Killer Instinct and Xbox One Get Booed at EVO 2013

During the Killer Instinct presentation at EVO 2013, the game was met with a pretty negative reception. Following the Injustice: Gods Among Us Finals, Madcatz and Double Helix came out on stage to do a 3-match presentation of the new and upcoming Killer Instinct game for the Xbox One.

And it wasn’t pretty.

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allformats1800d ago (Edited 1800d ago )

That's not a good sign - but I always thought, after viewing Microsoft's presser and learning that Rare wasn't in charge of Killer Instinct development, that the game wouldn't be all that it could. Then we learned that only ONE character, and Jago at that, would be made available free of charge. We must pay for the rest. Smh.

Colzer011800d ago

Because it's not sony! It's one thing to hate MS, but shitt*ng on the DH like that was really childish

Mr_Nuts1800d ago

It's not Sony....are you joking

Are you trying to say every person at EVO that watched that was a "Sony fanboy"....that excuse is becoming a common trend lately. If the Xbox One or Microsoft gathers criticism your automatically a Sony fanboy.


Besides no offence to the developers but they are crap and not worthy of a game like Kill Instinct. MS had all that money why get a bad studio like DH. Look at their track record of games they've made they aren't good.

4logpc1800d ago

@ MR Nuts

Please tell me what looks bad about Killer Instinct on Xbox One.

Colzer011800d ago (Edited 1800d ago )

Because it's exclusive to X1. The game's looks fun as hell, I don't see why Xbone fans will boo'ed this game.

And, booing the game it's on while the devs are trying to promote their game? That's a nice way of showing maturity.

georgeenoob1800d ago (Edited 1800d ago )

Who actually boo's?! Man these Sony fanboys are hateful. Show some respect to Double Helix. I BET if this game was multiplatform there would be not one boo'er.

Black-Helghast1800d ago (Edited 1800d ago )

It was indeed childish but the 'Because it's not sony' excuse is really starting to get on my nerves.

Edit: Georgeenoob, so you're saying that 100% if the people who went to Evo are Sony fanboys? Stop blaming Microsoft's screw up on Sony for f*ck's sake. If anything is responsible for those boo's, its MS and the Xbox One. Still.. as much as I don't like the direction Killer Instinct is headed.. booing at a game is wrong in so many levels. Imagine it was you there showing YOUR game. How would you feel? Knowing that a lot of low life pr*cks who can't even MAKE a game are basically saying your product is crap, to take it off and bring "Marvel" I mean, come on...

M-M1800d ago

"Because it's not sony!"

Really? Welcome to reality, it was booed at because of the bad decisions that Microsoft made and there are still MANY disappointed Xbox fans angry at the Xbox One. A combination of all that pent up anger = the reaction at Evo 2013.

M-M1800d ago


Nothing you say is credible, get off of the site.


Sure the game looks fun to many, but a lot of people don't trust the company developing the game because of their track record. Just because they're Xbox fans? So that means that Xbox fans can't voice their opinion on their platform of choice, the Xbox One? So their weren't Xbox only players angry at the Xbox One, only Sony people? I do agree that the booing was somewhat childish, but that's what happens with all of the negative press.

Enemy1800d ago

When's the last time Double Helix even made a good game? Lol. People getting carried away by Killer Instinct's return only because it's back, and because it runs @ 60fps, like all fighting games do these days. It looks incredibly generic.

HammadTheBeast1800d ago


Funny you should say that, I distinctly remember the crowd getting riled up at the MS E3 conference because the BF4 stream wasn't working.


pompombrum1800d ago (Edited 1800d ago )

I was taking a nap in anticipation for SF4 top 8 so missed it but booing the developers is wrong imho but good for the Evo attendees for booing the Xbox One. Evo attendees are gamers and far too much of the Xbox One news since it's unveiling has been very anti gamer.. calling everyone who hates on the Xbox One as a sony fanboy is far more childish than a bunch of gamers booing a console at a gaming tournament.

Also, I'm fairly certain last year everyone was hatting on the ps all-stars game too.

georgeenoob1800d ago (Edited 1800d ago )


What I said was those that boo'd were the obvious fanboys. Why are you implying that 100% of the people booed?

