Eiji Aonuma is Fundamentally Changing the Zelda Formula Because He’s Tired of It


Eiji Aonuma has been on the Zelda team since Ocarina of Time. He's practically been running the show since Majora's Mask, even though he is given a bit too much credit for that particular game (it actually wasn't his idea, but that's at topic for another time). The point is, he has overseen most of the Zelda series as we know it to date. With Miyamoto stepping away as lead after Ocarina of Time, Eiji Aonuma has been "the man" for the series for 11, soon to be 12, games in the series.

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wishingW3L1744d ago

he's been saying the same thing since Wind Waker but it still the same....

PopRocks3591744d ago

Isn't Wind Waker the one that has set itself the furthest from the norm in Zelda?

ChickeyCantor1744d ago

It even had stealth mechanics. So yes. Definitely.

Blankolf1743d ago

I loved that game, I am not sure if I get a WiiU, but Wind Waker HD got me pumped for it, but I want to see new things and more marketeering, all I saw is the same Mii's or dummie avatars that Wii has, of course people are confused it looks like the same system with a new tablet controller.

They have to overhaul the OS and the avatar system for people to understand it isn't a Wii Slim or a Wii gimmick... More ads and stuff

Xof1743d ago

Not quite. Majora's Mask breaks the mold to a much greater extent.

Mounce1743d ago

It could be the birth of something dreadful.

Or the birth of something genius and beautiful.

Time will tell.

Qrphe1743d ago

Hopefully it does happen this time around. I haven't really enjoyed post-N64 Zelda games.

PigPen1743d ago

You're very wrong indeed. Zelda: The Wind Waker is different from Twilight Princess. It's not just the look either. You have no idea what you're talking about.

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abzdine1743d ago

Zelda games are very different from each other the way they are played.. I dont see this series changing direction anytime soon. It will almost be blasphemy if they did that cause so many hardcore Zelda fans like myself would feel let down, a bit like Resident Evil.

IQUITN4G1743d ago (Edited 1743d ago )

It will need to change to some degree though I think. The Zelda Template is a very good one and although I would very strongly argue that it's a winning formula every time, I do hunger for something both the same but beyond how that's served up. It's a difficult challenge though

Skyward Sword has restored quite a bit of lost faith it must be said but I'd be even more thrilled by something magically fresh like how Zelda past and Ocarina first felt. Again that's a difficult ask but it's certainly possible given the right approach. Majora's mask was bloody brilliant for example and although I don't think any Zelda game should ever again be quite so demanding in that one sense Majora was, it could certainly take a lot from this amazing game. The interaction thing alone was absolutely captivating

Every Zelda game since Majora has been typically excellent in that Nintendo way but I can imagine a truly incredible Zelda game where it's shoulders above the competition

Right now though I'm just glad they made Skyward Sword more difficult and this should mean the next Zelda game is at least this as well

GenericNameHere1743d ago

Skyward Sword felt nothing special (except playing it with the gold Wiimote), but that doesn't mean it's bad. I just don't think it was as good as reviewers said it was. I'm still in the Wind Waker crowd. Also, the game was hard?? I'm not exactly a hardcore player who can beat Devil May Cry on Hell and Hell with my eyes closed, but nowhere near was Skyward Sword "hard". Even Hero Mode wasn't that hard. Only annoying thing would be is when the Wiimote doesn't exactly follow you, and the enemy gets an easy and cheap hit on you.

IQUITN4G1743d ago (Edited 1743d ago )

I enjoy Bayonetta for it's decently hard climax mode and Skyward Sword certainly wasn't hard in that sense of course. Compared to Twilight and Wind Waker however it was at least more so. You'll notice I didn't actually say SS was a hard game and anyway it doesn't need to be

GenericNameHere1743d ago

You know, I like to think I am in informed gamer who likes to know developers and publishers that create the games, like Bungie created the Halo series, Naughty Dog now has 2 teams, Sony Santa Monica studio making the God of War games and also helping with other Playstation games that might need help, etc. But Nintendo is one I just never seemed to see. Who exactly makes the Zelda games? Is one developer making it? Is all of Nintendo making it? How about Mario? I keep seeing a Team Mario or whatever. Is that an official dev name? Only ones I know of are Gamefreak (who does the Pokémon games), and Hal Laboratories (who does Kirby, Kid Icarus, and Super Smash).

Kennytaur1743d ago

It's different because a lot of "named" studios start out by forming themselves, whereas Nintendo consists of a collection of teams formed by Nintendo under one umbrella. It's a bit like Sonys Studio Japan, but on a greater scale.

Most official names I believe are R&D1 (research and development), R&D2 and so on. Or is that just some of the handheld devs... I don't know if they shift people about according to what's needed or if they have set series of games to work on.

It would be nice with more clarity on the matter. Oh, and there's Retro Studios of Metroid Prime and DKCR fame.

gamer421743d ago

I believe that nintendo doesn't use the name R&D 1, 2, 3 , etc. anymore, but instead uses EAD (entertainment analysis and development) 1,2,3, etc. Each EAD group specializes on certain franchises like group 3 work on only zelda and group 1 work on nintendogs and mario kart. nintendo most recent studio is N.E.R.D (nintendo european research and development), which work in middleware, but their most recent game development studio is Monolith Software, both tokyo and kyoto divisions. The full list of nintendo studios should be found on wikipedia.

d4sholil11743d ago

Maybe this will cause me to get a wii u in the future. Last Zelda game I played was Twilight Princess on the GameCube and it did not keep my attention (did not complete it) as Ocarina of Time, Majora's or Wind Waker did. Hands down, Ocarina of Time is my favorite game next to Metal Gear Solid 1.

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