Syko  +   2871d ago
Is it ok to completely hate this guy right now?
BeaArthur  +   2871d ago
Well if it's not then I guess I am in the wrong.
Shortstop  +   2870d ago
Well, he played through it as fast as possible probably.. I prefer to enjoy my games, and I don't even recall if I even finished Vice City or San Andreas. So in a way I think it sucks for him really.
tatotiburon  +   2871d ago
he will buy the DLC
The Closing  +   2871d ago
Him and
the only other 3 people who actually finish the game.
PS3MAN85  +   2871d ago
Well --
I don't think you have to finish the game to enjoy DLC.
The Closing  +   2871d ago
You do if it's more missions.
InMyOpinion  +   2870d ago
Rockstar said they would "Fry Xbox Live with DLC". Can't wait to see what that suggests =)
#7.4 (Edited 2870d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
Presentist  +   2870d ago
The Closing-

Mass Effect DLC.

End of discussion.
PS3MAN85  +   2870d ago
You guys talk like you know what the hells going on --
First of all -- no one knows what the DLC will be. How can anyone know, just because one developer made DLC that way in Mass Effect doesn't mean that Rockstar will do the same with GTA. Rockstar has always done things top-of-the-line and different...that's what makes their games special. More missions could include more side quests through out the don't work for Rockstar "The Closing" so how in the hell would you know!?
wow4u  +   2870d ago
@The Closing.

Wrong. Go and look at all the people who bought the GTAIII expansions: Vice City and San Andreas.

Do you only own GTAIII? Like most people, I completed all three. And, I know many people who bought the Expansions for new gameplay.

This guy just played the game in 24 hours of gametime. It might take you or I 20-35 hours. I played GTAIII and the Expansions VC and SA for probably a hundred hours.

You're imagining things if you think that people arent going to buy millions of the Exclusive Expansions for GTAIV.
snakeater3  +   2870d ago
yeah i played the expansion packs vice city and san andreas....i also played the expansion packs of mgs1 (mgs: sons of liberty and mgs:snakeater).....resi4 was the best expansion pack however......and dont u forget gran turismo 4....geeez what a hefty expansion pack......end sarcasm.
vloeistof  +   2871d ago
omg first people who played mgs4 and now sombody who fully played gta iv..

gta iv ftw
Andronix  +   2871d ago
I hope these previews stay spoiler free!
i cant wait for the game, and im lapping up these previews.
That was a nice interview with the Gameradar guy and I am thankful that he didnt say any spoilers. Sure i want more details, but i want to discover the big stuff by myself. Hopefully other previewers dont spoil the surprises.
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PStriple703  +   2871d ago
lucky guy
pandabear  +   2871d ago
Good interview without giving too much away, I can't wait for this.

Only slightly disapointing thing is he said will be completed 'at an average pace' in about 40 hrs and Rockstar said it was 100 hrs +. Not that 40 is short but just that Rockstar have (like most publishers I guess) exagerated considerably.
SeanScythe  +   2871d ago
100+ to do everything, the main story isn't that long. There are 100 birds to shoot across the city as one side mission, plus hundreds of other side missions and things to do.
#11.1 (Edited 2871d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
le killer  +   2870d ago
perhaps it's 100 hours
with both episodes of the dlc for the 360?? who knows. i'll be enjoying it either way!
PS3rd  +   2871d ago
YES! 360 version coming my way...

LOL... Waits for nasim.

Edit. LOOK A typical reply from a PS3rd fanf@g, BTW my "Crapbox" Doesn't
overheat, NOPE! it also plays games, Not movies....

You know its a "Gaming Machine"

Edit.2 Harry, i see you on youtube and your quite a smart guy, although when you enter n4g you become a retarded little s*it. Answer me this... WHY?

Does it offend you that I'm buying the 360 version?

