First Mad Max screenshot revealed in gameplay reveal countdown

Max Max is Avalanche Studio’s (Just Cause 2) latest next-gen game. A pre-rendered trailer of the game was shown to the world at Sony’s press conference during E3. However we never got to see what the game actually looked like until now.

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Mr_Nuts1776d ago


The only thing which I'm worried about is the fact that unlike Just Cause which let you drive planes, boats, jets, variety of vehicles basically...will Mad Max let us do the same. I mean this is a world where oil supplies are low and hard to come by surely things like Planes/Jets wouldn't be in the game.

Geovanny1776d ago

I just want the same sized world from Just Cause

Mr_Nuts1776d ago

I do but the problem is with how big Just Cause 2 really needed a jet to get to one side of the map to the other. I mean a car just didn't cut it.

Hell that's why the grappling hook was good.

NewMonday1776d ago

planes, boats, jets in Mad Max?

sorry but no, this is a different game, it would break the narrative

but maybe it's OK as non-canon DLC

Anthotis1776d ago

The game is supposed to place emphasis on car combat, so the game has to be huge in order to accommodate that.

Angeljuice1775d ago

All the vehicles in the Mad Max films were cobbled together from salvaged parts, thats what made them cool. There is no reason that any vehicle couldn't be used, especially if there's an abandoned airfield. It's down to the scriptwriters'/directors discretion.

MurDocINC1775d ago

I hope this world is full of story and loot, sorta like fallout. JC worlds were pretty empty in that sense but delivered in gameplay.

ginsunuva1775d ago

They'll probably just put all of Australia.

Si_851775d ago

You do realize that Australia is the sixth largest country in world, right?

Si_851775d ago

Who on earth is disagreeing with my simple fact? Trolls...

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Hellsvacancy1776d ago

They had gyrocopter in Mad Max 2

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isarai1776d ago

Not really, Just Cause 2 had a lot of variety in vehicles, but the physics and handling were not that great and made it extremely hard to maintain control at high speeds on ground vehicles. Less vehicles means they can focus more to refine those aspects to a more responsive and satisfying result, and i'm game for that

Lisica1776d ago

Why wouldn't there be planes/jets?

There was no war, so those things were not destroyed.
It may be difficult to find them, that's all.

barb_wire1775d ago

Gas for 1 reason, the whole premise of the 'Mad Max' trilogy was that gas was completely gone.. 'Mad Max 2 (The Road Warrior)' was all about a biker gang trying to get a tanker full of gas.

There maybe be planes in the game, finding 50,000+ gallons of gas to fly it, might be another thing altogether.

Ilwrath1775d ago

The entire premise of the Road Warrior was surviving in a post-apocalyptic wasteland... post WW3

Lisica1774d ago

I see that you don't know the story of Mad Max universe. There was no WW3.

Planes and bikes do not use the same fuel. Plus, they could always add a hidden military base. This is a game, not a movie. Gameplay is a little more important.

showtimefolks1775d ago


no its mad max and that is just cause, 2 different game series set in 2 different worlds

can't wait to see the gameplay trailer, after GTA5 gameplay trailer my expections arehight now lol

ABizzel11775d ago

@Mr. Nuts

Adam Sessler already said you only get the car. They also said it's a big big world, but a lot of the things that make Mad Max "Mad Max" are missing, and don't look like they'll be in the game, maybe DLC.

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Ezz20131775d ago

what ?! pc and ps3 versions too ?!

it seem like i was under a rock

gamer2341775d ago

No offence but that was a pretty average trailer; didn't get me excited and the graphics looks underwhelming

ATi_Elite1775d ago

didn't this game come out already under the title RAGE?

LOL looks almost the same to me!

Eldyraen1775d ago

I actually got the Rage vibe from the screenshot too. Not a bad thing as liked way it looked but hopefully better consistent hq textures. Sometimes Rage textures conflicted a bit (not enough to distract while playing usually though).

I just hope this turns out fun as looks good and like the setting.

ATi_Elite1775d ago (Edited 1775d ago )


silly double post

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mafiahajeri1776d ago

Great to see good devs get good IP. This has the potential to be the next Arkham.

DeletedAcc1776d ago (Edited 1776d ago )

Looks interesting
But i want too much for ps4 now ...

C-Thunder1776d ago

Hope it's as fun as Just Cause 2 but with a more living world. JC2 felt oddly empty at times, plenty of vehicles, but the world felt oddly lifeless.

badz1491775d ago

oddly lifeless? that's the understatement of the year over there! the world in JC2 IS LIFELESS! the gameplay alone saved that game from being a total disappointment! aside from the fun gameplay, everything else like the story, dialogue, AI...are crap!

Gamesgbkiller1775d ago

Only the gameplay saved the game.

There is a lot of places in the world such as mountains and jungles you don't explore at all.

Its just right there.

I really hope this game provides more activities in every place you cross.