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PC Gaming Is So Dead That 63% Of American Gamers Game on PC, Beating Smartphones and Handhelds

A newly released study indicates that PC gaming isn't nearly as dead as many believe. (Culture, PC)

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NYC_Gamer  +   866d ago | Well said
PC gaming is apart of western culture and always will live
zeal0us  +   866d ago | Well said
It's part of Eastern culture as well. Just look at where some MMOs come from. South Korea, China, Japan
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Aery  +   866d ago | Well said
I play everything on every platform.

Nice for me and nice for everybody who enjoy the games.
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Abriael  +   866d ago
@Aery: Amen.
Winter47th  +   866d ago
I play Battlefield 3 on my PC & PS3. Diversity is good.
miyamoto  +   866d ago
I love my PC (typing on it right now)

I use and play on my PC everyday specially Console Emulators!

from NES to PS2

So yeah I am a certified PC gamer and no way PC gaming will be dead.
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starchild  +   866d ago
Totally agree with the sentiment, Aery.

I can't own every platform due to time and budget limitations, but I do game on the PC, PS3, 360 and soon a Vita.

I also plan to get a PS4 when it releases. Maybe an Xbox One down the line. And of course continue gaming on my PC. It's all about the gaming.
kreate  +   865d ago
Its becuz u can download games for free.
HammadTheBeast  +   865d ago
LoL has more players than the number of all current generation console sales combined.
zeal0us  +   865d ago
So LoL has over a estimate of 251 million players?

LoL has over 30million register accounts and over 11 million players playing each month.

While I will admit LoL is a huge and well known game however it does not have more players than all current gen consoles sales combined.
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shoddy  +   865d ago
I only care about great games not what I play it on.
pixelsword  +   865d ago
Good to hear; I'm on the fence about upgrading my PC instead of going to another console this time around because of all of the pay to play, but we'll wait and see if the two more powerful consoles will relinquish on their insanity before their console comes out.
slayorofgods  +   865d ago
The idea that pc's are dying off / going to die off soon due to tablet devices and handhelds has been one of the biggest miscalculations by a lot of companies.

Sure the times are changing with these new devices and (yawn) cloud gaming, but look at the specs of a current pc and what exactly it can do (for a much cheaper price than the olden days).
Zuperman  +   865d ago
I bet this study was taken on INTERNET GAMING, not on actual GAMING PC.

