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Submitted by Pandemic 867d ago | article

Digital Foundry - Tech Analysis: Watch Dogs on PlayStation 4

How well does cutting-edge PC code translate to next-gen console? (PC, PS4, Watch Dogs)

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FrigidDARKNESS  +   867d ago
Digital Foundry is spot on the ps4 visuals they have been downgraded compared to last year e3 demo.
CGI-Quality  +   867d ago
You left out the lovely part where they also mention, pretty common knowledge, that the demo running last year was on high-end PCs.

Edit: Disagreeing with fact doesn't make it wrong. :)
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wishingW3L  +   867d ago
disagree because these are new consoles that nobody know how powerful they really are so saying that the demo ran on a high-end PC is irrelevant. He just said that last year's demo looked much better than PS4's demo and that is the truth regardless of your spin.
NewMonday  +   867d ago
so it will be PC vs PS4 this generation and XBone is out of the game.
sorane  +   867d ago
CGI is right. I mean if it looks and runs this much better on old PC hardware I can only imagine how good it's gonna be on my new GPU that hasn't even been released yet! I'm getting excited :)
ABizzel1  +   867d ago
Basically the high-end PC version looks the best graphically (normal advantages, better shadows, depth of field, etc..., just not as bad as PS360 vs. PC). Watchdogs and likely most other 3rd party games are being build on high-end PC's and being ported to other consoles. PS4 version is still in development, as they try to improve all aspect by launch.

Basically right now the PS4 version is the PC version on medium settings running in 1080p @ 30fps (my guess is the goal is 1080p @ 30fps high settings).

PS360 and Wii U versions might have a large and noticeable downgrade in overall graphic fidelity.
justastranger10  +   867d ago
Xbox One already looks better because of the cloud. Even respawn says Azure cloud gives the X1 an advantage over PCs and definitely over PS4. Repsawn stated PS4 can't run titanfall.
Gaming_Guru  +   867d ago
At: justastranger10

Do you realize if the PS4 can't run Titanfall and the XBOX ONE needs cloud computing to run it than XBOX ONE is back to being always online and the XBOX ONE can't handle Titanfall offline, lol?

Just to let you know cloud computing can happen on any platform, even PC if developers wanted to.
HammadTheBeast  +   867d ago
Titanfall runs on PC and.... wait for it.... Xbox 360?

gtfo pl0x

Titanfall barely makes the next-gen cut, it's graphics are nothing to boast about.
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CGI-Quality  +   867d ago
@ wishing: I'd advise you to look up "spin".
Gamingisfornerds  +   867d ago
Indeed. Some of the latest footage is downright shocking. Doesn't strike me as a limitation of the PS4 though...I mean, just look at The Division.

It does have its moments, but the visuals have been all over the place in the Watch Dogs footage shown so far.

Art is very nicely done though. The city looks like an actual city and not just a collection of buildings and roads thrown together like some open world games out there (Prototype, Saints Row, Just Cause to name a few).
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wishingW3L  +   867d ago
I find funny that the fanboys of this site are so hardcore that even with the proof in front of their face they still dare to disagree with your comment. N4G's users are just plain ridiculous.
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CGI-Quality  +   866d ago
Tell us, since all you've done is piggyback others' opinions, what makes fact-giving ridiculous? Why compare high-end PC footage to year later, weaker console footage and claim the comparison to be reasonable when speaking of lesser visuals? OF COURSE the better-speced machine will offer better results.
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Masterdon   867d ago | Spam
iamnsuperman  +   867d ago
Should we be surprised. I mean its seems to just be a straight crappy port. Similar to what has plagued the PC platform for many years now. Its not entirely their fault, being new systems and all, but we are going to have to wait a year before the developers get a grip with these systems
Masterdon   867d ago | Spam
GribbleGrunger  +   867d ago
@Masterdon: Just how much have you spent over the years to get your PC where it is now? By all means buy the next GPU, and the one after that, and the one after that ... Console owners don't want PCs because we like to have more games and play them on our TV. I don't go into PC threads so why do you feel it necessary to come into PS4 threads? It's just weird. The PS3 is still powerful enough for my needs and so it will be the same for the PS4.
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JunioRS101  +   867d ago
compare PS4 to a PC that costs $400

