Ubisoft Explains PS4 Version of Assassin's Creed 4, Will Have Superior Waves And Wind Simulation

"We've heard from the beginning itself that Ubisoft would be implementing extra content into the PlayStation 4 version of Assassin's Creed 4: Black Flag, developed by Ubisoft Montreal. When we asked creative director Jean Guesdon about some more details regarding the same, he clarified just what the extra content entailed."

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Ezz20131776d ago (Edited 1776d ago )

well, that's nice
hope that all 3rd party dev do the same and use the more power ps4 have

RyuCloudStrife1776d ago

I can't wait until the full power of the PS4 is unraveled already.

I planned on getting 3 launch games but now I'm getting my 4th Assassins Creed 4 after seeing this

Need4Game1776d ago

Since Xbox One is the baseline for game performance, game performance on PS4 won't have any hiccups.

Smooth gameplay on PS4 on all games, easy.

EXVirtual1776d ago

Yeah. I hope 3rd party devs take advantage of the PS4, because if not, they'd be holding themselves back. And they'd better take advantage, because they've been bitching about limitations with the current gen.

1776d ago
Crazyglues1776d ago (Edited 1776d ago )

Yeah I was going to pass on Assassin Creed 4 until I saw this trailer made with all actual Game-play - I believe someone at Ubisoft was saying in an interview that it was the PS4 version, which would explain why that water looks so amazing in that trailer, could be the increase in fidelity this article is talking about.. - -and that's not to say it won't look good on XB1

I'm just talking about from current consoles to nex gen...

Either way I'm really excited for the title now, hopefully we will get more info as we get closer to the launch..

would be cool if they did a video explaining the difference we will see in the PS4 version.

-Again just meaning from PS3 to PS4 version -like how much has the game been tweaked for nex gen

||.........___||............ ||

PSdomin8tion1776d ago

I'm all about the PS4.

I'm worried tho that just like this current gen, the more powerful PS3 was held back in the multiplat visuals (sad as well that for the first 3 years developers were lazy giving PS3 poor ports cause they had no interest in learning the advanced tech the cell offered) to keep games even with the 360.

I'm afraid MS will NOT allow developers to take the PS4 multiplats a notch above the XBox 1. Once again, Playstation fans have to be held back cause of the XBone being 50% less powerful.

But, But, the power of the cloud.

joefrost001776d ago

So I'm confused
When I heard them talking about watch dogs he worded like the xbox one had the better technical version but AC ps4
Now this is funny considering they called it extra content
What he.said.sounds more like an next gen compared to current gen type of thing but I could be wrong just funny when they give these interviews (watch dogs included) never say compared to which system knowing they two gens they are developing for
And no one giving the interview ever asks lol

SegaSaturn6691776d ago

Damn ubisoft didn't answer the question: which one will have superior CLOUDS?!

MysticStrummer1776d ago

This is the same as that other article about Watch Dogs that the MS fans seized on, except it's the other way around.

They're comparing current and next gen, not PS4 and One.

Kryptix1776d ago

Good to see developers use the power of the PS4 at launch, which is different than the PS3's launch and for many years. That easy to develop architecture is really paying off combined with the PS4s strong GPU and GDDR5 RAM. And according to Mark Cerny, there are going to be easier and better ways of developing games in the coming years. Which makes developer's jobs much less frustrating.

abzdine1776d ago (Edited 1776d ago )

did Sony on purpose design the PS4 like an eraser to erase Xbox one from the gaming world??
It's crazy what i'm hearing lately about the two consoles!!
if X1 was like 360 i would still have bought it for the gaming experiences because i dont give a damn about graphics but right now no way that could happen with all the anti consumer decisions and the middle finger MS is giving to gamers

JessiePinkmanYo1776d ago

I lost interest in the Assasins line up long ago (I know, lol) but thank you for posting this video! I have both consoles on preorder but this video and article points to me getting it on PS4. Thanks again for the post

starchild1776d ago

The PS4 is going to be excellent. I can't wait to get mine.

I might play AC4 on my PC, but if the PS4 can at least offer a decent baseline quality for multiplats (meaning no screen tearing, a solid frame rate, and decent anti-aliasing) I have always said that I might switch over to gaming more on the PS4. I guess we'll just have to wait and see.

I'm getting a PS4 no matter what, though, for the amazing exclusives.

starchild1776d ago


Don't worry about that. I guarantee that the extra power in the PS4 will be used by developers.

Developers didn't hold back PS3 versions to be equal to 360 versions. In some cases the PS3 versions were worse. In both cases it wasn't MS forcing developers to do it, it was the fact that the PS3 was harder to make games for.

