EB Games Australia announces an exclusive Battlefield 4 LIVE demo this Tuesday 16th July

EB games Australia has announced an exclusive Battlefield 4 LIVE demo this Tuesday 16th July for gamer's living in Sydeny. The event will be hosted at Hoyts Entertainment Quarter at Moore Park. This event is reserved for the media. However, EB has announced they will be giving away 100 tickets. Sign up to be in the chance to win that lucrative ticket.

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Gamers_United1284d ago

Sydney not " Sydeny" lol not bad thought

thelma11mosher1284d ago ShowReplies(3)
B-radical1284d ago

@SanMarco Yeah! The harbor bridge

awi59511284d ago

Oh surprised they didnt ban this game too. All games should be sold online in AU and remove all region trackers like did. Make lazy countries spy on consumers themselves, they use companies to legally spy on us with ip tracking. Make them do it themselves and sue the crap out of them for breech of privacy. stopped tracking on their site so witcher 2 could be sold in the AU uncensored.

3-4-51283d ago

Why does the Aussie Gov hate Games ? It makes no sense, it's not like you guys are some uncivilized back woods country.

I feel bad for Australia and their gaming issues.

HG_691284d ago Show
SanMarco1284d ago

i hope so. so pumped foe bf4 ps4

elhebbo161284d ago

man I was to late to preorder the amazon bundle, guess I have to preorder them separately.

alexmac1283d ago

Where is the source to this? Nowhere can I find EBGames officially announcing this.

yasharr951283d ago

They will email you with a invitation.