Call of Duty Ghosts: “We Don’t Want To Go Into The Open-World Idea”

As if previous titles in the series didn’t prove it enough, Infinity Ward’s upcoming Call of Duty: Ghosts will be quite linear in its approach – or at least it is judging by gameplay footage we’ve seen thus far.

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US8F1713d ago

Yup, ofcrouse, they are the fathers of rehash. It takes effort to do something like that and they don't know what that word means. They have amazing marketing compaigns but other than that, it is the same game over and over and over again. AND NO!, making fish move and having a dog is not good enough"

MWong1713d ago

It's soooo sad. I cannot believe they haven't really done anything new for COD. Just upgraded one or two things and call it "NEXT-GEN." COD cannot do "open-world" they would have to add additional substance to the game. Meaning BF has been open world because of all the additional elements it brings (tanks, jets, choppers ... etc) to the table.

BF4 here I come.

SirKilla1707d ago

Cod is like a hotdog... How many ways can you serve it up.
Catsup and mustard one time... Relish the next.
But there is one thing that always comes with it:
Pore hit detection and a client side server.
You want to surprise us! Designate your servers!

SirKilla1707d ago (Edited 1707d ago )

My opinion I don't think people are not looking for game designers to re-invent the wheel but to improve it.

example: take any of the more recent cod games and just simply improve the Hit Detection because as it stands now! Cod has the worst hit detection in the industry! The title they stole from cliffy's gears 1 & 2 but not 3. Designated servers rock!

It would make my heart ha ha happy if they re-did cod mwf 1 or 2 with more maps and content with Designated servers.

Ghost recon made changes to there last title and it sucked. They should of stuck to their original hard core game play!

SuperLupe1713d ago

Not every game has to be open world. You are the very first bunch of people that will be complaining about "open world fatigue" in a couple of years.

I see its the trend now to go open world, most of the best games this gen were linear games. Both can co-exist perfectly. I hope Infinty Ward aren't the only ones not to jump on the open world band wagon.

elhebbo161713d ago

how the hell is open world bad? it gives a game more replay ability and more options on how to tackle a certain objective. that alone makes the game good, add in a great stoy and now you have the best of both worlds.

US8F1713d ago (Edited 1713d ago )

Open world simply presents more options, that's it. There is no such thing as open world Fatigue, lol. You can do all kind of games in open world for example:

First person shooters (ex. far cry 3)

Third person(ex. GTA series)

Rpg (ex. Witcher 3, Skyrim )

Puzzle (ex. the witness)

Simulation (ex. minecraft)

Racing(ex. the crew)

etc etc etc.

More options is better. Honestly, if you want to tackle a game straight on, you do main missions and get on with it but if you want to mess around on the side, then all power to you.

This will not only increase their fan base because it will cater to many different players, but I can see them make more money. However, we know they wont do this because when you look at the content they add year over year, they don't spend much to make, and they get heaps in return. That is what a successful business is, spend as less as possible, while making loads of cash. This franchise would need to take a fall before they stop rehashing but we know that it will be a long while yet.

bjmartynhak1713d ago

Totally agree.

I'm not fond of open world games and also agree that the best games we had were linear (for example: MGS4, Uncharted, Bioshock, Last of US).

JessiePinkmanYo1713d ago

SuperLupe-I know, right?! Pretty soon game developers will have us playing linear games with the same engine and rehashed storyline, add a few different maps and remixed old ones. They will even have the nerve to charge a premium for said named map (COUGH of Duty)
I like CoD AND Battlefield but the formula is getting old. Just imagine a CoD game with an open world, doing vigilante missions complete with destructible environments. This formula WAS done a few years back and the game was a hit (Mercenaries on PS2) the 2nd one was trash, but it's a step in the right direction. Seriously-if I have to play anymore as David Mason in a linear world, I'm gonna get PTSD myself.

sobekflakmonkey1713d ago (Edited 1713d ago )

