Quick Way to Get Free Trophies on the PS Vita

After some digging around on the Vita PS store on the you will notice that there are a lot of free games and apps. This is great for anyone who has just bought their Vita and wants to add a few game icons to the menu. At launch most of these games and apps did not contain trophies but it seems that a lot of developers gave into the pressure of gamers and went and added trophy support to their games...

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Vitalogy1712d ago (Edited 1712d ago )

Jetpack Joyride isn't FREE, not in EU at least, it costs €0,99.

KUV19771712d ago

I woudn't have bought it and am from the EU. I'm pretty sure it was a free dowload.

buffalo10661712d ago

i live in ireland and i got it for free??

Vitalogy1712d ago

Well, it isn't free in Portugal -.-

raymond_zero_G1712d ago

Yes, it is. I got it for free :P

Vitalogy1711d ago

No it's not and here's a screen shot I took yesterday http://playstationeu.i.lith...

shadowmist131712d ago

my jetpack joyride also cost money in south africa

Fasttrack761712d ago

Jetpack is not free here in the uk, 79p