Kingdom Hearts 3 Pre-Orders Now Available at Best Buy

It may be a little premature to say that Kingdom Hearts 3 has a release date, but Best Buy isn't one to care about the fine details. The retailer has since put up a pre-order page for Kingdom Hearts 3, dating it (incorrectly, I might add) as a 2013 release, no doubt put there as a placeholder.

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ShugaCane1613d ago

"dating it (incorrectly, I might add) as a 2013 release"

They meant 2031.

abzdine1613d ago

exactly what i was gonna write!
i think we can forget this game and FF15 for the next 3-4 years

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dasbeer881613d ago

I hope Square doesn't strip down KH3 into DLC bits like for instance an exclusive keyblade weapon and a skin for Sora on the PS4 whereas the Xbox One might have like an exclusive world (Wreck-It Ralph for example) or a boss monster.

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HarryMasonHerpderp1613d ago

Why would you need to pre-order this?
Such a strange trend in videogames these past few years.

Xof1613d ago

Retailers like Gamestop order small numbers of games to encourage gamers to pre-order, and they do that because it garuntees a repeat visit to the store. So, for many games, consumers feel the need to pre-order if they want to play the game when it comes out.

The local gamestop for me, for example, had so few copies of games like Uncharted or Last of Us that they sold out entirely by 5pm.

HarryMasonHerpderp1613d ago

I see. I tend to shop online so I never have this problem. There's always another site you can buy a game from. I understand preorders of special editions and such but for a regular edition of a game it's very unlikely to sell out. It's seems as though publishers want your money up front before the game is even released.

trenso11613d ago

I always pre-order sometimes the incentives to pre-order are good and if I don't want the game I can cancel and get my money back at any time. I really don't see why not if you know you're absolutely getting the game.

JunioRS1011613d ago

Kingdom Hearts 3 Pre-Orders Now Sold Out at Best Buy

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The story is too old to be commented.