I know all of you hate CoD and everything but uhhh....I have to agree, at E3 there were quite a few open world games, and when it comes down to it, it's hard to play multiple open world games back to back, I noticed one of you said something a long the lines of "Just play the main storyline" a GAMER that's a little hard to do, you always wanna play as much of the game as possible, also one of you said "there is no such thing as open world fatigue", that's a lie, there is, can you imagine playing 40+ hours in an open world game for EVERY game, its too much, I personally like a linear game, the story is usually better put together in those cases, and a lot more cinematic for that matter, I was actually quite displeased with all the open world games that have been shown, the only ones im really interested in are "The Division" and "Destiny", the new MGS looks good, but I can't imagine playing all these games around the same time, not to mention you don't need an open world game to get more from a game, the perfect example is MGS4, that game was super long but linear, and there was a lot of content there, same goes for The Last of Us, took me 12 hours to beat on my first playthrough, and thats a linear game, I personally would not be happy with pretty much every game being open world because it would indeed cause fatigue.

Heartnet1713d ago


In theory and from Adverts open world games seem more fun but then when you get into it its get old real fast...

open world games are big for the sake of being big with nothing interesting between points and even if there is there can only be so much and then it will get the same events over and over and will just be a grind

karl1713d ago

open world is one of the worst things that can happen to storytelling..

it can be done properly like in GTA or Fallout .. and oblivion like others..

but this games are quite particular and wont always be the case...

thehitman1713d ago

I agree @ super. I dont think open world is good for all games infact I prefer linear games for most genres including shooters. It is not easy to tie story in especially shooters when you have an open world game everything needs to be accounted for its harder to transition the story especially if your going from 1 geographical area to the next which most shooters do.

I am not defending COD but I think to demand they should be doing open world is kinda foolish since I think they did a great job for their campaigns. Their multiplayer is what I have grown a problem with.

Leave open world to the studios that excel at it the best and leave the linear gameplay to the companies that are good at it. I like both and I dont want to see either dominate in games where only 1 type is now being made. Couldnt imagine how different UC,GoW or various other games would be. I like sometimes the endless action and the game driving the story sometimes.

SilentNegotiator1713d ago (Edited 1713d ago )

"how the hell is open world bad?"

I've read Superlupe's comment 5 times. No where does it say or suggest that "open world is bad"

People are going to blindly disagree with him because he agreed with an idea presented by the game community's perceived Satan - anyone related to COD - but it's true; Not everything has to be open world.

Blachek1713d ago (Edited 1713d ago )

The issue with the franchise is stagnation, they need to introduce a new game mechanic that makes the game more valuable.

*edit* They don't necessarily need to introduce a full open-world, but they need to at least make an attempt to create a new experience... and this article illustrated how steadfast they are against change.

Playing a game on varying difficulties isn't a reason for many people to play a game again.

They won't change their approach to this open world idea because they know their strength is in linear maps, with cinematic set pieces... they cannot compete or come close to replicating what Dice has done with Battlefield.

An open world Call of Duty would draw a substantial amount of interest from those of us who ignore the yearly installments. Infinity Ward is great with characters, and implementing an open world would allow them to convey them to us while giving them an opportunity to show us how good they are at multi-level story telling.

I don't think they are talented enough to do it, they haven't done anything exciting since the original Modern Warfare.

But hey, here's to Titan Fall =)

joefrost001712d ago

Its funny killzone on 4 and nobody complaining about them rehashing the same thing

webeblazing1712d ago

yeah alot of people is jumping on the bandwagon. its especially funny seeing how a lot of people use to criticize a lot of sony 1st party game because they were linear and not open world.

but we all know Infinity Ward are using this as a escape goat activision pump so much rehash they should be a recycling company. i wonder if want to make a open world game of any other type of game for that matter

SirKilla1707d ago

I don't care about most changes.
Just get the hit detection fixed.
If gears of war can do it then so can you greedy pigs.

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CrossingEden1713d ago

if you don't think that they work hard on these games then you are the person who doesn't know what hard work means -_- game development is hard and takes a ****load of effort, PERIOD

Blankolf1713d ago (Edited 1713d ago )

Don't you dare saying they work hard, I see game developers busting theire ass off, remaking game engines in 1 to 2 years and overhauling and improving games in such way that is beyond recognition.

