The 13 greatest decapitations in video games

GamesRadar - So it's Sunday, the 14th of July. In most parts of the world, that doesn't mean much, but in France it's Bastille Day. Commemorating the storming of the Bastille prison during the French revolution in 1789, it's roughly the equivalent of a French 4th of July, or a really gory Bank Holiday Monday if you happen to be from the UK.

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Yi-Long1711d ago

... I was a little bit disappointed that you couldn't snipe heads off in GTA4, like you could in 3. :)

Geovanny1711d ago

The Xmen one was so unnecessary.

ironfist921710d ago

Unnecessary? He's wolverine! I'd say that was pretty ballsy for a film-based tie in

SegaSaturn6691710d ago

No Valkyrie Profile 2? Come on, that was the best.

snipab8t1710d ago

Gears of war chainsaw kill!

RedSoakedSponge1710d ago

since when was that a decapitation? :/

ONESHOTV21710d ago

lol bro u don't know the rules on commenting 1 dont say any thing about Microsoft 2 don't talk about Microsoft first party games lol 3 this site is run by Sony fans and u will get disliked...... just saying im no fan or did i dislike like your comment its just how it is...

snipab8t1710d ago

Ha ha I know dude. I find it quite funny how devout some PS fanboys are!

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