Miyamoto Believes Japanese Gamers Dislike Difficult Games

Shigeru Minamoto: “I’ve been making action games for some 30 years, and I’ve been thinking about the difference evident in how their popularity has been gradually declining in Japan whilst in America it has been maintained.

The issue is that Japanese who cannot overcome the level of difficulty in an action game no longer want to play them. This perception then spreads to all games as a whole, and people avoid them because they see them as difficult.

In the case of America, there are a lot more people who enjoy a challenge and will stick with it for you and try to overcome the initial hurdle.

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pedrof931978d ago (Edited 1978d ago )

Action ? I would called it Platform.

“It’s because they only know how to make games for children now.”

“Nintendo, the reason you’ve declined is because of your endless remakes, that’s all.”

100% Right.

wishingW3L1978d ago

most likely lost in translation.

NewMonday1978d ago

lol, the Japanese can troll as good as anyone..

“Certainly, you need perseverance to play on the Wii U. Holding that horribly heavy pad was just too much for me"

“Who wants to play a game where if you miss one pixel on the screen it is an instant game over.”

“Games are supposed to be fun. Playing them needn’t be treated as an act of self-mortification.”

adorie1978d ago

Says the guy who made Super Mario Bros. 2, A.k.a The Lost Levels.

pixelsword1978d ago

I prefer difficult games where the difficulty is remedied by intellect, not reflex; that being said, I also like reflex games.

So I do understand the attitude of the Japanese gamer, and it does explain the type of games I do see in Japan.

ChickeyCantor1978d ago (Edited 1978d ago )

"Says the guy who made Super Mario Bros. 2, A.k.a The Lost Levels."

He didn't. That was done by a small team. He wasn't much involved other than being part of Nintendo.

adorie1978d ago (Edited 1978d ago )

For Sidar:
"The game was designed by *Shigeru Miyamoto* and Takashi Tezuka,[13] the creators of the original Super Mario Bros. Visually, it looked very similar to its predecessor, but it had a higher level of difficulty. Smooth level designs were replaced by tough obstacle courses."

Source -

Also, if you're referring to Super Mario Bros 2.? (Super Mario USA in Japan) Shiggy gave some ideas to that small team you're referring to, such as suggesting that Luigi's legs do a little wiggle when he jumped, to display his ability to jump higher than the rest of the selectable characters.

I've beaten them all. I'm a Mario nut when it comes to the classics. and I <3 Koji Kondo

kreate1978d ago

Easy or not, just give me the games.

Games other than mario, zelda, pokemon, etc.

ShinMaster1977d ago (Edited 1977d ago )

Does Miyamoto not know of the existence of difficulty options at the start of other games? Maybe he should try implementing them.

Super Mario 3D Land was way too easy and short. And the new Wii U Mario looks exactly the same.
It's a real shame.

indysurfn1977d ago

Wait he Cleary states action games. He is talking about difficult action games. Plus this guy has been know to what black people call "TRY TO BELONG". Look at the games sold their 40% are JRPG's those (at least the turn based ones) are NOT EASY. They are always made easier when they are shipped here. So most people are missing that he is talking about action games. Hand eye coordination, Reflex, hand eye based. But I have to also agree with the poster that said you mean platform games! In fact has this guy ever made a turn based RPG? EVER?

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live2play1978d ago

idk man just because they are games for everyone doesnt mean they are childrens games

and getting 100 percent or meeting specific requirements for their games is freaking hard

my wife can finish a game but she cant %100 on all of em

1978d ago
zeal0us1978d ago

Well the Legend of Zelda is action-adventure so maybe he is referring to that.

Some of those comments from Japanese gamers really didn't seem like they came from actual Japanese gamers.

ritsuka6661977d ago

For real, Mr. Miyamoto is one of the most inspirational people of the last decade. In a sense he is Mr. Nintendo,and has done more for the gaming industry than just about anyone. So, you have all my respect Myamoto-san!

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Snookies121978d ago (Edited 1978d ago )

BULL! Those bullet hell games over there are crazy hard!

Snookies121978d ago

Oh yes, can't forget about Cat Mario!

webeblazing1977d ago

lmao yoooo the funniest video i seen all week

Donnieboi1978d ago (Edited 1978d ago )

I respect you Mr. Miyamoto, as one of my favorite game designers right now, and as the best to ever do it.

BUT, whenever I need a really challenging, deep YET fair game, I often turn to Japanese-made games.

