New Watch Dogs direct-feed screenshots

Here are some new direct-feed screenshots of Watch Dogs from the E3 demo. These screenshots are from the Playstation 4 build of the game.

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starfox791684d ago

Looks alright i'm sure xbox and wiiu will be exact.

Deividas1684d ago

Put the bong down and look again

FrigidDARKNESS1684d ago

They probably won't show the Pc and xb1 versions close to launch not sure why Ubisoft chooses to do business this way but hear is a tech analysis of the game from Digital Foundry. gitalfoundry-watch-dogs-on-ps4- tech-analysis

starfox791684d ago

10 dissagree's wow playstation version of Liksang,Nintendo should close this site down it gives them bad press after bad press on the internet........

patsrule3161684d ago

Xbox One might look like that, but no chance the Wii U does (I didn't even know this was coming to the Wii U)

Tontus1684d ago

It's an amazing looking game, especially for a huge sandbox environment. The PS4 version will be the best on consoles and it'll be very close on the Xbox One. The Wii U version will look near identical to the PS3 & Xbox 360 version, which will still look great I'm sure.

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Tatsuya 1684d ago

Sexy, can't wait to experience the game myself come November. PS4 version for me as I am looking forward to the true next-gen console experience only possible with PS4.

JunioRS1011684d ago

The best part about these screenshots is even though they look great, the ps4 exclusives will look much better still xD i'm excite mucho

Campy da Camper1684d ago

Agreed. People can argue til the cows come home about what is better but I know in my heart that when Sony 1st party exclusives start dropping next year its gonna be some of the best games I've ever seen.

Mr-SellJack1684d ago

screens are mighty impressive

Geovanny1684d ago

Looks great! It looks like they got alot of different NPC unlike in GTA 4.

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