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As we all know Microsoft and the Xbox One have had a lot of issues with the console launch and the console hasn't even launched yet! I personally know of quite a few people that were once Xbox fan boys/girls that have already pre-ordered the PS4. I believe that at this point Microsoft needs to take drastic action…. DELAY THE RELEASE OF THE XBOX ONE but my friend and coworker feels differently.

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allformats1494d ago

Nah, let them go ahead and release the thing.

NatureOfLogic1494d ago (Edited 1494d ago )

Xbox One has so many issues that a delay would be the best approach for the consumers or Xbox fans to pan out some of the problems with the console. The only reason MS will not delay, is the fear of giving PS4 a headstart. It's becoming more clear by the day that MS is clearly rushing their console out to compete with Sony.

Fanboyism aside, I think MS understands that Xbox 360 launched a year of ahead of PS3(with all it's launch issues) and was still out sold by PS3. I believe they're not as confident as Sony was in Playstation when they chose to delay PS3. It clear that Xbox One is rushed only to compete with PS4. A delay would mean no software patch, no kinect requirement and maybe a price reduction/ram upgrade. The lack of first party games and third party exclusives is also evident of a rushed launch. This is just my opinion on the topic.

zeal0us1494d ago

People tend to exaggerate heavily. The Xbox One don't have so many issues. The only issues I see right now is the price(which is due to the inclusion of Kinect) and the specs. What else is there need to be fixed? The DRM and used game crap is gone.

Building a functional X1 without Kinect shouldn't take long. Far as the specs goes, increasing them really isn't necessary.

georgeenoob1494d ago (Edited 1494d ago )

So many issues? You need to exit that Sony fantasy land of yours.

You don't even state any issues in your post to support your statement. Go ahead and try to state some I'd love to hear it. Probably the same Sony fanboy crap you guys love crying about like "kinect will spy on you".

pedrof931494d ago Show
Godmars2901494d ago (Edited 1494d ago )

If as I suspect Kinect has been nothing but a marketing record device since it was first announced, then MS isn't going to be getting rid of it anytime soon. Though they don't have always online now they're still stressing online features, the cloud, so Kinect can still do what it was meant to do, which is to help with advertising.

"I wanna see them play Halo and Gears and Fifa and Unchartred on their gay station."


One of those games is exclusive and another's multi, so you've got to be joking. You've got to be.

[email protected]:
Thank you and sorry. Given the internetz, its hard to tell sometimes. Most times...

pedrof931494d ago


My friend.

Trolling I was.

HammadTheBeast1494d ago

Oh thank god Pedro. I was about to cry.

Cmk01211494d ago

People really exaggerated , when you factor in people buying ps3 for a blu ray player solely on top of who'll Asian market refusing to buy Xbox 360 for no reason other than it was 100% catered to them and the sales were last released as being within a million units of each other not really a big deal. Last gen wii won need I say more Bout people's purchasing decisions ... People
Mocked ms for not caring about gamers yet MS brought Netflix Nd the app centric approach to
Gamers. And Sony followed in toe. Same with this gen, all
You hear is about MS talking about sports and tv yet last gen Sony brought nfl Sunday ticket to ps3( great feature btw). It's all
About perspective and seeing that
Xbox is better online and competitive and Sony owns offline campaign experiences.

slampunk1494d ago (Edited 1494d ago )


I have both PS3 and 360.....and what you are saying doesn't make a whole lot of sense.....why?

PS2 sold around 150 million, Xbox Original around 20 million....

360 and PS3 have sold around 80 million each.....

Do you really think that Sony wanted to lose the amount of market share that had in one generation?

It's hilarious that FB's criticize the other company whilst being blind to their preferred consoles mistakes ( which both companies have made).

I think the PS4 has done a fantastic job so far but there are still questions i have regarding their online services as they have been very quiet about when things will launch with gaikai and i also think they could have issues around their software at launch....hope i'm wrong, but we'll see...

The best thing Sony has done IMO with PS4 is fix the mistakes they made last gen....launch at the same time or first, make a developer friendly console, cross game chat, improve the controller design and ship with a headset!!!!

MS have done a terrible job with their messaging so far but i do have faith in their online services and only have to look at the upgrades they have made to the dashboard over the course of this amongst some concerns.....

