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Double Helix Teases Chief Thunder for Killer Instinct

During the EVO 2013 stage demonstration the fan favorite character Chief Thunder was teased at the end of the trailer when you see a tomahawk flying across the screen and sticking into a tree... (Killer Instinct, Xbox One)

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majiebeast  +   817d ago
I know 1 thing if i ever hear combo breaker again it would be too soon. Who's moronic idea was it to have the announcer shout combo breaker every damn time.
Kanzes  +   817d ago
The announcer's voice is one of the best thing on this game
majiebeast  +   817d ago
Have you seen that exhibition fight match at EVO in 10 minutes i heard combo breaker atleast 100 times. Too much of a good thing can get boring and annoying fast.
Stryfeno2  +   817d ago
So for SF4 you hear Hadouken 100 times, Marvel vs Capcom 3 you hear footdive 100 times, and so on. I guess you are tired of those too, right?
Fireseed  +   817d ago
A Killer Instinct games that's loud and over the top? Yeah that really is problematic....
dark-hollow  +   817d ago
What the difference between hearing this and "ugh AHHH OGH UGHH YEEEYAH!" groans that every fighting character makes?
GurlPleaseBye  +   816d ago
chiiiilllld, silence yourself. You complain about repetitive sound effects in a fighting game? You sound silly. You kids complain about the dumbest things I kid you not
4logpc  +   817d ago
The theme of this games is so damn good. It sounds so freaking epic.
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likeaboss302  +   817d ago
This game is shaping up very well. Even the PS4 guys can't deny it. Double Helix is going all out to try to prove everyone wrong. Only time will tell. Now lets actually see Thunder!!!
Daver  +   817d ago
This is my favorite combat franchise and I am not that impress it dosnt look like KI, the more I see tho even if its not KI in all its glory it interests me a bit more every time I see a new video. To me it looks like more of a showcase for xbox 1 to fit the more particles possible in the frame. The ice look is horrible. Anyway, I hope its going to be a great game like the first one.
HammadTheBeast  +   817d ago
Ahh good times with Killer Instinct. One of my favorite fighters, right up there with Tekken, Soul Calibur, and King of Fighters.
BigPappa69  +   817d ago
But for God sakes why not SHOW US THE CHARACTER!?!?!?! July is going to fly by. & Hands off the product for the developers will be sometime in september, 2 months before it's release date for manufacturing. I honestly was seriously debating by just getting the xbox one for this game and titan fall. But u know what considering theres TOO MANY hints that both of these titles will be appearing on PS4 later next year I'm contemplating on just waiting it out. THE BEST THING for anyone to do is just to wait out these consoles until sometime later next year or the year after. Better games will be produced/ prices will go down, and a better understanding of which console has done a way better job for the consumer. Seriously everyone, Wait it out. Save the coin, go all out and rock out with your God damn Cocks out!
Sitdown  +   817d ago
"I honestly was seriously debating by just getting the xbox one for this game and titan fall. But u know what considering theres TOO MANY hints that both of these titles will be appearing on PS4 later next year I'm contemplating on just waiting it out."

Did you also hear that God of War, Uncharted, and Infamous are headed to the xbox one. Got to love uninformed rants based off rumors.
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True_Samurai  +   817d ago
Hey dumba$$ you do know Microsoft owns the rights to KI right? As for TitanFall far as I know it's Microsoft brand exclusive. So while you wait to play I'll be enjoying ;-)
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Belking  +   817d ago
Killer Instinct on the ps4? Sure, in your mind. Anything's possible there. You can even fly like peter pan if you want....lol
Ausbo  +   817d ago
There is no need for manufacturing. This game is a f2p download game.
BigPappa69  +   817d ago
Please give me a bubble My N4G Fellow babies!
True_Samurai  +   817d ago
Where's my n4G pal that asked for Chief Thunder. Well your wish came true :-)
Sitdown  +   817d ago
Wonder if TJ Combo is next. Is there a method to how they are revealing characters?
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Fireseed  +   817d ago
They said they alternating them. Basically Glacius was revealed last time and now at EVO he was playable. So next time Chief Thunder will be playable and they'll reveal a new character. Closest expo to reveal it again would be GamesCom.
BigPappa69  +   817d ago
Hahahahahaha, what the hell are you talking about? Glad to know your the only closed minded jackass on the site. To actually believe that titanfall won't come to ps4 is a serious "Let your guard down" on your part for striking me first. How many links do you want me to show u of the devs leaving options on the table of specifically bringing titan fall to ps4?
Sitdown  +   817d ago
Everybody knows the potential of Titanfall coming to the ps4, duh.....but you said both, so post the links for Killer Instinct......notice that the three titles I posted are Sony exclusives, which parallel KI which is owned by Microsoft. 3 Bubbles and you are out....please play again later.
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Wackaflocka2013  +   817d ago
What was the character with the sword name. He looked like Conan.
kingdip90  +   817d ago
The skeleton that's cheif thunders brother? .... bit thin for conan lol ;)
Daver  +   817d ago

No, not spinal. There was another character in Killer Instinct gold which looks similar to conan.

I Hope Raptor and Fulgore are coming back. Especially Raptor.
theWB27  +   817d ago
His name was Tusk

Spinal was the skeleton on both KI's...Tusk was from Killer Instinct Gold.
kingdip90  +   817d ago
Yeah I know, I was trying to be funny lol. I barely remember tusk at all I had a lot less fun on ki gold for the 64 then I ever did on the snes original
Daver  +   817d ago
Yea Tusk, I didnt remember the name. I agree KI gold was not as good and new characters sucked like Tusk and Maya
Supermax  +   817d ago
Actually killer instinct will be playable at comic con on Thursday to the public runnin on x1s.im expecting chief thunder to be there.
Belking  +   817d ago
Killer Instinct
day one

True_Samurai  +   817d ago
Sounds good to me
fenixm  +   817d ago
Glad Thunder Chief is back.
Dunpeal  +   817d ago
call me when they reveal Orchid :)
maniacmayhem  +   817d ago
Wait...supposedly the crowd booed this game?

I'm so confused...


Yea I know, it was a comment at the over reaction of articles. What is sad is this article will probably get buried while the one about the game getting booed will reach super nova heat with over 300 comments on this site.
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likeaboss302  +   817d ago
Not really the game but that they wanted to see the Marvel finals. Double Helix doing what basically was a 30 minute commercial before the finals probably wasn't a great idea.
MELMAN26  +   817d ago
The people that were boo'ing were booing because the said "exclusively on xbox1, I was watching it.

Its sad but true!
thetruthx1  +   817d ago
I can't stop watching the gameplay video of Glacius he's badass
biRdy  +   817d ago
Excited with what they do with Fulgore's character design.
The_Truth_24_7  +   817d ago
Bring back Cinder.
thetruthx1  +   817d ago
Like times 20
LAWSON72  +   816d ago
For x amount of dollars, I really hate how developers dont understand one of the great things about gaming is earning/unlocking content not buying it
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