Super Smash Bros. Melee EVO Stream Breaks Viewership Records

The EVO stream for Super Smash Bros. Melee has not only broken records for EVO, it is now the most watched fighting game in history.

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-Mika-1746d ago

Wow and I don't mean that in a good way. It not even a serious fighting game and it was the most watch. Are you serious.

Snookies121746d ago (Edited 1746d ago )

A LOT of people take Smash Bros. very seriously. Don't know why it doesn't qualify as a serious one to you. I'd consider it one, this coming from a huge fighting game aficionado.

-Mika-1746d ago (Edited 1746d ago )

It doesn't matter if they take it seriously. It not a serious fighting game. These people are trying to make it into something it not. That what I don't like about this situation. It just doesn't belong at evo.

Smash is not in the same league as street fighter,umvc3,persona arena, kof13 and tekken tag 2. Those games require skill and it shows. I was just watching the smash stream and it honestly didn't look like it require much skill. It just didn't belong there.

cpayne931746d ago

@Mika I went to a smash bros melee tournament recently, and let me tell you, you have absolutely no idea what you're talking about. I've been playing the series consistently since the first one, and some of the skill I saw at that tournament blew me away. I saw tricks done that I had never even thought of, and the guy who won was so far above my level I could barely touch him. The way some people at that tournament played was incredible.

Smash bros is easy to learn, but difficult to master. It is a serious fighting game.

animegamingnerd1746d ago

i take it 10000000% more seriously then your comments

exfatal1746d ago

lol nice. Beat me to the comment.
But in all seriousness Mika stop being a stupid.. smash bro's is as much of a fighting game as you are a troll soon to have its bubble count disappear

Starbucks_Fan1746d ago

Mika: derp derp derp derp derpity derp

zeal0us1746d ago

It must be serious enough for EVO to add it to the lineup.

First time ever seeing someone throw a hissy fit over something that has little effect on their life.

exfatal1746d ago

really your first time? havent you seen Mika's other comments? lol

On topic though, greatly enjoyed this years evo. Really wanted jiggly or IC to win though, hate them damn space animals :(

JasonXE1746d ago

But UMVC3 is broken as hell. You think UMVC3 is a legit fighter but Smash isn't?

Lol, ok.

Dannycr1746d ago

I dare you to play with a pro smash player and say the same thing. You clearly don't know what you are talking about.

Pro players always make everything look easy. People who really know how hard it is to pull something off, are the ones who understands the game better. Otherwise, they end up saying exactly the same thing you just said.

PraxxtorCruel1746d ago

Nobody talks bad about our beloved Smash Bros, nobody!!!!

M-M1746d ago

Lmao Mika going full force.

Lionalliance1746d ago

I'm sorry, but you're pathetic : /

Gamesgbkiller1746d ago

Now I know why always your comments are disliked :\

Smashbro291746d ago

If it doesn't require skill why don't you show up to evo and win that big pot of money?

TriforceLightning1746d ago

This level of trolling is god-tier.

king_george1746d ago

ummmmm.... pretty sure smash bros is one of the top fighting games in like...well ever. what are you talking about mika?

TXIDarkAvenger1746d ago

Not even a serious fighting game? LOL

As a smash fan and someone who plays competitive, I am literally speechless.

akaihana86plus1746d ago

You "seriously" need to get some preparation H Mika, that behind might be burning like hell, right?, " a serious fighting game ", Lmao, no fighting game is supposed to be serious you silly head!.

Now, on topic, bravo to Nintendo, this really shows how Smash has tons of people who care about the franchise :)

jcnba281745d ago (Edited 1745d ago )

Wow, the jealousy is strong in this one lol

TheGameTagerZ1745d ago

Pick up the controller then and show these guys that this is not a real fighting game. Show them that anyone can pick up the controller and beat them.

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Lionalliance1746d ago

And Nintendo wanted to banned Smash all together lol

exfatal1746d ago

I know good thing they went back and changed there decision. or we woulda missed some great matches.

diepdiep1746d ago

Hopefully this kind of achievement would convince Nintendo that there should be some changes in their legal policies.

just-joe1746d ago

I guess Nintendo's plan worked all along. Just kidding, though I'm sure them wanting to ban it had something to do with it.

r211746d ago

Sounds like a conspiracy that could be true though. Pretend to cancel, get people's attention, uncancel, more promotion for upcoming game O_o

Trago13371746d ago

I think the highest it went was about 128k viewers. Really impressive for a game that's 12 years old. Shows how well it holds up.

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