Heartnet1494d ago

There is nothing to suggest there rushing it out...

and tehre is no problems with the console just some PR disaster in explaining stuff...

and if they were going by the previous gen they wouldnt worry about releasing early as although the ps3 eventually outsold the Xbox360 MS still had way more profit and money out of the thing..

hell until a few years ago sony were making a loss on each ps3 sold and were relying on Software sales.

and X1 has more games than ps4 at launch and showed exclusive games at E3..

when you said fanboysim aside you clearly havnt done any research aside from n4g which is pretty muuch all sony pro news and ms neg news... get off n4g and go do some actual research into whats what and youll realise how much is wrong in ur comment

gamertk4211494d ago Show
NatureOfLogic1494d ago (Edited 1494d ago )

@ Heartnet , Nice try, though it seems you are the one who use n4g for facts.

PS4 launch games not available on Xbox One.....

Killzone Shadow Fall
DC Universe Online
Diablo 3

These are games that we know are day one.

Xbox One launch games not available on PS4.....

Dead Rising 3
Forza Motorsport 5
Killer Instinct
Kinect Sports Rivals
Ryse: Son of Rome


And If I were to include a list of total announced games so far, Xbox One would lose there.

georgeenoob1494d ago (Edited 1494d ago )


Half those games you listed for PS4 are multiplatform. X1 launch exclusives beat PS4's in both quality and quantity.


Dead Rising
Killer Instinct
Kinect Sports

NatureOfLogic1494d ago

@ georgeenoob

He argued that Xbox One had more launch games, which is simply untrue. You can not play warframe, Diablo 3 or DC Universe Online on Xbox One(these are games for those in denial). Xbox One might have more day one launch exclusives so far, but PS4 have more games available over Xbox One on launch day. Prove me wrong if you can.

fermcr1494d ago (Edited 1494d ago )

So many issues ???

The only issue i see now is the forced inclusion of Kinect, and that is easily resolved with a software update.

The smartest thing Microsoft could do now (from my point of view) is release a cheaper version of the X1 without Kinect, maybe even a bit cheaper then the PS4.

Kryptix1494d ago

lol You mention quality then you add Kinect Sports. lol woke up from your dream yet?

H0RSE1494d ago

@NatureOfLogic - "PS4 have more games available over Xbox One on launch day. Prove me wrong if you can."

According to the Xbox One and PS4 wiki's on IGN, you are both right and wrong - Xbox does not have more launch titles than PS4, however PS4 does not have more either - they are the same. 17 titles each.


1. Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag
2. Battlefield 4
3. Call of Duty: Ghosts
4. Dead Rising 3
5. FIFA 14
6. Forza Motorsport 5
7. Just Dance 2014
8. Killer Instinct
9. Kinect Sports Rivals
10. LEGO Marvel Super Heroes
11. LocoCycle
12. Madden NFL 25
13. NBA 2K14
14. NBA Live 14
15. Ryse: Son of Rome
16. Skylanders: Swap Force
17. Watch Dogs


1. Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag
2. Battlefield 4
3. Call of Duty: Ghosts
4. DC Universe Online
5. Diablo 3
6. Drive Club
7. FIFA 14
8. Just Dance 2014
9. Killzone: Shadow Fall
10. Knack
11. LEGO Marvel Super Heroes
12. Madden NFL 25
13. NBA 2K14
14. NBA Live 14
15. Skylanders: Swap Force
16. Warframe
17. Watch Dogs

AzureskyZ1494d ago (Edited 1494d ago )

Well its easy to just delay the console, but then they risk in giving sony the easy win. At this point production of the console is probably in full circle to meet the demands for holiday season. Console specs im sure finalized and in production, however if there is one concern it might been in the software department. DRM, family share was deeply rooted in the infrastructure of the os, so its possible a significant amount of it have to be recoded. My other concern, although is a rumor, is that APU may get overclocked, although this might give it a performance boost, it also produces alot more heat. Microsoft never shied away for releasing untested product, but its hard to say what the correct approach is when your competitor is release their console within the same window and has been gaining momentum since E3.