And a lot of these fanboys hate MS because it's Sony's competitor, not because of their decisions.

admiralvic1800d ago

People booed when the Vita was announced to have AT&T 3G... not like these people are mindless drones that support everything Sony.

solidjun51800d ago (Edited 1800d ago )

"What I said was those that boo'd were the obvious fanboys. Why are you implying that 100% of the people booed?"

No you implied it was from sony fanboys. It's plausible people weren't impressed with the game even if it were a multiplatform game. You're just being a fanboy.

I'm going my final reserve judgment until the final product. I loved KI on the snes. So far, I haven't seen enough to be impressed. That doesn't mean it won't change. Double Helix is not the most reputable game developer, but that doesn't I wouldn't give them a chance.

I mean, Bungie created Oni before Halo. So who knows. This might end up being good.

Pancit_Canton1800d ago (Edited 1800d ago )

If anybody wants to boo this game, its Nintendo fanboys. Killer Instinct started with Nintendo along side with Rare. This game never made it in the Playstation platform. The original Playstation got some of the best AAA fighting games like Tekken, Soul Calibur, Virtual fighters,Street fighter EX and Mortal Combat so they never cared much about this game as much as Nintendo. Killer Instinct was one of best fighting game around back then next to Street Fighter.

Mr_Nuts1800d ago

See I prove my point above

People calling me a Sony fanboy because I don't think DH are a good developer despite their horrible track record which is pure facts.

I just think this KI could of been so much more then what we are getting now.

You call a developer and it's "Your a Sony fanboy" I come out bloody mature about this. I'm not a fanboy of any kind, just an average gamer with common sense

I'm sorry but I can't help it, I loved the original to death and I can't get excited for the new one. Something feels off about it....whats next are they going to outsource Banjo or Conker aswell.

People make such a big deal over fanboys on this site and call people it based on the smallest comments and then complain that a site is full of fanboys when really, at the end of the day your making it seem like it is so you don't have to feel bad about a console/company you liked getting well deserved criticism

Tony-A1800d ago

It's sad to hear these ridiculous conspiracy theories going around on the Xbox camp about how Sony fanboys are behind every negative aspect that comes out of Microsoft.

MS made their own bad choices, much like Sony did when the PS3 launched. Too bad, so sad, get over it.

Hell, I remember Sony fans constantly sh*tting on Nihilistic for completely screwing up two - count'em - TWO major titles on the Vita with no remorse. If you're a fan of games, you'll hate on the bad ones, no matter what console.

ALLWRONG1800d ago Show
AzureskyZ1800d ago

I find it funny that when a xbox games gets booed, people make the assumption that its sony fanboys. I will tell you most tourney people don't play on ps3, players like Daigo who is a famous japanese player plays mostly on 360. Shoryuken tourneys to alot of different fighting game tourneys uses 360---as far as why the game got booed, it might have more to do with the fact that the game is f2f plus transaction model, it maybe limited to just aracade mode, and also double helix is developing it. If marvel vs capcom was developed by nihilistic im pretty sure it would have been booed as well. Personally I thought the game looked pretty good but since ill be making a transition from 360 to ps4 this time around i guess ill miss it.

Blacktric1800d ago

"I don't see why Xbone fans will boo'ed this game."

"Those people were obviously not Xbox One fanboys so they must be PlayStation 4 fanboys."

I love how people like this get to senslessly accuse others for being fanboys of something (because they just can't be different people who believe in different things, they have to be a fanboy of the competition) while showing their own true colors and revealing their typical train of thought in the process.

SilentNegotiator1800d ago (Edited 1800d ago )

Woman! Fetch my tin foil hat!
The PS FANBOIS are at it again!!! This time they've invaded EVO 2013!


Just because an idiotic petition was invaded by trolls, doesn't mean you can pretend like everything that happens out of Xbox's favor is a "PS fanboi!!" conspiracy.

douevenlift1800d ago

They were Marvel fanboys, not Sony fanboys, as they were chanting Marvel you idiots. All fanboys are obnoxious no matter who it is, so it really doesn't surprise me that a bunch of idiots in a crowd decided to boo a game they aren't familiar with, and would rather see a demo of what they've played before, fighting game fans are just obnoxious like that.