Games like:
-Dark Souls
-Demon's Souls
-Monster Hunter
-Metal Gear Online
-Soul Sacrifice
-God's Eater
-Valkyria Chronicles series
-Mega Man 9 & 10
-Hard Corps: Uprising
-BlazBlue series
-Disgaea series
-Gran Turismo
-Shin Megami Tensei games
-MG Rising Reveangance
-Ninja Gaiden (the modern beat-em-up genre versions)
-Sin & Punishment: Star Successor
-Resonance of Fate
-Yggdra Union
-Trauma Center/Team series

And these are just games from THIS generation (despite the fact Japan has had a dismally small representation this console gen). So many of these hard games can only be found in Japan: The west has hard games or even hard modes, but all they do is give u less health, ammo, etc,

I look for games that have challenging GAMEPLAY, not just the Western gimmick of giving u limited health/resources in a game.

So if so many of the challenging (yet balanced) games that I like are mostly only found in Japan, than clearly there is a large market for it in their own country. I don't know if Miyamoto plays other companies games, but Japan loves lengthy and tough games. That's why they like portables. So they can find the time for these tougher games while on the go.

Dj7FairyTail1978d ago

Gran Turismo is not Japanese game being published doesn't tie to all IP.

MrMister1978d ago (Edited 1978d ago )

Gran Turismo is 100% Japanese. WTF are you talking about? Also Nintendo has kind of been insulating (or should I say isolating) itself from 3rd partys so no wonder they are out of touch with what other games are doing on the market (no offense to Nintendo fans, please don't start).

Japanese games are very very hard and challenging. So my guess is that those people there like it that way.

Dj7FairyTail1978d ago

so easy to get dislikes lol sony fans are so easy to anger LMAO


Stroke6661978d ago

I'm guessing he's going by the games that r selling and ones that are not recently. I dont believe he'd just pull these comments out of his arse. I won't pretend to kno how yhe games you mentioned sold in japan, but maybe there is a delcline in their sales over there. They just did the study where gamers now had a tough time completing the original mario. Rated e doesn't really mean rated kiddy alot of their games present a real challenge and some people just aren't as hardcore as they'd like to believe

AsheXII1978d ago

Apart from Monster Hunter all of those games sold pretty badly in Japan.

Donnieboi1978d ago (Edited 1978d ago )

Dude u have the facts to back that up? Because I can prove that almost EVERY one of the games I mentioned were top sellers of their time in Japan (and/or were well received and praised).

First of all, the games I mentioned were console games mostly. The games on portables (which Japan prefers) are actual even harder.

Here are sales figures for these games (all of these games were the top sellers in their first months in Japan):

-Demon's Souls ("boosts ps3 sales in Japan" and "sells out"

-Monster Hunter (no need to post this--we all know it's a bombshell series there)

-Catherine ( http://www.computerandvideo...

-Metal Gear Online (

-Soul Sacrifice (Boosted Vita sales above 3DS for a while due to just this one game

-God's Eater (sold 200,000 copies it's first week in Japan

-Valkyria Chronicles series (

-BlazBlue series (Both console versions of the game debuted in the top ten of Japanese sales charts during their week of release. The PlayStation 3 version entered at number five with 34,000 units sold and the Xbox 360 entered at number 6 with 25,000 units sold

-Disgaea series (

-Gran Turismo (do I really need to to show you? seriously. Ok fine:

-Shin Megami Tensei games (wow the amount of these sold is staggering, don't even bother. Series is hot as hell in Japan).

-MG Rising Reveangance (During its first week, the game topped Japan's Media Create and Enterbrain Japan charts list selling 308,681 units according to the former and 335,791 units according to the latter

-Sin & Punishment: Star Successor (Famitsu 8/8/8/7 (31/40))

-Vanquish (this did well, but not great--so it's the only one here so far to not do great (but it was still highly rated in Japan)

-Resonance of Fate (Famitsu 34 out of 40 Pretty good for consoles in Japan.

-Trauma Center/Team series (another one of the few on this list to not sell well in Japan, but was still highly received. Famitsu 31/40[7])

So as u can see, MOST of these games were great sellers in Japan.

gamertk4211978d ago

Someone has a hell of a lot of free time.

360ICE1978d ago

Also, Devil May Cry. DmC: Devil May Cry was easier though, but then again, that didn't perform well in Japan!

fsfsxii1978d ago

Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 gave me nightmares on Ultimate Ninja mode.
I still can't beat NGS1

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Zodiac1978d ago

Those were provoked readers? Most of them agreed with him.

Moncole1978d ago

I like games with a challenge like Super Meat Boy or Dark Souls and not games that are cheap hard like when the make the enemies bullet sponges.

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