Does it make you wet? Moist perhaps?
#12 (Edited 2871d ago ) | Agree(7) | Disagree(14) | Report | Reply
jctoyou  +   2871d ago
you aint even worth answering,u sure ur crapbox aint gonna ovrheat playin all them hours?and of course downloading pretend high def rented films lol
HarryEtTubMan  +   2871d ago
Nope. PS3 version. I want to try out the PS3's achievements, Everything they are doing for Home(it will be way better than anything on Live... sorry jealous BOT, and we are also getting DLC.... Yea its true... even though I won't be downloading... I'll be playing MGS4...the second best game of the year after probably GTA 4. Unles Killzone 2 orLBP or Resistance 2 rally come out with a BANGGGGGGG BOTS HAHAHAHAHAHHA(They are going to BOTS and you know it!!)....sorry BOTS... no one making a big deal about it... even all you BOTS won't hardly finish this game.. some will... some won't... we still get the FULL CORE GAME with DLC and tons of Extras and multiplayer rooms and Home, BOT, don't get that. Sorry. Move along.

In 2-3 years you avatar will be PS1st and mine will be FLOPbox 3rd60 couldn't even sale 40 million again this generation!!1 hahahahahhahaha and IT'S SOOOOO TRUE.
#12.2 (Edited 2871d ago ) | Agree(7) | Disagree(5) | Report | Reply
Varsarus  +   2871d ago
another desperate fanboy LOL
PimpHandHappy  +   2871d ago
let me guess
GETPOWND 2nd account?

disagree with me if im right


thats a very sad post dude. I am of the mind that ppl talk the way they feel. So when you say "does it make you mad that i bought a 360" what you are really saying is i need to defend my purchase.

Trust me dude there is no PS3 owner here that gets angry over ppl buying GTA and a 360.

~~flame on~~

i cant wait for the onslaught of RROD stories that are going to get linked to GTA. I look 4ward to hearing you payed 20bucks per download to add 5-10 hours of gameplay when most of us still havent finsihed the game 5 months from now.
Phil Harrison Mklll  +   2870d ago
xBox 3rd60
Wonder how many xBox360's he used to complete the game? :D
Red Ring of Death
Red Ring of Death
Red Ring of Death
Red Ring of Death
Varsarus  +   2870d ago
GTA IV won't be the game as it should be because of the tardbox 3fixme, Rockstar would of have to cut out realistic animations, lightning, do some compressing (DVD9) and that could probably be why Gamasutra said the game looks visually superior on ps3, and also other stuff in favor for it....piece of crap, and that could be a reason why Rockstar could go ps3 exclusive after this game.
PS3rd  +   2870d ago
Oh wow... more typical replies from PS3rd fans...

The old ring of death joke! YAWN!

Tardbox 3fixme is a bit better, quite funny there! (have a cookie)

And! Rockstar are not going PS3rd exclusive.. that rumor came FROM PSM3 MAG UK, they are the same idiots who said the Wii can do 1080p

Owned again then :)

PimpHandHappy - I'm not that guy GETPOWND? Although Ive been here with many accounts since it was a 360 ONLY news site.

Feel free to disagree..

heyheyhey  +   2870d ago

how sad can you get

your turning something as non-console war related as someone finishing GTA4 into some major plus point for the 360

and btw, the girl in your pic is horrendously fugly


dont bother looking for logic and reason within these mindless drones

its like looking for a sober irishman on st.patricks day
#12.8 (Edited 2870d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
Varsarus  +   2870d ago
Whoever disagreed with me is a complete fool, care to explain LA Noire? Red Dead Revolver 2 and another game BY rockstar are ps3 exclusives? makes sense doesn't it?
NO_PUDding  +   2870d ago
L.A Noire is Team Bondi and Red Dead Revolver is indeed PS3 exclusive.

But actually that 'rumour' wasn't started by PSM3. Rockstar said at E3 2007 in an interview that they will porbabaly be focusing on the PS3 after GTAIV.