Just about everybody has a computer at home, but honestly I don't know anybody that would drop a few thousand of dollars on a gaming PC.
douevenlift  +   865d ago
It depends on what you define as "gaming" as this can mean people playing solitaire on their PC at work, or Farmville on Facebook.
awi5951  +   865d ago
Well since you can get a ati 7850 2gb for 150 now you can make a gamng pc pretty cheap now. I tested one before i sold it even with my old slow 6 core cpu it ran Bf3 on high at 60 fps a 1080p. 300 dollars for to of these cards in crossfire would be beastly a very cheap upgrade for someone.
ravinash  +   865d ago
PC sales has been going down because of the sale of tablets....But thats for using things like checking your email and browsing the internet from your sofa.
While you can game on your tablet, it's just not the same as gaming on a PC, so for people who consider them selves gamers will always go for a PC over a tablet because it's such a richer expereance.
Tablets are great for casual games, but thats about it.
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1Victor  +   865d ago
Hey how about north and south I'm sure they play as well, shame on you
joe90  +   866d ago
I mainly game on the PC. some PS3 and Wii, never played a game on my phone or tablet though.
sourav93  +   865d ago
My main platform is my ps3, as I started gaming with consoles, and that my PC isn't of the highest end spectrum. Though I still play quite a few games on PC, and I LOVE Steam sales! Just got me The Witcher 2 for £3.74! Phone/tablet? Only when I'm on the crapper.
Anthotis  +   866d ago
I like my PC, and i'm glad that things are doing well as far as PC gaming goes.
Drekken  +   865d ago
I've been doing most of my gaming on my PC lately. The PS3 is just so slow compared to PC and as of late is it really showing. I'm so ready for next gen.
GamingTruth  +   865d ago
and pc has yet to run any ps3 exclusives so so much for pc power so til pc can run any ps3 exclusives better than ps3 its not "showing" anything
oof46  +   865d ago
@GamingTruth: Your comment is so wrong that it hurts my head.
ALLWRONG  +   865d ago
.............^^^ remove that
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Nafon  +   865d ago
Same with me, except 360 instead of PS3. I leave my xbox in a duffel bag for when i play with friends. Battlefield and Halo nights with a bunch of friends and TVs in the same room are the only things keeping me from putting the xbox in a.. box lol... that and GTA V! extremely excited for that!
hakesterman  +   865d ago
Yeah the poll includes pc gamers that play cards like Solitaire, tile games, Yahtzee, Chess and what not. If you counted just hard core games like Doom,COD,Bioshock, Need for speed and those type of games i bet PC gaming only counts for 15 percent or less of the market. Most Retail computers can't play much except real basic games.
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jairusmonillas  +   865d ago
Are you still living in 2003?
decrypt  +   865d ago
Retail computers now come equipped with HD 3000, HD 4000 GPUs integrated on the CPU. Those GPUs can easily do graphics that rival current consoles so...
blackmagic  +   865d ago
And it includes people that play wii sports on their kids nintendo during family get togethers. What's your point?
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sourav93  +   865d ago
Retail PCs, if with an Intel HD video card, can run games such as Battlefield 3, Skyrim, CoD, GTA IV, etc, albeit at the lowest settings, but still at a playable framerate. And with the new generation of Intel CPUs, comes the Intel HD 5000 range, which have increased graphics capabilities. AMD offers their integrated solutions which can be crossfired with a dedicated card (laptop) and they run games just fine. So please, for the sake of humanity, stop talking out of your ass.
Nafon  +   865d ago
Lol at your list of "hard core games"
aquamala  +   865d ago
just look at EA's financial statement, here's their revenue the last 4 quarters by platform, in millions

X360: 292 204 277 379
PS3: 267 150 289 404
PC: 276 214 186 252

see how EA actually made more revenue on PC than PS3 in 2 of the last 4 quarters?

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Ilwrath  +   865d ago
brb... Doom tourney this week.
starchild  +   865d ago
Nope. Do you think a game centered organization like ESA wants to know about people playing free little solitaire games on their email PCs?

No, they polled gamers to ask them what platforms they game on. I doubt a gamer is going to say they game on the PC if all they do is play is solitaire and minesweeper.

The PC alone generated 20 billion in 2012. That's far more than any single console.
Donnieboi  +   865d ago
Not trying to diss PC's, but I wonder what percentage of these so-called "gamers" on PC are playing ACTUAL HARDCORE games. I mean, not including facebook, google games, free-to-play browser games.

I want to know what percent are playing hardcore games. Or even disc games (not to exclude digital though), steam, have real gaming rigs, etc.

Let's not inflate numbers here. I would like a closer approximation that doesn't take into account the vast majority of casual puzzle game players and those playing f2p games solely to kill time. How many people are actually BUYING games.
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bangshi  +   865d ago
Yeah this will mostly be playing Farmville on Facebook.
ALLWRONG  +   865d ago
Console is more casual
sourav93  +   865d ago
Well, it this current day and age, you don't need to have "real gaming rigs" to actually enjoy hardcore games. My dell inspiron laptop easily maxed out Skyrim at around 45-60fps, and at 30fps with graphics mods on. I can run games like Alan Wake, BF3, Far Cry 3, Crysis 1/2/3, Batman, The Witcher 2, etc, all at decent settings at a playable framerate. So there are quite a few "non-gaming PC" owners out there who play hardcore games on their PC.