Ausbo1493d ago

You guys are all wrong. Diablo 3 is not a launch title. It got delayed to 2014 and an xbox one version is likely

minimur121493d ago

'around the world later this year '

Japan, 2014 and wherever else it's being released in 2014

Urusernamesucks1493d ago (Edited 1493d ago )

The only Issue is bad publicity Which is fed By Misinformed children fanboys and paranoid tards.

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dontbhatin1494d ago

@ allformats
Agreed! i mean they couldn't even play the games on the actual system they were demonstrating to people at E3. There has to be something wrong if they cant show their systems running their launch games 5 months before the whole freaking system releases.

Death1494d ago

Both Sony and Microsoft had games running on PC's and dev systems. This is not uncommon this early in a console lifecycle. Neither system has started production. Pre-production with limited runs are happening to get manufacturing setup, but full scale production is weeks if not months away.

theWB271494d ago

Did you not know about this?

There were games running on actual hardware and on PC's for both systems. Get over it.

Godmars2901494d ago

Except where Sony used actual dev kits, with hardware representative of what would finally go into the PS4, MS used neither similar hardware or even software. And even the rumor that the XB1 might see increases in RAM and CPU/GPU, even if its only to spite Sony and no longer be the lower spec system, suggest such.

dontbhatin1494d ago

"There were games running on actual hardware and on PC's for both systems. Get over it."

Ok so we have a legit photo of a demo running on a windows PC and you are going to come back with Giantbomb claiming that PS4 was also doing the same thing? Legit proof and word of mouth are nothing alike. Show me a picture of a PS4 demo at E3 running on a pc.

How about you get over it?

Heartnet1494d ago

You do realise that one picture on the web was A developer who created the Game LocoCycle and they owned up to it as they hadnt finished porting it and wanted to show it off...

seriously dude get off n4g and go research before irrationalyl comment...

your mindset is stuck on ps4 and refuses to see anything else...

dontbhatin1493d ago

@ heartnet

Lol! Did you also forget the windows 7 sound that chimes in at 3:20 on the Dead Rising 3 demo? Seems like you need to go do some research yourself. Oh and while you are at it, why don't you go learn how to type a proper sentence, also spelling helps too, because its very hard to take any of your comments seriously.

You might have to get off of N4G yourself, because it seems like you are getting pretty livid at anybody who doesn't agree with you.

Also stating my opinion towards something that you deeply care about does not make somebody a "fanboy".

Can we just have a damn debate about something on this site without these children coming in here with, "fanboy this and fanboy that! FANBOY FANBOY FANBOY."

Seriously, you people need to grow the hell up.

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dedicatedtogamers1494d ago

If the rumors regarding yield issues and being forced to rush-fix the UI are true, then a delay would be for the best for Xbox fans.

But of course, Microsoft won't delay it. "Ship first, patch later" has always been their MO. The people who will suffer will be early adopters.

Heartnet1494d ago

same with every console and every game this gen...

i miss the previous gen when nothing could be patched so everything was fine :)

TheXgamerLive1493d ago

you silly little sony fans.

medman1493d ago

Microsoft would only anger gamers further by delaying the console. They already have a pr disaster on their hands, but to infuriate those gamers who despite Microsoft's shortcomings pre-ordered what appears to be a confused console would be galling. Delay for what? To get their act together and offer more hardware performance? That ship has sailed. They are not going to eat hundreds of millions in development cost to go back and upgrade the memory and gpu/cpu to give the ps4 a head start in this gen. It is counterintuitive. They made their plan, they botched it, Sony surprised them with 8gb of gddr5 and other aspects of the ps4 including pricing. Now they have to push on and hope that gamers will find some of the software they offer to be compelling enough to put down cash for the Xbone.

greenlantern28141493d ago (Edited 1493d ago )

they should only delay the launch if they are aware of problems. it would really be a bad thing to bring it to market if the machine isnt ready to go. but if it is then release it.
I know they dont want to give sony any kind of head start. but the reasons people want them to delay launch is for things that ms isnt going to do annyways like remove kinect. however they might want to delay just a little bit to avoid potential problems with the day 1 update,

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zeal0us1494d ago

Making a functional X1 that doesn't rely on Kinect to run wouldn't take that long or long enough that it needs to be delay.

Increasing the specs so that its closer to the PS4 or stronger than the PS4 really isn't necessary. Soon as MS does you can bet the price will increase with or without the Kinect.