GTAIV and the DLC was all for the money, if you ask me. Rokctsar certainly have a sense of belonging. And they know where their fanbase is.
TurdStationPee  +   2870d ago
Stupid n00bs. I'm GETPWNED. And my "Second account"???? lmao. right.

U idiots will never learn. GTA on 360 is the better version. BS3rd FTL. I mean, how much more money do you idiots have to pay just to FEEL any rumble? Another 70 to 90 bucks? Sad f*cks. Or NO "in-g@yme XMB"? You forget that part? What about investing in the version with NO DLC expansions on the way? You stupid bastards just can't admit you're getting screwed. Sucks to be you.
zapass  +   2870d ago
"Does it offend you that I'm buying the 360 version? "

insignificant XTARD: what's offensive is you thinking we even care.
Pain  +   2870d ago
Xbots Dream RROD 2 version is the Best.
-You Have to PAY to play Online. fail
-Console Might Die On You. fail
-Game "Could" be More but was Held back So a inferior console can play too. fail
-Paid 50 mill for extra content.... Desperate can we Say?... fail.
-Constanly Saying it is dosnt make it True, fail.

Does it offend you that I'm buying the 360 version? - Yes i Hate seeing people do stupid things.

Does it make you wet? Moist perhaps? - Only when i clean my PS3 and My Guns.

And LOL Getpwnt err PS3rd err Turdstation w/e did your last Account get perma banned?
#12.13 (Edited 2870d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
TurdStationPee  +   2870d ago
None of your business, b1tch. Looks like your emo ass needs to make a new account, too. No one likes emo f@gs around here. Even your droid army hate you. That's bad.
machete squad steve  +   2871d ago
Yeh this is all great but
why is there no in game screen shots released? makes me wounder what their hiding.
muhameds  +   2871d ago
What you see is ingame screeens only without HUD, it has been stated many times.
machete squad steve  +   2871d ago
Why cuz some stated it ?
ok fine all these action vids are actually game play. Well then why would they take out all the HUD graphics? I haven't seen one leaked vid of actual game play cept that one ugly pic of a tv showing a screen of a blurry HUD. Please prove me wrong I want to be just show me something real, not a statement.
muhameds  +   2870d ago
Because that is how Rockstar work with GTA, they don't want to spoil game for you. And it is stated by Rockstar that most you have seen are in game not cutscenes. If you don't want to believe that, that is your opinion, and I will not go there. And Rockstar hide their game very well, you will not see anything leaked from them, and all leaked information is usually leaked by developers.
EZCheez  +   2870d ago
Here's your proof steve

If you want more than that, then go look for it yourself.

This site does have a search engine, you know.
#13.4 (Edited 2870d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
M0KILLaU  +   2870d ago
Cheez can search can cheez read a post
Neither of these links show what Steve is saying "some real on screen HUD graphic in game play, so I think Cheez you proved nothing. As for Muhammad saying rock star hides there game real well,I agree. "Two words for you HOT COFFEE".
#13.5 (Edited 2870d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
EZCheez  +   2870d ago
I can read just fine
I think you misread his post.

Machete Steve-"Please prove me wrong I want to be just show me something real, not a statement."

If you watch the youtube video it actually shows multiplayer screens. You actually have to watch the whole thing though.

You-"some real on screen HUD graphic in game play" That's what you said, not him.

So just because that's what he might have implied and what you got from his post, I read his post word for word. If anything, you misread.

Also, why are you guys so obsessed with the HUD? Do you actually think it will look worse than what you've seen so far when it is there?
Laughing Buddha  +   2870d ago
No HUD = More Cinematic!!!
They removed the HUD from the clips that have been shown because it gives the game a more cinematic feel; which I believe is what they were going for. Either way I can't wait till it is released, I'm looking forward to seeing "natrualmotion's - euphoria" in action!

machete squad steve  +   2870d ago
I just want to see
someone playing the game itself, thats all. I want to see it, I want to play it. These trailers don't cut it any longer, the delays, the hype i'm sick of it. It's been built up to such a ridiculous level I'm scared GTA4 is bound to be a disapoinment.