About the question of people actually buying games, the real hardcore ones buy it instantly, and since the games are cheaper than their console counterparts, that's no problem. Others wait for them to go on sale e.g. Steam Summer Sale that's going on now. Bioshock Infinite was only £17 (70% discount). I bought the Witcher 2 for less than £4. So that's no problem either.
Yes there are some people who pirate their games, but nowadays with the amounts of restrictions on games to control piracy, it's almost not worth the 20GB torrent download.
Nafon  +   865d ago
Well, when comparing PC gaming to smartphone and tablet gaming, it's pretty safe to include those types of games lol. If you were only going to compare console and PC, then the numbers would be inflated on the pc side, since people don't play facebook games and solitaire on consoles.
RedHawkX  +   865d ago
then why do consoles still get more sales for games? look at gta, cod, mario etc these games destroy pc's in sells guess pc gamers arent buying games.
Testfire  +   865d ago
Look at Donnieboi's comment above. N4G PC elites like to think that the vast majority of PC gaming sales is from the hardcore gaming crowd. It's not, it's the total opposite. The vast majority of gaming sales comes from the PC gaming casual market like POGO, Facebook, Big Fish, etc. I'm not dissing it because I too play casual PC games, heck I have a steam account and a bunch of casual games on it. Don't let the PC elitists make you think different, they're too delusional and the worst of the worst fanboys (no, fanboys not all equally bad, PC elitists are the worst.)
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oof46  +   865d ago
We'll never be able to make a fair comparison because Steam, Origin and other online distributors do not make their financials public.
GDDR6_2014  +   865d ago
This is just so wrong, EA makes more money on PC than ps3 or x360 in q2 2013

Diablo 3 sold 12 million copies, only games that sold more than that on consoles are CODs

WoW has 8 million subscribers, paying Blizzard every month

Companies don't release digital sales figures but you can look at the financial reports . Easily 10-30% of game companies revenue are from PC, sure not as much as consoles but the difference is not as much as you claim
ssj27  +   865d ago
so now facebook games do count has gaming on a PC? lol :p
"don't hate the player hate the game"
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ninavoljic  +   865d ago
PC games will continue to thrive thanks to steam, dota, dota 2, LOL, minecraft and yes, you can also include Diablo 3 there.
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Heartnet  +   865d ago
I could say i constantly play on PC but i could also be meaning i pirate everything on PC...

Thats why they say its dying as the profit you get on a PC versus other platforms is huge.
starchild  +   865d ago
Bzz wrong!

The PC alone generated 20 billion dollars in 2012, which is more than any single console.

To put that in perspective, the entire gaming industry in 2013 is worth 80 billion, and that includes consoles, PCs, tablets, handhelds, phones and any other gaming device.

Also, the following pie chart shows that the PC generated 30% of the total gaming revenue in the US (and that is excluding casual game portals and social network games), while all consoles and handhelds combine generated only 43%.

This means that the revenue generated by the PC far outstrips any single console and begins to approach the combined revenue for all consoles.
Heartnet  +   863d ago

"any single console"

Yes but there a 3 consoles for you to release a game on therefor trebling ur profit
Pope_Kaz_Hirai_II  +   865d ago
Dead my ass.
The_Infected  +   865d ago
It not that PC gaming is bad at all it's just the PC Elitis always bragging and putting down consoles when talking about graphics.
Doctor_Freeman  +   865d ago
I think Steam had a major role in helping PC stay alive. Some of the best deals in gaming can be had on PC/Steam RIGHT NOW.

Summer Sale is the shiz.
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sorane  +   865d ago

Actually you're wrong. LoL has over 32 million different accounts a month(with over 70 million accounts registered) and over 11 million play a day. They just had over 5 million players on at once. They play over 1 billion hours a month. To put that in perspective Halo has only been played 2 billion hours since 2004.

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MazzingerZ  +   865d ago
Never gamed on PC more than Another World, Monkey Island and a couple more...discovered the convinence of consoles since PONG, Coleco, etc. and never needed more, lots of great games there...recall having a blast with the mattels fotboll, baseball, etc as well but handhelds felt always a downgraded experience until PSV showed up, good ther are options but at my age it's easier to justify gaming on TV than in front of a PC just because one alreasdy sits enough in front of PC for other daily stuff...just my personal case
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darkziosj  +   865d ago
but how much of them actually buy the games?
ChrisW  +   865d ago
"Steam Summer Sale!!!"