Bimkoblerutso1800d ago

Uh...I don't mean to interrupt this obligatory console war BS, but I'm fairly sure that the booing was more the result of the game being demonstrated at a competition-centric fighting game convention, and Killer Instinct:

1. Looks very much like it is catering to a broad, casual audience (see: ridiculous micro-marketing techniques)


2. Was handed off to a development team that has quite literally developed nothing but crap.

wishingW3L1800d ago (Edited 1800d ago )

@Bimkoblerutso most people in the chat (around 60k viewers) were badmouthing the Xbox and most of the booing from the Evo crowd came when they announced the console where the game was running on (Xbox One). There is no way to spin this in any positive way.

Another thing is that the same thing didn't happen when they were showing the new character for Injustice or the new SFIV DLC.

1800d ago
ALLWRONG1800d ago (Edited 1800d ago )

Yeah because there is no possible way a PS fanboy could be at the event. Just like ther is no way a PS fanboy could be here on N4G. Right?

Because something like that would be just so darn unthinkable and PS fanboys would never stoop to that level Right?

indysurfn1800d ago

Seems that everyone is saying it is because it is Microsoft. But, THIS is the ONLY Microsoft game that got boed! So if you think about it, this game may have sucked. Why didn't Microsft know that you show have a game like Marvel for this show? Hello, I'm starting to wonder if Phil really is a Sony insider!

Knushwood Butt1800d ago

Darn those pesky PS fanboys!!

d3nworth11800d ago

It's not cuz it wasnt sony. Its cuz MS tried to force feed consumers their bullsh!t policies, tried taking away the consumers rights and people are still pissed about. Their anger for MS was directed at this game. MS is to blame for the reaction the game got. The game didnt deserve it. From what I saw of the game it looked pretty good. Not enough for me to buy an xbox 1 but still good. You people need to pull your head out your a$$es and realize that MS brought this on themselves.

nosferatuzodd1800d ago

mr nuts take youre tin foil hat off and take a look at Microsoft there in the gutter

ZodTheRipper1800d ago

^It was because of Microsoft and the Xbone.
The crowd was cheering at the ultra combos but booed once "Xbox One" was mentioned by the devs.

DragonPs41800d ago

"Secondly, even worse, the attendees at EVO started chanting “Marvel! Marvel! Marvel!” in the crowd."

why would sony fans chant marvel?

Septic1800d ago

Can we see this video please?

The last video I saw was Killer Instinct bring met with rapturous applause.

just-joe1800d ago

Yeah, they were such Sony fanboys that they even cheered for Smash Bros. yelling "One more year."

Sideras1800d ago

You do realize most beat 'em up players on that level has a 360 and a fighting stick right? Beat em up this gen ran better on the 360.

Well Microsoft shat on rare, so I guess what goes around, comes around.

RedHawkX1800d ago Show
YNWA961800d ago

Jeez the general video gamer population getting more retarded by the day... This could turn out to be a great game, yet we get this crap from, 'gamers'. The last few weeks have been a blight on the gaming world... sure X1 had some features that were not pleasant, or not ready for, ie, always online but the continued reactions of so called gamers is really beginning to drag the industry back to the gutter.. well done retards....try having a life, less time squeezing lizard...

mewhy321800d ago

Well I don't think that booing was needed. If you think that a product is poor quality or you disagree with a company's policies then show that by not purchasing. That's the only thing that gets their attention.

GribbleGrunger1800d ago

I'm not sure they ARE booing at the game. They start booing when he says 'Xbox One'.

Obtoose1800d ago

Oh look, another exclusively MS game developer trying to squeeze every last dollar out of it's players. Mark my words, this will not be the last time we hear of this micro transaction/pay to play mentality coming from devs on that side.

