Why Pokemon Would Be Horrific In Real Life.

VideoGamesUncovered writes: "With the release of Pokémon X & Y just around the corner, I thought it would be a good idea to remind everyone to thank their lucky stars that pokémon aren't real. I know, I know, when you first think about having a pokémon of your own it sounds amazing, but trust me, it would be a very swift end to the world and here’s why:"

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pedrof931778d ago

If one day we manage to put animals in spherical cases. And train them to fight. Well...

Heisenburger1777d ago

...And then magically transform them into dragons...

MajorLazer1777d ago

This article is a really good read. I suggest those who haven't, please do

Dagobert1777d ago

Where they rape human beings and a new hybrid race of dragons are born.

Trunkz Jr1777d ago

Read that if you want to see what PKMN be like if they actually started killing people, etc.

MajorLazer1777d ago

Thank you for the link. Reading it now and it's amazing

CaptainYesterday1778d ago

It would be so scary but at the same time it would be amazing to have real Pokemon..

MajorLazer1777d ago

The NSPCA would go mental :L

BlazeXXL1777d ago (Edited 1777d ago )

Hehe, funny... I discuss this hypothetical topic with my friends way too much..

It would, in my opinion, be horrific. The Pokemon Universe is perfect. Perfect because the worst criminals are organised crime gangs such as Team Rocket, who only want to catch/steal certain pokemon and always fail in doing so. And perfect because there are no idiots or really bad people.

In real life, some real fucked up shit is going down almost every day. Humans always seek the limit of things socially accepted and politically correct. If Pokemon were added to our world, my god, imagine what kind of fucked up shit would happen.

People trying to have sex with mankeys, ratata's getting microwaved, people feeding their pokemon alcohol or drugs, and to make it even worse, it would all be filmed and uploaded to the internet... Oh and I haven't even mentioned the insane amount burn victims all over the world because of fire types...

No FanS Land1777d ago

too funny too read! But you're quite spot on!

exfatal1777d ago

The opponents meowth fainted.
trainer: good battle meowth u did well... retu..
Me: Scyther finish it off!!!

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