Nintendo Power Mario Kart Wii Scans

From Durffen of Wii Live...

"Well, not exactly scans. But it's something. Please excuse the quality of the photo's. The lighting is bad, and the camera is very gimmicky, I have to hook it up to my TV because the screen on the camera won't work. I tried to just get the images from the review of Mario Kart Wii, because trying to read the article with the quality of these photo's would be a joke. Give me a little slack though, I'm doing this for you readers!"

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ChickeyCantor3911d ago

ya know, a Scanner comes cheap these days....>_>

killer_trap3911d ago

yeah......crappy quality. but then again, what where you expecting to see? it's a wii game so it won't much of a looker. also it's mario kart, so expect the fun factor to be sky high. i saw the famitsu review, it got a 37/40 which i think is the highest rated mario kart yet. I'm looking forward to it.

Durffen3911d ago

But I don't have a car, so I can't just go pick one up. And it's not often I can get a ride to somewhere. Try right clicking the image and clicking view image. It comes out bigger, and a little better looking.

thor3910d ago

Does mario kart have proper power sliding? The greatest kart racing game I ever played was crash team racing, played mario kart after that and I was like.. wtf? This is all wrong, requires no skill...

Durffen3910d ago

The power sliding boosts and such have been vastly improved.

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