‘Grand Theft Auto V’ Fans Are Obsessed With A Shed

UPROXX - We all saw the gameplay video posted by Rockstar on Tuesday. And it was full of things! Aircraft! Protagonist switching! A control scheme that finally looks like it doesn’t suck wildly! But what’s captured the attention of the Internet is the fact that on top of the giant mountain we saw, there is a shed. And people desperately want to know what’s in that shed.

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just_looken1444d ago

Huh and here i assumed it was no big deal also i guess no one spotted the gt40 in the gameplay video?.

FullmetalAlchemist1444d ago

I saw it lol I love ford gt's, I always drive in the bullet gt in gta4

just_looken1444d ago (Edited 1444d ago )

there a great looking car but i wouldn't get one in real life. I take a challenger and a audi r8(Nissan gtr) either or.

xHeavYx1444d ago

My friend the Corvette Zr1 says hi, lol

steven83r1444d ago

Challenger over Ford GT no way. R8 sure. Skyline maybe, doesn't have great styling but is very powerful. Rather get the new Viper for that kind of money.

Koyes1444d ago

I would get the Nissan GTR, Corvette ZR1 or Dodge Viper ACR. These cars run literal rings around the far more expensive super/hyper cars

stage881444d ago

Looks far too big to be a shed. Look at the city.

just_looken1443d ago

The old viper and corvettes had more interior room sure there fast but were do you put the chicks when your cursing at 100 km/h? tell them to hang on to the roof? lol. atleast the challenger/r8/Nissan have leg room and backseats well the r8 needs more room and a backseat so scratch that car from your carpool list.

Reverent1443d ago (Edited 1443d ago )

Am I the only one who likes old classy cars? I'd take a 1968 Chevelle SS over any of those cars. I don't care about speed, I just want a beautiful car.

Granted, I'm one of those people that perfer to stare than drive. I'm a terrible driver lol.

moparful991443d ago

I'll take a Viper over any car on the face of the planet.. I don't need a bunch of creature comforts or electronic driving aids. Just pure raw American muscle..

Anthotis1443d ago

I bet it's where you find the rocket launcher.

Ipunchbabiesforfun1443d ago

1969 Camaro
1967 Shelby GT 500
1970 Chevelle

Killer cars! Me? I drive a 2013 Chevy Camaro, I love that damn car! Best $30,000+ I've ever spent. :D

Wenis1443d ago


Nah, its where the Jetpack is

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Irishguy951443d ago

Ah guys its the entrance to Area 51, you'll be able to pilot a flying saucer out of the side of the mountain.

Or pilot a Dinosaur out...either way it won't be an empty shack ;)

iamnsuperman1444d ago

Bigfoot. Heard it here folks

MurDocINC1444d ago

It's going to be a "talking Bigfoot" after I hunt down and kill his family. ;-)

iceman061444d ago

Bigfoot...everybody knows that the Bigfoot is indigenous to the North and the Chupacabra...that's really a possibility.

SolidStoner1444d ago

if GTA5 will have hidden big foot, chupacabras and other funny stuff.. with its great engine, diving physics and huge world.. that game will be just a bombshell...

Wagz221443d ago

What about a flyable UFO from area 51 hidden in that shed! That would be awesome haha

just_looken1444d ago

oh not that again might aswell start fresh and say thats the hideout for d.b cooper.

Adityac1443d ago

Wtf, dem disagrees, did you fools even go on the link?

My_Name_BTW_Is_Dante1444d ago

There is no point in them rehashing a Bigfoot joke. Bigfoot was in RDR anyway.

barb_wire1444d ago

Maybe Jason lives there..

mayberry1444d ago

Or Jeff the killer lives there! Scary stuff on lbp2


So many great ideas in this comment session... Kind of makes me wish that shed would be empty, so I can feast on the broken dreams of all of you. :)

KwietStorm1444d ago

I fully expect the whole San Andreas Bigfoot internet hunt tho return in this game. The forums were insanely active trying to find the bastard. It just annoyed me when people were blatantly lying to mess with people's heads.

plaZeHD1443d ago

What about sea monster?

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RmanX10001444d ago

Its Rockstar trying to compete with Infinity Ward's awesome fish AI by making Shed AI.

Gimmemorebubblez1444d ago

It moves away the farther you get from it....

Amazingmrbrock1444d ago

if their doing shed ai I'll be expecting gazebo ai before long. Who doesn't want to be attacked by a gazebo right :)

memots1444d ago

And it's more dynamic only on a certain cloud

Shinox1444d ago (Edited 1444d ago )

Guys .. You wont believe that , The Developers behind Archeage online helps Rockstar on the Underwater Development , Oh my that is AWESOME !!

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jambola1444d ago

a catapult would be nice, or a cannon :D

tanookisuit1444d ago

Dare I ask for... infinite Rocket Launcher?


Saints941444d ago (Edited 1444d ago )

There is a phone in that shed that is always ringing. When you answer the phone you'll get a question asked to you....

Hey cousin! Want to go bowling!?!?

Outsider-G1444d ago (Edited 1444d ago )

Haha :) I do hope Roman is in this game

ThyPizzaGod1444d ago

Lol poor roman, i still take him out and get drunk, good times.