All arguments aside though, and having been addicted to the original KI, this game looks sick! All you haters are so dull. You really just want the old KI with updated graphics? OMG, they redesigned Glacius . . . yeah he looks just as lethal as he used to. So dumb.

grimmweisse1800d ago


When I read the article and title I knew george would be here defending KI to the hilt.

Firstly, stop calling people fanboys when they don't agree with a certain way a franchise is going, regardless of it being on the Xbox One. To imply people at Evo are just console fanboys is a rubbish.

Evo is where the super die hard fighting game fans are, they are extremely passionate about the genre, so for them to boo says something, so stop feeling butt hurt when some people have criticism about your beloved Microsoft.

"Show some respect to Double Helix. I BET if this game was multiplatform there would be not one boo'er."

Really? Respect to Double Helix, the company that destroyed front mission, made shitty titles like Battleship and Green Lantern. Yeah, how about no! They need to prove themselves in a massive way, and to be booed at Evo where fighting games reign supreme is not a good sign, not fanboyism you tit!

MikeyDucati11799d ago

I agree. It was immature. If it was booing would have happened.

JsonHenry1799d ago

You can read through my comments for the last 7 years almost on this site to prove I am NOT a sony fanboy and I can't help but laugh when I read that MS got booed. They deserve to get booed IMO. I hope if nothing else it makes them learn the same lesson that Sony learned this gen and they get their act together. In the end we all win because of it.

noctis_lumia1799d ago

what EVO has to do with sony ?
are u stupid ?

kenshiro1001799d ago (Edited 1799d ago )

I think the game looks good so far but those boos are troubling.

[email protected] blaming Sony fanboys. I'm just cracking up right now.

Scizz1799d ago

Markman said in the commentary, correct me if I'm wrong. "People are asking, what about the playstation version, what about a pc version,, don't worry we are working on that so sit tight" Or something along those lines.

Kryptix1799d ago

If you dislike something from Microsoft, you're automatically a Sony fanboy. I guess that also includes that DRM from back then. lol

On topic, I loved Killer Instinct back in the 90s. That and Mortal Kombat were my main fighting games. I think the reason why this is getting booed is because it's not even made by Rare but developers that have a very mediocre history. Well, that's why I would boo it though. And Mr_Nuts is right, Microsoft had the money to get a better developing team but they treated Killer Instinct like it wasn't going to be popular. Well, we were all excited, till we found out who's developing it.

MysticStrummer1799d ago

I really love the "all Sony fanboys" theory that's going around these days. Apparently the internet is infested with them, they're the only ones who answer polls, and now they've infiltrated EVO.

Specs mean nothing. Polls mean nothing. Pre-orders mean nothing. Live reactions at trade shows mean nothing.


Sony fanboys.

Sono4211799d ago

The game wasn't being booed it was the xbox one...

Dj7FairyTail1799d ago (Edited 1799d ago )

First what does Sony has too with RARE's IPs.

3-4-51799d ago

@Colz - Why would a Sony fanboy be watching a XB1 demonstration.

It was Xbox fans booing and everybody knows it.

They see through the BS too. XB1 fans aren't stupid. They know the dumb BS microsoft is trying to pull, which is why some of us might be buying a Playstation for the first time ever.

kingfetish171799d ago


Either MS brought those boos upon themselves or majority of the fighting game fans at EVO were too young to experience the old school KI's back in the 90's. They're all spoiled by Capcom, Namco, & NetherRealm fighting games now.

BLAKHOODe1799d ago

I actually know a few HARDCORE "Xbox Fanboys" who are jumping ship to Sony after what Microsoft has done promoting the Xbox One. So, the fanboy excuse doesn't hold water.

Sony did a good job pushing the PS4, while Microsoft failed at pushing the Xbox One. It is what it is.

