PS4 Release Date: Will Sony Announce It At GamesCom?

With E3 2013 officially in the books, it seems that Gamescom 2013 is the next big gaming conference to look forward to. Microsoft has already stated that more Xbox One exclusives will be revealed, but Sony isn’t too far behind. In fact, it’s highly likely that Sony will be looking to steal the show again with an announcement of the PlayStation 4’s release date.

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Need4Game1897d ago

even if Sony Announce It at TGS, that's okay. Since most pre-order already sold-out.

pedrof931897d ago (Edited 1897d ago )

I'm more concerned about the games that Sony will show at Gamescon to be honest.

iamnsuperman1897d ago

I am not concerned more intrigued. I am interested what they have to show

Sitdown1897d ago

I am not really concerned or intrigued, just ready to have my ps4 delivered so that I can start experiencing. Ready to move from the abstract to the concrete.

Tru_Blu1897d ago

I am not really concerned or intrigued but infatuated with the PS4.

Jaqen_Hghar1897d ago

about PS4 or just in general and felt like talking about it?

jjb19811897d ago

Waiting for ps4, I'm going to request release day and the day after off from work so I need to know ASAP. I hope Sony announces soon.

Lunarassassin1897d ago

Imagine if they never released the date until it had already happened. "PS4 launches today!"

Tru_Blu1897d ago

Wake up go outside and a PS4 is on your doorstep :)

Jaqen_Hghar1897d ago

No Kaz wakes you up and has it hooked up to a 60" 3D Sony OLED for you already free of charge.

strigoi8141897d ago

im still wondering if the PS4 will be supporting old headsets like A40's..coz i purchased one today but not yet opening it because i want to assure myself sony will be supporting them

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