That's why the percentage is so high!
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Anon1974  +   865d ago
It's be interested to see a breakdown of what these PC gamers are playing. Previous research has indicated that the rise in PC gaming we've seen the past few years has been the direct result of the popularity of games like Farmville and the rise of free to play versus core gamers playing big budget titles such as Battlefield. I wonder what the actual numbers behind that 63% look like?
PurpHerbison  +   865d ago
BF3 on PS3 AND PC?? What a chore.
Snookies12  +   866d ago
I'm a PC gamer through and through. Though I love consoles as well for their exclusive games and ease of use. :]
Abriael  +   866d ago
Me too, though 99% of the times when a title is on PC I'll get it on PC, steam and customizability for the win.
Snookies12  +   866d ago
Mods are the ONE thing I wish consoles suported... They can make games infinitely better. I liked that Unreal Tournament 3 had some mod support on the console version. I just wish more games would do that...
Abriael  +   866d ago
@Snookies12: My pipe dream: Cerny comes out and say "with PS4 we're going to make an effort to support user created content" :D
spartanlemur  +   866d ago
It'd be very hard to get mods on consoles to the same degree as they are on PC's without actually turning the console into a living room PC in the process. I suppose highly rated mods could be checked and transferred, but smaller creations are too variable in quality.
Not only that, but mod makers game on the PC and so create mods for their platform. If porting a mod to consoles requires any amount of work, I doubt it'll happen.
Having said that, it might be worth watching what Valve do with their steambox, seeing as there's a high likelihood of the steam workshop being integrated.
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iamnsuperman  +   866d ago
I don't want to be that guy but the Entertainment Software Association seem to do a study focused on core gamers (i don't see your average mobile gamer doing a survey like this/ look at the members list)

Anyway. I play on both console and PC. I only have a laptop but I use it to play indie games. There small and cheap. I use my console for the more expensive games
Abriael  +   866d ago
i'm not so sure about that. The ESA includes all kind of gaming publishers, that work a lot on mobile gaming too, so I'm quite confident they try to get a rather balanced polling pool.

All those WoW and LoL players must be somewhere after all.
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BattleAxe  +   866d ago
I started gaming on PC around 3 years ago, and now instead of buying a PS4, I've decided that the PC will be my platform of choice for the next generation. I'll still have my PS3 for the odd console exclusive, and to use as a Blu-Ray player, but otherwise its full STEAM ahead next generation. So far I think Titanfall is the game that I'm most looking forward to playing next generation, despite the fact that it will be Origin exclusive.
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Saksoy  +   866d ago
I actually decided to move from console gaming to PC gaming for the next generation.
Benjammin25  +   865d ago
I think both console and PC gaming are important. I love playing on my gaming laptop, especially around this time of year. But sometimes you just want to chill on your sofa and consoles are great for that. Also, missing console exclusives like TLOU should be considered a crime.
hakesterman  +   865d ago
Your going to miss out on alot of Games because than 30 to 40 percent of the Console games won't go to PC and the ones that do will be 3 months to a year later.
RedHawkX  +   865d ago
yep like gta5 and others and consoles actually gettnig more exclusives this new gen then ever before. no last of us, pikmin 3 etc for you guys. pc gameing is not supposed to be the only platform you game on same with just having one console. you do a combo and of different consoles. the console you can exclude from ever getting is the xbox one though. it has less exclusives and most its games are on pc like titanfall. sony, nintendo, pc, and handhelds is what you game on.
BattleAxe  +   865d ago
It doesn't matter to me if the PC versions of games get released 3 months or a year later, and here's why I say that... There are so many games coming out these days that firstly, I don't have time to play them all when the come out, and secondly I don't want to pay $60.00 for every game that comes out.

I just bought BF3 Premium Edition on Origin for $15.00 USD, and I just bought Borderlands 2 with all of the DLC on STEAM for $20.38 USD. I can tell you that I haven't missed out on anything except paying higher prices, especially since lots of people are still playing these games everyday.
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decrypt  +   865d ago
"Your going to miss out on alot of Games because than 30 to 40 percent"

Not really, 90% games released are multiplats, those make it to all platforms. Its not just the PC that gets late games, werent Mass effect, bioshock series late to the PS3?

Also its the next consoles that launch with no games. I was recently playing Mortal Kombat on the PC, tell me can next consoles play that game?

can the next consoles play tf2? or can they play portal? or maybe a resident evil game(and i mean a real resident evil game like part 4?)