And it also had more RAM eaten up by the operating system and a slightly weaker GPU. Getting the best from the PS3 required designing your game to maximally take advantage of the Cell's SPUs, which isn't easy to do in a multiplatform development environment.

The PS4 is easy to develop for and has plainly better hardware all around. Believe me when I say that you will see advantages on multiplatform games.

YNWA961776d ago

Hehehe, c'mon... Who really stops in a game and looks at the waves....also... I cannot see the wind.... Can feel it though... These articles are again just BS for hits.... Usual crap...

YNWA961776d ago

So, I am seeing a lot of regrets and acknowledgements of doing it wrong from MS.... But I see no people thinking giving them an extra chance... Sony tried to butt fvck you with PS3, said sorry and you dropped pants again.... These companies like to make money... And both have made bad mistakes.... But only one is evil, while one wants world domination by giving away stuff and being cheap??? Does not make sense to me.... But it is what it is.... Getting both on launch day.... Enjoy the gaming.... Also the other stuff on X1.... Some people do like that stuff, so do not put them down.....

RonRico1776d ago

Thanks for the link. Looks good.

Lvl_up_gamer1776d ago


Is it not clear to many people on this site that he is comparing the PS4 version to current gen consoles?

I mean really?


PunisherRevenge1776d ago

@Need4Game..."Since Xbox One is the baseline for game performance, game performance on PS4 won't have any hiccups. Smooth gameplay on PS4 on all games, easy." how soon you Sony fans

SilentNegotiator1776d ago

It appears that all of the people that made the assumption that the Xbox One Watchdog comments were comparisons to fellow 8th gen versions are now questioning what the comparison here is to.

How interesting.

mewhy321775d ago

Well let's hope that all the third party developers will make full use of the power on tap from the PS4.

Braid1775d ago (Edited 1775d ago )

I think the title is kind of misleading.

It seems to me that he's talking about "better effects" compared to the PS3 (and the other last-gen) versions. In no sentence he makes a comparison between PS4 and Xbox One. It's highly possible that the effects he's talking about will be at the same quality in the XBO version as well, while PS3/360 versions will obviously be inferior to the next-gen versions.

The title should have been "AC IV will have superior waves and wind simulation on the next-gen consoles".

gaffyh1775d ago

@Gman - You don't need to put "..." every few words in your posts, I don't think you understand what the point of it is.

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bessy671776d ago

You guys do realize they're comparing the PS3 and PS4 versions of the game, right?

CGI-Quality1776d ago

No, we don't. He never specifies what he's comparing this version to.

torchic1776d ago (Edited 1776d ago )

I think you're right.

do people still honestly think publishers allow developers to openly suggest that one company's platform has better features than another company's platform of the same game?

that crap doesn't happen anymore. Microsoft $$$ is far more valuable than appeasing a certain section of the gaming community.

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BallsEye1776d ago

You do realise tho that he didn't say that it will have superior wind etc to xbox one or pc version? It will probably be superior to xbox 360 / ps3 version. Stop dreaming.

Ezz20131776d ago (Edited 1776d ago )

no need to dream ...with more powerful specs and very friendly system

it's 3rd party dev's move now to make use of ps4 power

NumOnePS3FanBoy1776d ago

you should check out the vids provided by commenters, they seem to be running on the ps4 and it looks great. I wouldn't doubt it would look better than the xbone. Devs have no excuse now. We all know this gen 1st party sony studios showed what console was the better in terms of graphics and gameplay. Third party devs, not so much until the last couple of years of this gen

herbs1776d ago

Everyone on N4G always bickering over the little things. AC4 will look great on all current and next gen systems, PS4 has the potential to look the best ok get over it and stop arguing. The real interesting thing about this article is the Vita intigration, I wonder if its feature set will be identicle to the U's Gamepad this is what could make the PS4's version the best overall experience very cool.

ArmrdChaos1776d ago

No....there must be absolutes.

Owning superior system = being a superior person

They need this in order to define themselves.

YNWA961776d ago (Edited 1776d ago )

Thats a very Nazi style comment Armrd....

Ah crap.... That was my 3rd bubble.... I think Sony are gods, PS4 is Kate Upton in see thru lingerie.... Now please may I have more bubbles?

ArmrdChaos1776d ago

I call the behavior on this site as I see it.

If people don't like being referred to in that manner then I guess the best solution would be to quit behaving that way.

fermcr1776d ago (Edited 1776d ago )

He doesn't say if he is comparing it to the X1/PC version or the PS3/X360 version.

