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JunioRS1011801d ago

This game looks better than Driveclub IMO.

And I'm even getting driveclub free at launch lol.

I think people mistake driveclub for being a major card play for sony just because it's a launch title, but what people neglect is that most of the transition titles that come out this year are going to be weak, because why would sony invest heavily into a game that was being developed by people who haven't had the hardware very long (relatively speaking). Games that come out NEXT year are going to be a lot more promising I'm pretty sure.

Walker1801d ago

"This game looks better than Driveclub IMO. "
and DriveClub looks way better than Forza 5 !

CaptainPunch1801d ago (Edited 1801d ago )

What do any of those games have to do with NFS Rivals?

JunioRS1011801d ago

I'd say gaphically the racing games are

forza>nfs>driveclub> the crew

I just think the Forza devs are better than the Driveclub devs, so much so that they compensated for the xbox one's inferior hardware.

i mean after all, it's forza FIVE, driveclub is the first one for those devs probably. haven't been around the block yet

theWB271801d ago

Stop fooling yourself with that last comment. You should probably look up how many people say it wasn't anything special to look at. BUT, this build they're showing claims to only be 35% percent done. As of now though, Forza is leaps ahead.

The Driveclub devs are the same that made Motorstorm, so they've been around the block.

DJMarty1801d ago (Edited 1801d ago )

JunioRS101 - Driveclub devs have put ther input into creating the PS4 hardware. Sony devs will have had PS4 devkits longer than others.

insertnamehurr1801d ago

"This game looks better than Driveclub IMO.
And I'm even getting driveclub free at launch lol."

Youre not really getting a ps4 you wannabe ps4 gamer, thats hilarious cause a few ppl who commented on this website have played both driveclub and forza 5 at the E3 last month and they all said driveclub was better looking in every way. You didnt have to pretend to like the ps4 or even buying it to make an awful comment about its games.

JunioRS1011801d ago

Well you're definitely right, because I already have a PS4 BF4 PS+ launch bundle pre ordered from amazon.

Sorry I'm such a poser :(

DeadlyFire1800d ago

Considering developers only utilized kits with 4 GB of RAM up until February I have to agree games will look better in 2014 and more so later as well. Consoles feature graphical evolution with software breaking down new ways to code things on closed hardware setups on consoles to efficiently utilize the hardware beyond its normal capacity.

PS3 games releasing in 2013 for example. Look way beyond what some expected them to look like.

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ironfist921801d ago

Wake me up when Underground 3 is announced

CaptainPunch1801d ago

Or a true sequel to Most Wanted, the one that came out in 2005.

brich2331801d ago

I hope u guys know that Driveclub will only be Cockpit view.

nirwanda1801d ago

Most of the people playing at E3 used the external view, take a look on youtube.

flappersack1801d ago

I'm liking how next gen is shaping up for racers:

Forza 5
NFS Rivals
The Crew

ironfist921801d ago

I find the Crew to be the more ambitious, unique and intriguing of the lot due to its customisation, open world gameplay and coop experience, and that it isnt just a racer

insertnamehurr1801d ago

Heres a better gameplay video you can watch of driveclub in 1080p, this game looks graphically detailed.

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