So there you go PC just has too many games, consoles will have to build a library from scratch.
SlapHappyJesus  +   865d ago
You have so much insider knowledge.
Only fifteen percent is hardcore gaming.
Thirty to forty percent of games won't make it to PC and oh so many of them will be late arrivals.

Seriously, you should be getting paid for all of this information.
SkyGamer  +   865d ago
Right on brotha... Who cares about nexgen when it is laptop specs that have been out for 2 years? 7970mobile... I will be happy with my outdated system....

640 GB WD Caviar Black SATA3
1.5 TB WD Green SATA2
2 TB WD Green SATA2
Hexacore at 3.33, 3.8 Turbo
GTX570 Superclocked
16 GB Ripjaw DDR3-1600
Asus Sli mobo
Antec 902
GamingTruth  +   865d ago
yet ps4 exclusive graphics cant be replicated on any pcs oh well
just-joe  +   865d ago
Just bought my last 2 part for my gaming PC. I may get a PS4 down the line but for now, I'm coming over to PC and Wii U for the occasional first party game.
MrTrololo  +   866d ago
PC Gaming won't died as long as Steam exist. People who play game on smartphone are not hardcore gamer at all
Heartnet  +   865d ago
so what? whats ur definition of hardcore gamer btw? plays games alot? spends alot of money on games?

Android and IOS gamers can both do this hell some people spend thousands of pounds on a single game so they can compete in the online community...

And it wont die but it will get less and less focused on for Triple A titles as piracy is such a big thing on PC.
Jovanian  +   866d ago
I used to be a console gamer as well as a PC gamer but the console exclusives no longer phased me and my PS3 kept gathering more and more dust so I eventually sold it

The games were way too expensive on PS3 too...60 bucks a pop, doesn't seem like much but it adds up so much where the cost of console gaming almost exceeds PC gaming
hakesterman  +   865d ago
Big Mistake. PC games cost the same when they come out and they always come out later than the Console version and they usually don't have as much Content.
Heartnet  +   865d ago
where the hell do you live?

in the UK they sell for £10 cheaper usually and come out at same time... Just places dont stock PC games as much nowadays as u cant trade em in
papashango  +   865d ago
he probably only plays Call of Duty. Which launches at the same price as consoles.

filthy casual.
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Godmars290  +   866d ago
Shouldn't Smartphones and "handheld devices" be the same thing? Make a total of 73%?

Okay, wireless devices. Smartphones and tablets share many if not the exact same games.
#8 (Edited 866d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(7) | Report | Reply
Abriael  +   866d ago
Handheld = 3DS/PS Vita/DS/PSP

Not the same thing.
Godmars290  +   865d ago
How about that they're talking percentages and not actual numbers? 63% of 100 is the same as 63% of a million percentage wise.
spartanlemur  +   866d ago
The ESA also claimed that 50% of gamers are women. I think their data includes facebook games and other extremely casual forms.
That said, PC gaming indeed isn't at all "dead" anywhere, but I'd imagine its locations of dominance are Eastern Europe and China, and not the USA.
videogames  +   866d ago
i am a pc gamer but i like consoles too.the fact that pc gamer's are greater in number is that pc gaming is old and considered as classic, for example most famous mmorpg games are still played on pc's, also compare to pc games console games are available in high prices and with reduced everything from graphic to gameplay while you can max out the config of a pc game as per your requirement.
tigertron  +   866d ago
PC gaming won't die as long as there are PCs around, and I doubt PCs will ever go away.
tubers  +   865d ago
Future hybrids and tablets would become PC's.

I'm sure there will also be a full blown Windows phone in the future that can play a lot of PC games at that time. Just not maxed out settings.
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KwietStorm  +   866d ago
I've never been an idiot who said PC gaming is dead, but in today's market, I'd be very curious with any research, report, or survey, in regards to what they consider a "PC gamer" vs someone who has played games on PC. Robot Unicorn and farmville are generally reserved for a certain audience.