N4Flamers1799d ago

The fans started booing when he said exclusive to xbox one. It could be anyone that thinks the game should be on other systems. Bayonetta got similar heat for going exclusive and that was just from fans of the series. I agree that it was immature to boo, just like it's immature to blame sony fans when everyone attends evo. Most people play on the 360

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Sitdown1800d ago

Most of the original Rare team is gone, so even if Rare made it.... The same still could be said. Would you rather pay full retail for all the characters of a lesser amount to get just the characters you want to play with?........Guess what, you get both options. But of course is easier to just complain rather than do research.

lastofgen1800d ago

f2p games don't usually mean that you're actually getting the full game with everything in it. These games tend to come as playable games with a limited selection of things to use and that's exactly what killer instinct is.
You couldn't possibly have expected that we would be getting a full game in which the developers have place numerous amounts of work into to make for completely free, right?

admiralvic1800d ago

It really depends on the model, but even then it looks poor next to say Tekken Revolution.

Some models give you the full game, but ask you to pay to play longer than a finite or regulated amount of time.
Other models make everything WAY too time consuming for the average person to bother with, so they in turn just pay their way to greatness.
There are also some models (like this one) where F2P is something of a second class citizen that is pretty much expected to pay to have any sort of worthwhile experience.

They could have done a better job and when you look at games like Tekken Revolution, it becomes evident.

Kanzes1800d ago (Edited 1800d ago )

It's better like that. I just have to buy 1-3 character that suited to me. Maybe that will cost me around $10-$15 dollars... At least we got an options.

But I'm pretty sure there will be a full pack that contains all characters in game later.

colonel1791800d ago

Double Helix should announce more characters and features for the game. Relying on Sabrewulf and Glacius won't help them. I think this story exaggerated, although I haven't seen the video or the stream.

I don't understand why they always want to reveal the characters that everyone is know will be in the games one by one and taking forever. Just announce the game, and if there is going to be new characters, then those can be revealed slowly.

dark-hollow1800d ago

It comes as no surprise. Some of the EVO community are freaking immature man-children.

Veneno1800d ago (Edited 1800d ago )

While you are correct in that the fighting game community isn't exactly as cultured as art museum crowd, we are sometimes misunderstood. I can't think of another gaming community that is as honest, stands its ground, and is as grassroots. There is no blind loyalty. We like something or we don't. I guarantee you if Killer Insinct Next was something truly outstanding then the fighting game community would give it the props it deserves. But unfortunately the game combined with the platform it's on just isn't enough for the community to put its faith in.

All you have to do is look at Capcom. The community loves SF4 and MvC3, but holy damn do most despise SF x Tekken and everything craptastic Capcom did with it.

StoutBEER1800d ago

Bullshit. The game looks awesome ive come to realize this site is full of Xbox haters now. Say what you will about the console but i saw the footage of KI, and it looks awesome. How about news instead of constant hate. So many great looking games but so few articles on them. Makes me sick.

BABYLEG1800d ago

You're so right. I come ready to smh at the hate in the comment section. What have is there where you can do a 64 hit combo?

johndoe112111800d ago (Edited 1800d ago )

Do you know why this site is filled with xbox haters??? It's because most of the gaming community has turned against the xbox due to microsoft's own stupidity. You people seem to think that everyone that hate's on the xbox is a sony fanboy, well think again. Gamers in general have turned against the xbox and are lashing out against it. Microsoft has no one but themselves to blame. Open your bloody eyes, why the hell do you think the ps4 is outselling the xbox so drastically is it because only ps fanboys are buying it? Use your bloody head and think for once and stop being blinded by your own fanboyism.

1800d ago
princejb1341800d ago (Edited 1800d ago )

I don't hate Xbox or ms but in my opinion killer instinct looks like garbage
I'm not very good infighting games but any fighting game where you can get caught in very long combos is garbage in my eye. It gives many people a disadvantage if their not pros at these fighting games.

dredgewalker1800d ago

If you guys are accusing Sony fans that they are taking over the internet then you'd seriously have to ask how many have switched to Sony if MS fans are now in the minority? I don't hate the Xbox, I hate what MS is doing with their console along with how they treat their customers.

MWong1800d ago (Edited 1800d ago )

@ princejb134

I gotta agree with you, I am not that into fighting games and I am not a loyalist to eith Sony or M$ by any means. In my opinion the game looks like they just upgraded the graphics of the original KI and said here you go.

I watched the E3 footage and when it was on Jimmy Fallon and I wasn't impressed.