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The Most Ambitious Assassin’s Creed Yet?

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ab5olut10n1112d ago

is he a pirate ninja or a ninja pirate?

CrossingEden1112d ago

neither, assassin's aren't ninjas

ZBlacktt1112d ago

That's exactly what ninjas are, assassin's

CrossingEden1112d ago

@zblacktt, the only people who actually believe that ACTUAL ninjas were assassins are the uniformed who never studied up on the subject

NihonjinChick1112d ago

Actually, there were some Ninja that were assassins. During the Sengoku period ninja had many functions. This includes espionage, infiltration, sabotage, and yes, being an assassin.

mgszelda11112d ago

Next Gen gameplay... really. Prettier graphics and better loading is hardly a step into next gen.
How about better AI. Newer ideas. Ubisoft looks to be taking the safe route and making the main character more like Ezio. I don't want another Ezio