No sir, you do not have the right to say this campaign marketering champions bust their ass off to make a decent game, they are lazy as fuck, game developing is hard, but I don't see game developers that work the same time and with much much much better results complaining or adding dogs or fish technology that has been around since Mario 64...

HammadTheBeast1713d ago

You're so bad at trolling, give it a rest. Mika hasn't taught you well.

2/10 and that's being generous.

sevilha821713d ago

Do you even play other games besides cod?

Because if you do,you should have noticed by now the abismal diference in quality between other companys that really try to make good games,dev´s like CD Project Red,R*,Naughty Dogs,Dice,Guerrila,Quantic Dream,Bungie,Ubisoft,etc..etc. ..

Dev´s that give all they have,in man power,know how,and most importat love for the trade.

Cod was awesome,Cod was king back when they where led by people that had this kind of sense and love for the game and now that they are gonne all you have is a reash of a greedy corp of a your eyes,play something else and enjoy a lot more games,real games.

I´m only sorry that Bungie also responds to Activision let´s hope Destany prevail in the next years.

CrossingEden1713d ago

Regardless of the quality of other games, (saying that CoD isn't high quality is definitely denial, it may not be innovative or mind blowing but the quality is definitely high), people who say "oh these game developers are so lazy" are idiots, let me enlighten you people from an animation, game design ,and film major
[email protected] NO game company creates a completely new engine in two years that wasn't already being worked on before, and just because the cod developers don't work AS HARD, as other developers, does not mean that they don't work hard, making games, especially triple A games is not in any way shape or form easy no matter how many shortcuts you take
[email protected], oh i'm sorry, I forgot that calling idiots out on being uniformed keyboard warriors who have never met a game developer, been to a game development studio, and haven't even taken a class on the subject matter but make assumptions about the amount of work it takes and have the audacity to call triple A studios who are more talented then they will ever be, makes me a troll
[email protected], I have not bought a CoD game in the past three years, just because I don't like the series doesn't mean that i'm immature enough to say that they don't work hard to deliver them to us, when each person at that studio has done a ****load more work than I or ANY OF YOU have ever done in your life

Blachek1713d ago (Edited 1713d ago )

Game development is difficult... unless,

-You recycle the Game Engine
-Employ the same Plot Structure
-Re-skin maps

They need minimal level designers, developers, programmers, or writers... they re-shade the game and introduce gimmicks.

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MizTv1713d ago

it looks like alot of next-gen games are going open world
i think cod just cant pull it off

ape0071713d ago

CoD will never work in open world settings, not everything has to be open world, gta is my fav but open world settiung would ruin some games like if gta turned linear

it doesn't always work

if u want to innovate cod, let there be multuple mission routs, let or right, underwater or above it, airplane, tank, on foot etc...

Heartnet1713d ago

doenst need to... would ruin the franchise by making it open world... game doesnt fit that style of play

quenomamen1713d ago

Well when ur making games for shot talking 14 year old males, you really dont have to do much to impress them.

Donnieboi1713d ago

Open world would require more work. And clearly Activision's studios do not like to work.

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney1713d ago

“We Don’t Want To Go Into The Open-World Idea”

yeah to much work for them.


solidt121713d ago

I bet they are just using that excuse because they are being lazy for now and just trying to get those Cross gen sales. I bet once the PS4 and Xbox One sales get in the million and they sell more on those platforms they will change there tune and act like Open World is the next big thing when everybody else have already been doing more open games.

Tales RPG addict1712d ago

the stupidity of COD fans is mindblowing.

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Mr_Nuts1713d ago

Because they wouldn't be able to do it even if they tried

Too much hard work for them

HammadTheBeast1713d ago

Why do you think Activision hired Bungie lol?

ShugaCane1713d ago

So much words to say that they never intended to venture into new horizons and brnig a fresh approach to the series. Too much money is at stake, I guess.

Heartnet1713d ago

This statement is as obvious as saying GTA is never going to go linear world..

People shouldnt have been even asking this question :L and people shouldnt be surprised when they said they wouldnt as it makes absoloutely no sense to change a series for no reason and would possibly ruin it

wishingW3L1713d ago

making an open world it's too much work for them, especially when they sell 20 millions every year with rehashes.