In the end, I'm more concerned with the fact that this is a constant talking point, because all gaming platforms have different things for different people, but it's almost like certain people have a vested interest in a particular platform "dying," which is certainly not what this industry needs.
#13 (Edited 866d ago ) | Agree(5) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
SirBradders  +   866d ago
Just goes to show there's a sh*t load of gamers out there, its looking good for the future of gamers, new consoles and new technology every day like occulas.

Its just good to be a gamer right about now there's something for everyone no matter how many which one sells here or there.
maniacmayhem  +   865d ago
I have to get into PC gaming. I recently upgraded and even got a Steam account. Love the mods and all the different variety of games out there for the PC.
Shad0wRunner  +   865d ago
I dont think it's about a certain platform "dying"...as much as I think it's MORE about a certain platform doing BETTER than the others.

Im a console gamer. It's my personal preference. I have a PC. But I dont feel like investing the money into adding more RAM, better video cards, sound cards, etc..tricking it out to a high end PC...just so I can play a few games on it.

Console gaming simply has more to offer, for me. I can go into almost ANY rental store and pick up my console game of choice, take it home and play it for a few days. You cant do that for PC. Sure, you have your digital rental services...but as far as a PHYSICAL, walk in location. Nope. Rental stores dont cater to the PC audience. Probably because of DRM restrictions.

I go to walmart (for example) and I can see at least 50 games behind a glass case, just for ONE console, alone. I look at the PC rack and I see maybe 10-15 at best. Most of those are little Pop Cap games, point & click games, etc...

I do understand that PC also has a lot of the same titles that are found on consoles, but it's just not worth it to me.

PC's also get viruses a lot. If your PC crashes because you got the latest virus.....there goes your games. The way todays consoles are made, consoles simply dont have this problem.

Im also not a fan of Steam. I prefer to have a physical copy of my game, in case I want to sell it or in case my PC's hard drive decides to crash. Steam is a good digital service...but it'll never beat a good old fashioned DISC.

Theres always gonna be those PC elitists that pop in and try to make PC sound better than console gaming. But for me...it just isnt. I dont care how many stats you toss out there or how good you make it sound.

I'll stick with my gaming consoles, and use my PC for casual web surfing and downloads. ^_-
The_KELRaTH  +   865d ago
Interesting point about game rentals as that and 2nd hand games seem to be now the next thing the console manufacturers are trying to circumvent. Amazon have recently announced they will no longer be offering console game rentals. As I understand it's very popular so has there been pressure by the console manufactures to stop it? and will other rental services stop in the near future?
The_KELRaTH  +   865d ago
A lot of media talk is about x console exclusives yet the PC has so many it's not really considered.
As yet another generation of consoles is upon us and so ends a span of games for them due to lack of backwards compatibility (unless it's repackaged and sold again) while I upgrade my PC and can still enjoy games virtually spanning the life of the PC and it's many emulators of other computers and consoles - I still enjoy Generals Zero Hour, UT99, Race Driver 2 & 3, Red Alert 2 and many others which would have all been history if console games.

I like being able to use a controller that best suits the game, whether a wheel, joystick, mouse, keyb, trackball etc etc.

I've enjoyed using a PS3 too but various blu-ray failures meant it's actually cost me more to maintain and it can be very frustrating as when it crashes you have to just put up with it.

My biggest disappoint with the PC is the hold that MS has over it because of Directx. Instead of worrying about the anti competitiveness of browsers they should have made Directx independent of MS so we could have a choice of OS's (which would have brought differing browsers as well as just about everything else!).
Ulf  +   865d ago
LOL. The article says "dedicated gaming console", not "dedicated gaming PC".

That means the study includes PCs that are used to play minesweeper and solitaire, folks. Learn to read closely, and you can sift the sensationalistic journalism garbage from the real thing.

There should be a law that fines journalists for sensationalism, or something. Like, requiring a free link to the study, in this kind of article, for example.
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JonnyBigBoss  +   865d ago
PC Gamer here. The statistics don't lie. PC gaming is hot hot hot.
Krosis  +   865d ago
From "dual shockers" ...lol PC has the largest online gaming base--period.
Deltaguy  +   865d ago
the avg person who plays video games is not a pc gamer...consoles still reign supreme
Shad0wRunner  +   865d ago
Yep. This is true.