P.S. Those vids don't prove anything cept Rockstar is the king of hype.
vloeistof  +   2871d ago
cant wait for my ps3 version shoot this gt5p and mgs4 a few weeks later.

so much to do so little time ....

o and iron man the film comes out that weekend to
brothersimon  +   2870d ago
That all u got? LOL
TurdStationPee  +   2870d ago
LMFAO. How much you wanna bet the "film" sells more copies than all those games combined?
ICUP  +   2870d ago
LOL @ those xbots, all they does is troll.
jkhan  +   2871d ago
Lucky #@#@$, now the wait is really killing me:(
Guess I have to settle on the dumb down version we aussies are getting:(
pandabear  +   2871d ago
Don't settle for cencorship - import it from Europe or NZ
jkhan  +   2871d ago
I preordered it for 360, i guess I will buy the ps3 version from ebay.
I hate OFLC though:@
Leathersoup  +   2871d ago
It's sad.
Are all of these effwads getting into the industry just to say "I was the first to play this!"?
I'll make sure I take their reviews with a grain of salt.
EZCheez  +   2870d ago
Sadly becoming a trend
Remember the girl and her "I played Halo 3 first" crap?

I don't care whether this guy played it first or not, and I really don't think he's the actual first American to beat the game. But whatever floats his boat I guess. I thought that "I was first" crap stopped in elementary school.
wow4u  +   2870d ago
It would be nice to know the 12-or so that were flown to Japan to play MGS4.

These are called "Junkets" and honest journalists dont take them. For every journalist that attended one of these junkets, they were invited for one reason: To buy their review.

Konami should know better, its very dishonest.
sixaxis  +   2871d ago
Even better than mighty GTA: Vice City?
I have to say that this sentence was very, very interesting

"GTA IV. By a country mile. It craps on all the others – even the mighty Vice City – from a height equivalent to the Statue of Happiness. Believe me, GTA IV is even better than the hype suggests!"

This was something what I didn’t expect. I thought that its going to be with its story like san andreas was. Not there was something wrong with SA, but simply Vice city beats it easily. But now as this is somtehing to belive, then GTA IV may actually be very fantastic game. Before this article i thought that its highly over hyped game, and i wasnt very sure to buy it. Looks like rockstar isnt here to just make money with this latest installment, but to really make something memorable,incredible, very deep storyline, superbly done voice acting like a farewell tour with GTA series. I just loved those OH my god moments in Vice city, and now i hope those jaw dropping things again which makes the game really addictive, and makes me to stand up and cheer while playing, that was what vice city succesfully accomplished!!!
InMyOpinion  +   2870d ago
I actually thought San Andreas was better than Vice City. I liked the huge map and character customization better.
socomnick  +   2870d ago
while san andreas had more features and a larger map the story was absolute crap. The story in vice city was so sweet. :)
DARK WITNESS  +   2871d ago
I WANT IT ! ! ! give me, give, give me....

(throws office computer outside window, uproots work table) I WANT IT NOW !...................

gets fired.....plays GTA 4 for the rest of his life and gets paid by tax payers, poor sods ! muhahahahahahhahahahah
DARK WITNESS  +   2870d ago
lol... i got disagrees.. ???/

ok, what do you disagree with ?
kewlkat007  +   2871d ago
So there are people tht actually beat GTA's.
"I'd say to wrap up the story will take at least 40 hours at a normal pace, plus another – say, 25? – to wrap up the remainder of the missions"

Xtra episodic content anyone?