I thing the PC/PS4/X1 versions are going to be very similar.

1776d ago
MrMister1776d ago

I'm pretty sure Xbox One can do anything PS4 is already doing. Any way, i'm getting both.

showtimefolks1776d ago

so now almost all games can be played on Vita

nt a AC fan but have fun to those who like this series

Ju1776d ago

Every PS4 game is supposed to support this. Sony requires it.

asmith23061776d ago

Out of all people are taking from this article, this is what caught my eye: "...we do support the PS4 touchpad and Vita Remote Play, which means you will be able to play AC4 on your Vita through your PS4".

^This is freaking great :)

TheXgamerLive1776d ago

You little kids are funny, superior to the ps3 version only is what he's implying.
And just for rhe record XBOX ONE runs windows 8.1 DirectX 11.2 and has the power if the Cloud, not to mention whetherr or not the raise clock speed and or add memory. Xbox One the best games and the ONLY one running 1080p and 60fps.ut of the gate.

Seriously XBOX ONE bas 3 operating systems and it blows ls4 out of the AC water. Pun intended:-)

Ju1776d ago

Well, it's the next water cooler after all.

boneso821775d ago

@ XGamer

You do realise that you just bigged up the Xbone as best you can but failed to mention any of the hardware?

Ask any PC gamer what are the 3 most important hardware components to build a decent gaming rig and achieve the best possible visuals and frame rates, it goes as follows:

CPU, GPU, Memory...

As far as the Xbone v. PS4 goes in these three fundamental areas its a tie on CPU but PS4 has a superior GPU, by up to 50% (even with a potential overclock on Xbone) and RAM, in both quality and quantity available to games.

You sound like one of those PR knobs on stage for MS when you say things like "the power of the cloud", you really have been sucked in, do a bit of research on latency and bandwidth then reassess "the power of the cloud"...

jazzlover5111776d ago

and XOne fanboys can't acccept the truth they disagree with you

quenomamen1776d ago

But, but teh cloud, suppose to make da X1 3x more powerful !

awi59511775d ago

The stupid fanboy wars im so staying PC only this gen. Just bought me a second graphics card to complete my new Pc. Now i have to wait for BF4 to truly test it no game can touch my one card now.

AhmadCentral1775d ago

So if the PS4 version has superior wind and wave simulation, does that mean the Xbox version will have superior cloud simulation.......

I'll get my coat...

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Cuzzo631776d ago (Edited 1776d ago )

Or maybe they can do a little bit more with the better specs.
Tho it is true that they said the same about Xb1. Hmmmm both versions might be the same or one might be slightly more dynamic and better performance wise. We will see on release. Digital Fondry and Lens of Truth are quivering for the day to start the new generation skirmishes I bet

Ezz20131776d ago (Edited 1776d ago )

you didn't notice the "/s" in his comment ....did you ?!

miDnIghtEr20C_SfF1776d ago

If it's PR talk and makes the PS4 look good it's ok. If it's PR talk that makes X1 games look as good or seem better, or anything positive... it's just PR talk. :)

PirateThom1776d ago

Only because any positives said about the XBOne in a technical sense are misninformation at best and outright lies at worst.

fsfsxii1776d ago

Did i mention anything about the X1?
Oh, i see, the troll regained his bubbles.

SephirothX211776d ago

X1 will have a better graphics API. DirectX 11.2 allows texture tiling which will massively cut down the amount of gpu memory needed to handle textures by splitting up textures and only loading segments that are being rendered in a given frame.
Though PS4's better hardware will allow games that are not possible on X1. Its basically a mid-range PC vs a low-end PC. Kinect 2 will be good for my own motion capture for my own game engine. Though I will get PS4.

AceBlazer131776d ago

it's about credibility microsoft has lost a lot since xbone reveal .ppl are gonna call bs on their claims. think of it like this a drunken crack ho tells u an object in motion stay in motion ur gonna call bs but if ur physics teacher tells u u'll believe them

Ju1776d ago

"graphics tiling" is just used to overcome bandwidth limitation which the PS4 doesn't have. Even in the worst case the PS4 reads textures @176GB/s - from anywhere in it's 8GB memory. The X1 reads 100GB/s at best if the tile is in ESRAM cache and "hopes" it doesn't need to fill the missing tiles (@68GB/s). So even without a single miss we are talking 100GB/s max vs. 176. (and with all wizzardery maybe 133GB/s - but this includes write cycles as well).

There is nothing superior in the X1 or in DX11.2. Both support compute shaders in the render pipeline and yet, the PS4 has more compute sources to begin with.

