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Submitted by Johnnyzee99 940d ago | opinion piece

Envisioning The Last of Us as a Feature Film

Warning: Minor Spoilers Ahead.

The Man Cave Cinema writes; Last month, we were bestowed an impressive and gritty cinematic zombie experience. No, it wasn't World War Z. It was The Last of Us. A rare game that was both critically and commercially acclaimed, The Last of Us possesses that elusive combination of a compelling story, compelling characters and compelling gameplay.

It also draws some of its inspiration from the film world, and even though the film version of Naughty Dog's other hit franchise, Uncharted, has been languishing in development for some time, it's not a stretch to imagine that things will one day come full circle for The Last Of Us. But to do it justice as a film would require that elusive combination of the right director, the right cast and the right screenwriter. (Industry, PS3, The Last Of Us)

ShugaCane  +   941d ago
But there's already a movie adaptation. It's called Children of Men. A movie about a man protecting a girl in a ravaged world. The Fishes pretty much act as the Fireflies, and the different gangs could easily be called the Hunters. There are no infected, but without spoiling too much the plot have many similarities with that of the game. Awesome movie. You should watch it if you haven't already. Alfonso Cuaron (the director) is a genious. Some camera work in this movie will leave you speechless.
wenaldy  +   940d ago
I love cinematography aspect in this film. Long track camera is the best part (car scene, birth scene and uprising scene).
talisker  +   940d ago
Bubble for you!
Eiffel  +   940d ago
There's also The Road.
Valkyre  +   940d ago
Problem is that The Last of US's final 2 hours are a testament that it makes it completely different than both Children of Men and The Road and pretty much antyhing else out there.

And the cool thing is that The Last of Us's final moments work ONLY in the medium of videogames...

You cant really portray that on film or book... it has to be interactive when


you start shooting at the fireflies , murdering doctors and their leader who are actually trying to save humanity...

You are there suddenly, controling a "hero" and you are forced to do things you are not exactly sure you agree with. No film can do that, no book. Its different watching someone do things you question about, and controling him while he does them. Its an experience only videogames can provide.

And that is why The Last of Us cannot work as a film... that is why it is so brilliant, such a masterpiece.

Yes the game has a lot of influence from those 2 films (and the creators not only admitted it but actually put in some easter eggs to give their respects), but at the same time it uses all of those things, and actually turns everything around in its final moments.

its in those final moments that this game becomes unique, that your actions are not the ones you expected them to be, it is a very deep and emotional game that makes sense because of those final moments.

A masterpiece really and as I said, I dont want it to become a film. It cannot give you the same experience, not even in the slightest.
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GribbleGrunger  +   941d ago
I agree, Children of Men is a wonderful film. I've seen it three times.
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Inception  +   940d ago
Don't forget to watch The Road. The movie also wonderfull and ND also said they got inspired by The Road.
GribbleGrunger  +   940d ago
Got it on Blu-ray. Watched that three times too. :)
dboyc310  +   941d ago
Won't be surprised if it get's made into a feature film. God I just love the story of Joel and Ellie. I'm really hoping for a sequel.
WooHooAlex  +   940d ago
Hugh Jackman or Joel Edgerton for Joel
Dunpeal  +   940d ago
I get that people love this game. I love this game, but I don't see the need for a movie. I mean the game played exactly like a movie that pulled me along for the ride. I don't feel the need to relive the experience through live action.
jon1234  +   940d ago
god please no, dont butcher this game with a damn movie, its already a freaking movie!!!
tiffac008  +   940d ago
Not sure if a 2hr film will do this game any justice. Unless they want to do it by parts.
Inception  +   940d ago
Yeah, facing / fighting clickers by ourself are more tense rather than watching it.
tiffac008  +   940d ago
Especially when playing Ellie without any Shivs.
Concertoine  +   940d ago
TLOU wouldnt work as a film. The game itself is already so cinematic, and all the things that make TLOU stand out in the crowded zombie genre wouldnt hold as well if they turned into a movie :l
Crazay  +   940d ago
Personally I really think that it would lend itself very nicely as a TV series as opposed to a movie there's simply to much to cram into a 2.5hr movie.
sashimi  +   940d ago
Just played all the cinematic straight through -_- there are about 2hrs worth.

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