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Final Fantasy XIV two betas ending this week.

Final Fantasy XIV's Lodestone and game phase 3 betas end this week. (Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn, PC, PS3, PS4)

Insomnia_84  +   816d ago
I just started the beta on PS3 last week. When will that end?
GabrielKross  +   816d ago
It's over. Beta will be down until phase 4 now.
rataranian  +   815d ago
Who else played this and wasnt blown away by it? Cause I've been reading so much hype on this game, then I played the beta. It's just not that good to me. Idk.
Baka-akaB  +   815d ago
If it's not for you , then it's not for you . I'm looking forward to a mmo with a story worth telling and enjoying in a universe appealing to me , with classes that both fill the needs yet arent completely cookie cutter and generic . My last time was pretty much FFXI and it's neat expansions .

Finally i'm looking for that in a mmo i can play on consoles (ps3 and or ps4) .. i don't feel like gaming on pc much those days , nor do i longer have a decent rig . FFXIV is so far fitting the bill
Snookies12  +   815d ago
It's an MMO, you kinda know what you're getting right from the start. Also, the game doesn't really start kicking in until level 15+. Anything before that is mainly just to get you adjusted to the game.

I loved the beta personally. The people I talked with and did things with on there were all friendly. Even saw people role-playing on there. The world felt somewhat alive which was nice.
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Blastoise  +   815d ago
Yeah I was on PS3 and was chatting to some PC dude who was helping me out on a quest.

I think I needed to find Orange juice or something lol
Nevers  +   815d ago
I love FFxivARR. But I'm an old FFxi vet so it's right up my alley.

@Blastoise - I went looking for that OJ too. Made a major epic journey looking through all the vendors I could find in at least 2 cities surrounding areas.. before I happened upon it, at a vendor in the same zone it was needed. /facepalm
dendenmooshi  +   815d ago
This is my only MMO character that got any closure, and I'm pretty happy about that. My other MMO characters are just waiting around like Woody.

Can't wait until open beta!
shammgod  +   815d ago
They did a fantastic job of reviving this game. Good work bySE and I look forward to the work they will continue to put into the game
Obtoose  +   815d ago
I was in a previous beta up until lvl 20, and . . . I don't know, I can't decide if I like the game or I want to like it. I wasn't blown away, but the story is good so far. I love the combat visuals, but the game still feels a bit grindy. Character creation and backgrounds are great, but the I've yet to see any extra interaction with race, besides a few replaced words in quests.

I don't think I'm shooting for the moon in my expectations here, but I do expect a lot, after ffxi set the bar so high for me personally (well old ffxi, I haven't been able to stand it lately).

I also know the game is in beta (well 2nd reborn beta or whatever), so you can't be mad that it doesn't have as much, or as detailed, content as say other nameless mass mmo's already out. Please don't disappoint! I need an excuse to just play this on my PC and not buy a next gen console!
GabrielKross  +   815d ago
It literally takes less than a day to get to 15 if you do it right then 15-20 can be done in a day or less it's a pretty simple leveling system so talk to people and figure out the quickest ways to level and you'll enjoy it.
Tdmd  +   815d ago
I loved the beta, but more importantly, my girlfriend loved it even more than I did! I've never spent so much time watching her playing a game before - that's usually her role! lol

I found her focus into that game really cute, so if there was ever doubt (nope), now there is none: I'll have to get this on launch.
Toon_Link  +   815d ago
You should marry that one!
Tdmd  +   815d ago
Oh I very much plan to, when the time is right! :)
Toon_Link  +   814d ago
Good for you, my wife also played FFXI with me for years and felt very lucky.

Have some fun playing XIV together.

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