Here's an example: How many parents are gonna go out and buy their children gaming consoles, this holiday season or for Christmas? A crap load, I'd wager. Now...how many parents are gonna go out and buy their children a brand new PC to play games on, this holiday season?

See what Im sayin? Console gaming is the newest trend. As a parent, I'd buy my kid a $300 Wii U for Christmas. I sure as hell wouldnt be buyin my kids no expensive ass computer. LOL
The_KELRaTH  +   865d ago
It would be interesting to see a breakdown of parents buying the Xbox 360 over the PS3 due to the big price differences.
With the next gen consoles both are at the higher price bracket - it might sway parents to look at alternative options whether PC desktop, laptops, tablets (Wii U) etc.

Not sure what an average gamer is really.. maybe a World of Warcraft player or enjoys games like scrabble via a tablet/phone/laptop?
Jiggy7d  +   865d ago
Of course it's not dead....but personally I game on consoles cause I have my work on PC, so it's better to keep it separated..at least in my case.
Stsonic  +   865d ago
Maybe have a drive for only games?
Xtremist  +   865d ago
I hate to break it to you guys but PC= Laptops, Tablets and Desktops.
Desktop-PC is still a dying platform.
Nice try though..
Einhert  +   865d ago
Desktop PCs are always the most powerful machines and it takes time for that power to be downsized, moores law, look it up.

There will always be people needing to utilise the most up to date, most powerful hardware and you think that will come from a tablet?

lol ok

nice try though.
kasser  +   865d ago
I would never consider tablet/phones as gaming platforms! A 4-year old on angrybirds or a cat playing that flies hitting game is hardly comparable to PC Gaming.

Unless we are counting facebook games in then THAT would be a fair comparison, wouldn't it?
The_KELRaTH  +   865d ago
Is that because a tablet/phone doesn't have the games you play? Most games even on that format are far sophisticated than games on thte Atari 2600 console, Sinclair Spectrum, Atari ST, Commodore Amiga.
There are some games genres like turn based & realtime strategy that play better on tablets than on consoles (I'm not saying PC ok!).
kasser  +   864d ago
OK I admit my comment isn't correct. I was referring to the general tablet/phone games. Things like letter arrangement games, poker or tic tac toc can not fall into our definition of gaming. People say iOS is a competitor to consoles and PC but that is certainly wrong because these data are collected based on different kind of gamers. Otherwise, my grandmother would be a hardcore gamer based on some claimed statistics.

True that there are good appealing games on these platforms but I hardly say they are a threat or including them with our marketshare.
jairusmonillas  +   865d ago
Not surprised, League of Legends alone single handedly destroys console gaming.
hakesterman  +   865d ago
Your Joking Right???? LOL. LMOL. LOL. LMOL.LSHIGS.
wishingW3L  +   865d ago
yet most 3rd party's make the most money on consoles. Just ask Ubisoft: http://www.pcgamer.com/2012...
TechnicianTed  +   865d ago
Yeah but, um .....

'Guillemot doesn’t provide any evidence for this'

If it was so bad they wouldn't be releasing any games for pc would they?
ALLWRONG  +   865d ago
I guess we are the majority in the US
Stsonic  +   865d ago
Buy a PC and within 2-3 months of any big game you can get it for around $10. This is why I now prefer PC. PS4 could change my mind tho. Another good reason is steam trades.
LeoDDestroyer  +   865d ago
I begin to see this change in console this. More sites are offering great sales on newly release games and even sony and microsoft are doing more sale with their digital store fronts.
mrbojingles  +   865d ago
How much of that is Facebook/flash games? I'd like to know a lot more detail about those numbers, I want to believe it but it is worded way too vague
thehitman  +   865d ago
I would say at least 50% of the 63% are PC gamers who dont have gaming PCs but play like mmos on low settings on their laptops or play games like farmville on facebook. The site fails to include how many people were used to get these percentages, and what type of games on PC they play and what type of gaming PC they have. Anyone can say they play games on PC, but how many can actually run games like SC2, BF etc..
Red_Devilz  +   865d ago
Viva La PC Games!
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