UK charts: The Last of Us holds first for 5th week running

The game retained its position despite challenges from 3DS entries Animal Crossing: New Leaf and newcomer Mario & Luigi: Dream Team Bros, which debuted at third.

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stage881710d ago

More like Game of the Generation.

Ezz20131710d ago

guys check that out
Duncan was the director/writer for Moon as well as the director on Source Code.

miyamoto1710d ago (Edited 1710d ago )

I think this is more appropriate for an exclusive PS3 game that is not supposed to sell well let alone 6 weeks at the top of the charts even if critically acclaimed.

miyamoto1710d ago (Edited 1710d ago )

Has casual gamers matured?

I think this guy, Pew Die Pie. helped TLOU by word of mouth on YouTube, Twitter and Facebook.

His game play video averages 1.8 to 2 million views per episode.

And he has 10 million plus subscribers. Mostly teenagers to young adults to casual gamers.

His first episode has 4.2 million views. Here:

Word of mouth is number one!
PlayStation FTW!

This trend reminds me of when a new IP nerd film like The Matrix got mainstream popularity. Same with the Lord of the Rings a new IP from an unknown director Peter Jackson.

Well maybe Zombies are still the in thing. but i feel sorry for Zombi U.

TryMe1710d ago

It'll probably have stiff competition from GTA V.

An honestly, as a FUN gaming experience I might enjoy GTA V more.

But from an emotional narrative standpoint, I know GTA V won't even compare in the least bit.

That said it'll be tough voting. What makes a game a true goty candidate? The amount of fun you had in it? Or the amount you were moved emotionally/and mentally?

Idk, lets just call it a tie!

Ezz20131710d ago (Edited 1710d ago )

don't worry
there is over 500+ site on the internet
both will get it

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GenericNameHere1710d ago (Edited 1710d ago )

Game deserves the sales! I finally got my platinum trophy on the 11th, making it my 22nd platinum trophy (or rather 20th, since I don't think my Hannah Montana or Terminator Salvation platinums count), and for the over 40+ hours spent on single player alone, and another 24+ hours on Factions, this game was worth every penny, and then some. I just hope the DLCs won't be horrible (I bought the season pass, my first ever, but hearing most people are disappointed with season passes, and Bioshock Infinite doesn't even have a single DLC yet for its Season Pass owners, I have a little bit of hope it will be good).

NumOnePS3FanBoy1710d ago

Incredible Game, Incredible Marketing, am still seeing the commercial for on t.v all the time. Sony needs to market all their exclusives like this!!!

VsAssassin1710d ago

Don't be. Uncharted 3's season pass surely delivered with 5 new maps and new items to wear in its multiplayer mode. Not to mention, the free update in the form of Tournament system.

I'm confident that ND will give us great SP and MP DLCs. I have the season pass as well!

Darth Stewie1710d ago

Season Pass also includes an amazing making of The Last of Us video.

abc12331710d ago

Wasn't it confirmed that one of the DLCs included would be SP?

hyuu7771710d ago

Great job Sony!!!

This is fantastic for new IP.

TheLyonKing1710d ago

Crazy that a console exclsuive is still holding its own with all these games coming in left right and centre.

Little update: still ahven't completed survival mode.

Ezz20131710d ago (Edited 1710d ago )

UK gamers you deserve all the respect

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