Warframe dev: "PS4 GPU is kick-ass"

Warframe developer Steve Sinclair talks about the hardware strength and developer friendliness of PlayStation 4.

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Imp0ssibl31772d ago

It's great seeing the PS4 get praise from both gamers and developers - dunno how Microsoft can come back from the grave they dug themselves in

Alexious1772d ago

Yes, right now the wind is certainly going in this direction.

abzdine1772d ago

not only we will be getting F2P games like this one for everybody to enjoy but PS+ will also provide gamers with tons of F2P gaming libraries like no other.


mewhy321772d ago

PS4 is getting lots and lots of praise and justly so. Sony let Cerny give the system a very high end customized GPU and pair it with 8 gigs of GDDR5 unified RAM. That equates to a monstrous amount of resources.

RedHawkX1772d ago

they wont come back from that grave but the few fanboys that disagreed with you will be burried along with it. they need to learn to just give up on the xbox and join the playstation side because its better. no need to fight it guys.

latincooker2141772d ago

well said RedHawkX. +bubble PS4 FTW:)

r1sh121772d ago

Yeah - Its very true Sony have learned from every mistake and event from the current gen.
MS got too cocky plain and simple.

I can only applaud Sony on what they have done, and as a consumer I have got more confidence in Sony than I do with MS.

I do hope MS fix up, but realistically its going to be the hardest fight to win back gamers - and the gen has not even started :/
Oh well, PS4 at launch for me I guess

Alexious1772d ago

It's true. Of course, a true gamer's hope is that now Microsoft will go under the same path and start fixing their mistakes, as Sony did with PS3 and now PS4.

Jiggy7d1772d ago

It will take years for MS to recover from this....but they will eventually....they will have to respond to absolutely everything that makes PS4 a better console in the eyes of most gamers at the moment.But they are facing an uphill battle.....I still hope Xbox survives...cause competition is good gor gamers and as much as I love Playstation...I don't want Sony to get to comfortable or relaxed.....let's not forget...the success of xbox360 made Sony learn from their mistakes and made them work harder.

himdeel1772d ago (Edited 1772d ago )

I disagree that it will take years for MS to recover on the XOne fiasco. Reason being only gamers are/were up in arms. If history has taught you nothing but this you'll be a better person, consumers are dumb and uninformd AND have the long term memory of an amnesiac. MS is all but forgiven by their fans with the lurkers making decisions about the games they want to play regardless of platform.

3-4-51772d ago

As a company they easily could, they need honest people with integrity and morals. Those type of people don't really work at Microsoft.....not at the higher levels.

And their ego's won't allow a "lesser" employee who is probably just normal person, explain things to us.

I feel bad for the average "loves games" developer at Microsoft who has to be lumped in with the idiot higher ups.

It's like they have the LEAST intelligent people at the top. makes no sense.

They say A, then do B.

It's easy to see if you know what to look for.

The right people could turn this around.... they don't have those people.

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Festano1772d ago

The free to play is going great on the ps4.

3-4-51772d ago

There are actually legit good F2P games coming to PS4. That will help the droughts between games and give people something to do in the weeks in between.

Lunarassassin1772d ago

Right now there is a massive rift between Xbone and PS4.
The only people microsoft have are extreme fanboys, who are ignoring microsofts anti consumer policies, people that like xbone exclusives (can't really see why, but there are people out there), and kids that like kinect.
Sony have both hardcore and casual gamers, fanboys, people that like their exclusives, people that don't care for exclusives, people that like camera features and people that don't like camera features, and of course they have a lot of people that are coming to PS from Xbox

ape0071772d ago (Edited 1772d ago )

i hate to break your heart but stop convincing yourself that everyone hate ms, it's a very small irrelevant blind fraction of gamers on the net bash xbox one, CONSOLE SALES is the BOTTOM LINE and so far both are doing extremely well

and as far as casual and hardcore gamers go, both 1st party and 3rd party games sell more on xbox 360 than ps3 and kinect is waaaaay more successful in the casual market than PS move

Conclusion: xbox 360 has more hardcore and casual gamers than ps3 and it's too early to make an assumption for which will succeed more in the nextgen . FACT :)

Lunarassassin1772d ago

Get your head out of your ass.
I never said everyone one hates microsoft, what i said is that at the moment because of microsofts and sonys differing policies and other factors sony has a much larger audience and at the minute more preorders

NihonjinChick1772d ago

"i hate to break your heart but stop convincing yourself that everyone hate ms,"

He never said everybody hated Microsoft. In fact, in the beginning of his comment, he even gave a list of the people that do like Microsoft.

Lunarassassin1772d ago

Massive rift doesn't mean "nobody likes microsoft" it means "at the minute sony has a lot more support from consumers than microsoft." The rift is a metaphor for the big gap of support.

WeAreLegion1772d ago

It's not just fanboys. It's everyone, ape007.

Look around you. Ask strangers about the Xbox One. Most gamers are getting a PS4, instead.

dcj05241772d ago

5 million more isn't WAAAAAY more successful.

MysticStrummer1772d ago

25 million Kinect vs 20 million Move = waaaay more successful?

Less than 1/3 of 360 owners bought a Kinect. Now Kinect is required and it's inclusion adds substantial cost to the console. If you don't think that will be a factor in sales for PS4, think again.

medman1772d ago (Edited 1772d ago )

ape007, how do you know both are doing extremely well in console sales? You have no idea how many units Sony or Microsoft has made available to retailers, or if they will be able to meet the demands at launch. Taking a preorder is alot easier than fulfilling a preorder. I hope Microsoft eventually removes it's head from it's prodigious and formidable ass, but I'm not going to hold my breath. It's a PS4 at launch, and if Microsoft ever figures out how to offer a next gen console without a power brick that is bluetooth enabled at a more reasonable price, I will consider purchasing. There is no way in hell I will pay 499 for inferior tech when your direct competitor offers better first party games/developers at a better price point. The decision between the PS4 and Xbone is the biggest no brainer in gaming history. Other than TV, there is nothing Xbox can claim to do better than Sony in the games department. And is TV about gaming? Nope. I have a Tv. I have a smartTV. I control my entire entertainment setup from my tablet with proprietary apps. The xbone can't match what I'm doing now. Not good. Not good at all.

3-4-51772d ago (Edited 1772d ago )

Hardcore Gamer DOES NOT = Military FPS + sports games gamers.

If all you play is sports and FPS games, Your NOT a hardcore gamer.

Your only playing about 5% of the types of games that are available out there.

The "Hardcore" you speak of is usually the Arrogant douche who thinks he knows everything and is usually emotionally unstable and cocky, and thinks all other games are for girls, casuals, or suck.

I've owned an xbox since 2002, and love both of them.

I'm going to be getting a PS4 as they seem to be offering a wider variety of games.

That plus the fact that RPG's have better chance of ending up on PS4.

XB1 is going to be a great console, I just think PS4 has more to offer in terms of wider variety of games.

I play BF3 + PES 2012 3DS a lot. But I also play RPG's, tactical RPGs, PC strategy games, Action Adventure games, 3D platformers ect.....

Once again, just because you only play COD + Madden, does not make you a hardcore gamer.

Just a misinformed one.

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1772d ago
dcj05241772d ago

But teh powa of de clowd is 10X mopowaful den teh PS4.

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