Seems like this guys review will be really good, since he actually finished the game.
DARK WITNESS  +   2871d ago
Whats really interesting about this is that this has been echoed by everyone else who has played it.

even with most of the great games that have been out, there have been one or two people who will give it a mixed review, but not this.

everyone has said its better then what they expected....

i know this is going to be my game of the year ! there are lots of other great titles coming out, MGS, killzone, Gears 2, fable.

but i just know this is going to keep me coming back for more ( its my personal view , not an attack on another game )

can't wait.
DViOUS1ONE  +   2871d ago
first guy to not care if the other guy finished it or not
timmyp53  +   2871d ago
these luck bums
I wish i worked on one of these websites. =)
PimpHandHappy  +   2871d ago
im not reading this article
i took a stance months ago about reading about games b4 i get to play em. I wont do it for certain blockbusters

GTA and MGS at this time

i do like to read forum posts thou just to hear what the real gamers have to say
LONEWOLF231  +   2871d ago
Man i want GTA 4.......
OJ_juice  +   2871d ago
This just makes more excited for the game. I can't wait.
Blademask  +   2871d ago
40 hours for an average player... Thats me right there.
lets hope we can stretch that so waiting for MGS4 isn't too bad. Anyone else slightly disappointed that the "next gen" GTAiv is the same length than San Andreas?
EZCheez  +   2870d ago
Does anyone ever do it straight through?
I've finished GTA games before, but sometimes it was literally months and in San Andreas' case, over a year after I owned it.

I just have too much fun doing all the other crap in the game. And now there's mulitplayer? I might not ever see the ending to this game.
InMyOpinion  +   2870d ago
GTA's aren't games that you stop playing just because you have finished the story missions.
wow4u  +   2870d ago
The GTA II: Vice City and GTA III: San Andreas expansions sold more than the GTA III.

There are going to be many many (including myself) who are going to buy them at the first opportunity.

If they are $40 in fact, I'll be happy they didnt cost the full price like VC & SA did. They were each $50 -- or regular price for the last gen. So, these are $20 off the full price, thats great value.

That said, Im sure PS3 owners will have plenty other games to play while Xbox 360 owners are playing the Exclusive Expansions to GTAIV.
Rusted  +   2871d ago
To hell with is...
im not reading, don't want more info around, the date is close and i want full surprises.

BTW, what's whith this "first player to..." trend crap?

it's starting to irritate me...
Blademask  +   2871d ago
EXACTLY. Like his dumbass opinion matters?
Please. I'm sick of everyone unofficial being the "official" source and news for this industry. The industry could use a heaping helping of credibility. Or a pedigree of people who's professional opinion as actual journalists\gamers might have a bit more insight than a 12 year old that runs

"This guy said that, now its LAW!"
Silellak  +   2870d ago
He's clearly still in that "gamer high" that you get into once you finish a truly awesome game and are convinced every other game ever made or ever WILL be made sucks donkey nuts in comparison. So, he's probably exaggerating a bit - especially when he says the protagonist is the best ever and the dialogue is "Oscary worthy".

That being said, I still the game will be incredible, and a frontline contender for Game of the Year. I just think it's important to keep in the context of this interview in mind.
Silellak  +   2870d ago
On a related note, it's really a shame for Sony that they let the exclusivity of this title slip away. I guarantee that if this game were only on the PS3, I'd be buying one on April 28th, no questions asked, no matter what crazy number they slapped on the price tag.
-EvoAnubis-  +   2870d ago
It was a trade off. R* wanted more of a market for GTA4, Sony said no problem. In return, the PS3 gets other exclusive new IPs from R*.
wow4u  +   2870d ago
@lord anubis:

You just make stuff up as you go along eh?

How do you know Sony didnt pay $$ for this new exclusive IP?
-EvoAnubis-  +   2867d ago
Are you mistaking me for someone else? Lord Anubis and I share nothing more than a mutual respect for the Egyptian god of the afterlife. We are not the same person.

As for your comment, apparently I know things that you don't. You're just going to have to accept this.
Rhezin  +   2870d ago
why you gotta be spilling that stupid as sh!t all over the boards, you make yourslef look bad and it makes youi look like a little sh!t that needs to get his ass kicked.
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