Double Helix Teases Chief Thunder for Killer Instinct

During the EVO 2013 stage demonstration the fan favorite character Chief Thunder was teased at the end of the trailer when you see a tomahawk flying across the screen and sticking into a tree...

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majiebeast1776d ago

I know 1 thing if i ever hear combo breaker again it would be too soon. Who's moronic idea was it to have the announcer shout combo breaker every damn time.

Kanzes1776d ago

The announcer's voice is one of the best thing on this game

majiebeast1776d ago

Have you seen that exhibition fight match at EVO in 10 minutes i heard combo breaker atleast 100 times. Too much of a good thing can get boring and annoying fast.

Stryfeno21776d ago

So for SF4 you hear Hadouken 100 times, Marvel vs Capcom 3 you hear footdive 100 times, and so on. I guess you are tired of those too, right?

Fireseed1776d ago

A Killer Instinct games that's loud and over the top? Yeah that really is problematic....

dark-hollow1776d ago

What the difference between hearing this and "ugh AHHH OGH UGHH YEEEYAH!" groans that every fighting character makes?

GurlPleaseBye1775d ago

chiiiilllld, silence yourself. You complain about repetitive sound effects in a fighting game? You sound silly. You kids complain about the dumbest things I kid you not

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4logpc1776d ago (Edited 1776d ago )

The theme of this games is so damn good. It sounds so freaking epic.

likeaboss3021776d ago

This game is shaping up very well. Even the PS4 guys can't deny it. Double Helix is going all out to try to prove everyone wrong. Only time will tell. Now lets actually see Thunder!!!

Daver1775d ago

This is my favorite combat franchise and I am not that impress it dosnt look like KI, the more I see tho even if its not KI in all its glory it interests me a bit more every time I see a new video. To me it looks like more of a showcase for xbox 1 to fit the more particles possible in the frame. The ice look is horrible. Anyway, I hope its going to be a great game like the first one.

HammadTheBeast1776d ago

Ahh good times with Killer Instinct. One of my favorite fighters, right up there with Tekken, Soul Calibur, and King of Fighters.

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The story is too old to be commented.