Why next-gen consoles won't run games at 4K

Just because some say they can, doesn't mean they should. Based on the latest graphics hardware no one should expect great 4K gaming in this next generation of consoles.

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Isis061776d ago

Are you one of those people that shit money?

fo3n1x1776d ago

no i make mine...hard a hard on visualising gaming on 4k

Isis061776d ago

PC it is bro... but if you thought the consoles were going for 4000k you're ether delusional or ill informed.
Some day though... It's going to be amazing.

kneon1776d ago (Edited 1776d ago )

You won't need to be rich to get a 4K TV. 4K TV's start as low as $5k now, by Christmas 2014 they will likely be in the low $2k range.

rustyspoon801776d ago

Want a cheap 4k tv, check this out:-

It's probably rubbish though.

Isis061776d ago (Edited 1776d ago )

I have three kids... the economy is craps... I'm trying to keep my house... and my wife... so sry if my logic does not apply to yours but...
Are you one of those people that shit money?

kneon1776d ago


Ok so I make about 4 times the average salary, and my wife is not far behind. So if I wanted to I could buy a $5k TV today and not even notice the cost. What's wrong with that? I've put in my time at university and my career and am very well paid because I'm really good at what I do.

While you may not be able to afford a 4K TV anytime soon there will be a lot of people who can once they get into the price range of current higher end Smart TVs, which is typically around $2k+

1776d ago
Isis061776d ago (Edited 1776d ago )

Then you have to get with the program...
you are rich.
Nothing wrong with that... good job getting there... hope you earned it.
But you kind of sound like you don't realize coz your saying stuff like... you don't have to be rich to drop 2k without notic...

extermin8or1776d ago

The point I think is, that for consoles to support this, they'd cost a hell of alot more than they are going to. So no only would you need the TV which people with money would buy and people without wouldn't bother, but then the majority of normal people would be paying extra for features they'd likely never have the other tech to use, at least not in the foreseeable future. PS4 supports 4k movie output apparently so... at least that's something this isn't quite the same as last gens bluray and hd tv switch over. 4k has much less noticeable gains for most people.

minimur121776d ago

because nobody has a 4k tv

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nukeitall1776d ago

I was hoping we would get an upgraded console every 3-4 years that is BC with previous generation.

All games released has to work on the two latest consoles. That gives each console a minimum of 6 year support from release.

Lower upgrade cost and smaller upgrade, but keeps up with technology. The way it is now, 7-8 years is just too long.

kneon1776d ago

I expect this is actually what will happen now that they have moved to x86 platforms. They will be able to upgrade to newer hardware without major redesigns and still maintain backwards compatibility.

wishingW3L1776d ago

who knows... The Xbox was x86 but then MS went with powerPC with the 360 like everybody else.

JsonHenry1776d ago

The GPUs in the consoles simply could not do 4k with any form of decent visual fidelity options turned up. And even some high end PC would have a hard time keeping up with 4k rez.

The tech in the GPUs just isn't cheap enough at this point for it to be practical.

medman1776d ago

4k is highly overrated. The human eye cannot perceive the difference between 1080 and 4k unless you have a screen size above 75 inches or sit less than 4 feet from the screen. It's not that big a deal folks. Just more marketing hype. Sorta like the push a few years ago when retailers and manufacturers tried to convince consumers 3d was the future and something you absolutely had to have. 3d is a novelty, at best. Same with 4k. I'm much more interested in organic light emitting diode televisions (Oled's)...that is a difference you can truly see.

greenlantern28141776d ago

the reason is because hardly anybody has one. why take time and money to make something that people dont have. like it or not there are plenty of people who only just now got a hdtv.
but i would guess that much like the film ware update that made the ps3 a 3d bluray player that if the market becomes big enough than a filmware update will be the fix again since i am pretty sure they are both capable of 4k video playback

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fo3n1x1776d ago (Edited 1776d ago )

i would buy a 4k TV much earlier if next gen consoles supported 4K for games...seems like ill have to wait for the next next gen!

iamnsuperman1776d ago

I would as well. But, for me, much early would be like 7 years from now. 4K tvs are too expensive and almost unnecessary if you're playing on a 32-42 inch TV. I think these things are just a fad. On a normal sized TV 4k is hardly noticeable. 4K and beyond should really be limited to cinemas or big sporting events because the screens are much bigger and so you can see the difference.

Salooh1776d ago (Edited 1776d ago )

I think i will wait 2 or 3 years then i will buy a 4k tv. It will be my gift for graduating college :P . By then 4k tvs will probably cost 1000$ :D

DJMarty1776d ago (Edited 1776d ago )

4K TV's upscale madia to 4K inc games, so Nex gen will be able to game at 4K(just upscaled).

SnakeCQC1776d ago

sony said the ps4 would support 4k movies

Drakul1776d ago

4k movies cant fit in blu ray. for 4k resolution a new media is necessity which is NOT blu ray. they ment 4k remastered movies, compressed movies.
No chance that our ps4 s will come with some hidden media support.
i bet in the future they will release ps4 4k version with better graphic card and media support for true 4k.

Foxgod1776d ago

4K can fit in a blu ray, they will use triple layer Blu rays for it which store up to a 120 GB of data.

kneon1776d ago

4K media will use the new HEVC H.265 codec which offers twice the compression of H.264. And The BDXL format which supports up to 128GB per disk has been standardized for a few years now.

So we have a disk format with 2.5x the capacity of bluray and a codec that requires only half the storage space giving an effective video storage increase of 5x, but we only need 4x for 4K.

And future bluray formats will likely support capacities of up to a few TB. 500GB+ has been shown off years ago and the theoretical maximum is around 5TB.

nukeitall1776d ago

I have good news, streaming will solve all your problems.

blu-ray is soon to be history in the next 5 years or so.

wishingW3L1776d ago

streaming 4k... Is that a joke? 0_O

kneon1776d ago


Streaming doesn't even handle 1080p well yet. I don't use Netflix because I won't put up with the quality downgrade. And it's not my connection as it clocks in at 80+Mbps, lately it's been even higher. Speedtest needs an upgrade as my tests spend a lot of time pegged at 100Mbps.

extermin8or1776d ago (Edited 1776d ago )

Plus sony already developed a new high density disc and reading laser for it a couple of years back that started with 1TB disc space. But at the time it cost liek 20k-was said expect to see it hit market around 2020 for $500-ps5 anyone? :p
@kneon: but what's your ping like? if too many packets are being lost your bandwidth could be best ever but you aren't recieiving all the data that was actually sent which would much up your streaming, check on pingtest-conneted to speedtest.

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Tundra1776d ago

Because they're not powerful enough. You'd need atleast a GTX 680 (or AMD equivalent) to run BF3 on ultra with a steady 30fps on 4K res.

But I'm sure the common consumer doesn't want to pay $800+ for a console either.

SnakeCQC1776d ago

you need better than a 680 to run bf4 at ultra at 4k and games get even more demanding every year.

Tundra1776d ago

Digital Foundary has a vid of them running BF3 on a 680 at 4K on youtube.

SnakeCQC1776d ago

ohh they turned off aa i may pick up a 4k tv soon to try this out

kneon1776d ago

Comparing a PC to consoles is not a simple comparison. There is a lot of overhead on PCs. The hardware is more than capable, it's the multitude of software layers that slow things down. If you were to write to bare metal then you could achieve 4K resolution on a PC with much lower specs.

GT5 was shown off running at 4K using 4 PS3s working together, the PS4 is more than 4x more powerful so some games could run at 4K. But don't expect something like a AAA FPS or open world game. It would be more likely be smaller games or something like a racing game that has restricted environments.

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