If games look the same, at first than those simply haven't been optimized for either platform. And I sure believe devs will find tricks to maximize the X1's performance - and so will they do with the PS4. Only, those 40% advantage is a constant. If you add it for the One so will do the PS4.

XtraTrstrL1776d ago

@SephirothX21, The DX 11.2 texture tiling is them just catching back up.

It's already been mentioned long ago that the PS4 will be doing something similar to John Carmack's mega-textures used in Rage, but through hardware, which is basically what DX 11.2 is trying to parallel.

So, basically, no, X1 will not have a better graphics API. It's been mentioned many times that PS4 is way ahead of X1 in terms of the APIs, and this is another case of X1 just playing catchup.

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Gamers_United1776d ago

Lmfao ya right as if man this PR talk doesn't end

Bluepowerzz1776d ago (Edited 1776d ago )

so yeah lets not believe what a guy whos working on the game is saying and believe in a xbox fanboy who is uninformed and choses to side with a company who wants to demolish gaming as we know it. @ poor hardware wtf/

Gamers_United1776d ago

This comment made me laugh so hard lol what meds are you on ??

I know your still hurting because Xbox One has the cloud power and PS4 has poor hardware installed on it

its ok the truth hurts sometimes son

mega311776d ago

well lets be fair ps fanboys dont believe what developers say about the xbox one.

If a developer talks about good things in the Xbox, its just PR talk, but when a developer says something positive about the PS4 its perfect and its true, and its powerful.

Ladies and Gentleman, ANOTHER 180 :)

Thegamer411776d ago

@ Gamers_United
Yes the truth does hurt and we can all see it from your deluded comments.
When people resort to "cloud power" and blatant lies like "PS4 has poor hardware installed on it" you could tell they are butt hurt, made my day xD

xHeavYx1776d ago

@ Gamers
New trolling account detected!
PS4 is clearly superior, but hey, maybe you'll get some breakthrough Kinect function like.... I don't know, singing?
"yoho, yoho, the pirate's life's for me"

Sevir1776d ago

Cloud power verses "poor hardware"? lmaoo

The cloud power of MS's console is nothing but multiplayer dedicated servers, and every Dev who has a gaming coming for the platform says it's just that.

Destiny on PS4 runs on the cloud... Heavily, as does Killzone, Driveclub Battlefield and COD... Get over it...

The PS4 has brute force and Developers don't need a marketing ploy as an excuse for the performance of their software because it just performs well.

Multiplatform games will be better on the PS4 as will the exclusives.

nades_all_night1776d ago

I find it funny that anyone with any knowledge of tech could say the cloud that Xbox is using is some revolutionary and hardware enhancing feature! It's little more than suit speak being spewed by MS. I completely agree with sevir and those of you that have an elementary understanding of " the cloud".

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XtraTrstrL1776d ago

LOL @ teh cloud power. You mention the poor hardware installed on the PS4, yet you are an Xbone fan? Did you not know that the PS4 has a GPU that contains 50% more raw power than the Xbone? It also has 8GB fully unified GDDR5 ram compared to Xbone's 8GB DDR3 ram, which is not particularly good for graphics processing, and they make up for it with a tiny 32mb eSRAM, which makes Xbone more complex to program for.

The PS4 will outperform Xbone easily in exclusives and multiplatform games this time around with it's ease of use. Xbone's cloud is also very limited in the types of significant performance boost in can lend to games, it definitely won't make graphics prettier. Also, whatever little it does to help in games, will only be done while online. I rather all the significant power of my console be in the box, and not reliant on some online source.

Bottom Line: Xbone is clearly the weaker & less game-centric console of the 2.

It's ok though, the truth hurts sometimes son.

thexmanone1776d ago

So MS announced the specs of the xbox one? Can you give me a link to that information? I can`t seem to find it anywhere on the net.

sic_chops1776d ago

^ there is a reason they are hiding the specs from you. Wake up.

thexmanone1776d ago (Edited 1776d ago )

@sic_chops That's right, maybe XtraTrstrL should wake up and not post until we get the facts and not rumors about the specs.

Ju1776d ago

Actually, I have a perfect example where the PS4 will beat any platform on the market. It actually makes sense to implement memclr/memset/memcpy using the GPU ;) Incl. the X1 or any PC available. LOL

christrules00411775d ago

@thexmanone Yeah MS accidently announced it. It's 768 shaders on 12 compute cores.

Here is an article on the speed of the Xbox One's GPU as well. Considering when they announced the 88% increase since it was both writing and reading it was actually half of what they said it is so underclocking to 750mhz makes sense. Here is an article with the math though.