Lol of course the PS4 has weaker graphics than this years high end PCs, but a single graphics card would cost more that a PS4 bundle so no thanks this can just be about X1 vs PS4 PC is dope but too expensive.
aquamala  +   867d ago
they are not using a $1000 Titan here, it's GTX 680, costs around $400 today.

you forgot the $50 a year to play online on PS4, over say 8 years add $400 to the cost. You can certainly build a PC with a GTX 680 for $800, so no, PC gaming is not more expensive.
JunioRS101  +   867d ago
@ aquamala

Haha, you sound silly. Add the price of a mouse/keyboard, a motherboard, RAM, adequate processor, a hard drive, a disk drive... You think that's less than $400? Yeah, and I'M the dumb ass...
starchild  +   867d ago

You're the one that can't read apparently. He said that you can build a good PC for $800, and he is right. That PC would include all the stuff you listed.

His point was that once you factor in the $50 a year to play games online, the cost of the PS4 over its lifetime would easily be equal to the PC.

PC gaming over the long term is not more expensive than console gaming. It only costs more upfront. But sometimes you have to pay more to get more. If cost were the only consideration we would all be gaming on the Wii U.
Tatsuya  +   867d ago
Who gives a shit about PC gaming? This is a console thread fool. News flash, I've got a kick ass rig with GTX 680. But PS4 is my lead gaming platform next gen. So I want it to be the best and it damn will be!
Cuzzo63  +   866d ago
What about adding the virus progams that needs to be bought. Renewing subscriptions a year cost what?. Will windows vista run this. Will I need to up my ram, cpu or gpu. Come on dude. Will your computer now be obsolete in 5 years... come on you pc guys are getting really crazy about this lol.

With all the maintenance and updates, renewing licenses for programs. How much do u spend a year for your pc. Lol. You guys are getting really pathetic. Funny thing is we all kno the pc is more powerful than consoles, so why da fuq do we have to go thru brainwashing techniques in every article lol over this pc console thing. Its like somebody is holding ur family hostage and you gotta go into every article to promote your personal rig lol.
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stone_cold  +   867d ago
Ps4 wins
Dunpeal  +   867d ago
honestly, to me, this game does not scream next gen. i'm not onboard the hype train for this game
Qrphe  +   867d ago
This game was never impressive-looking, graphically at least.
hulk_bash1987  +   867d ago
You sir need to get your eyes check and fast.
hulk_bash1987  +   867d ago
So what exactly "screams" next-gen for you?
fsfsxii  +   867d ago
Dunpeal  +   866d ago
Destiny screams next gen to me, but that's probably another year away. Nothing at launch really grabs my fancy. Second Son and Shadowfall look cool i guess, but i'm not excited. If that game The Order looks, in real time, like anything that was shown in that trailer then that would pique my interest.

I don't need photorealism, but when NPC models still seem rather blocky that just doesn't seem like a leap adequate for next gen

this is all my opinion, of course
sorane  +   867d ago
If you care so much about graphics get a PC. It's pretty simple.
GamingTruth  +   867d ago
ill get a ps4 and a ps3 those have better looking games to me than photorealism
sorane  +   867d ago
You should think before you post because you make no sense at all. At least have mommy and daddy check your post over before hitting the reply button.....
1lawrence  +   867d ago
I wonder y no multi plats running on xbox one to show of there games even the sick game division ran on ps4 I know y but don't want to hurt nobody feelings
Sevir  +   867d ago
Ubisoft has a great relationship with Sony, but I believe that's why they lead development of console versions with the PS4.

The Division though being Next Gen only and being Open world looks better than Watch_Dogs. I can't wait. It looks impressive.

I think though the reason why All of Ubisofts games were demonstrated on PS4 was because of the exclusive partnership they signed with Sony. Much like the partnership MS signed with Activision and EA for Battlefield and COD..
Ju  +   867d ago
I think the reason these games were shown on the PS4 was simply because devkits have been available longer to devs than X1 dev kits and with that the game is just further along on the PS4. PS4 to X1 dev kits had a ratio of 5:1 (or something) in Jan. Sony pushed those out like crazy this time.
Sevir  +   867d ago
That's only partly True though Ju... EA's conference was dominated by Xbox One controllers, every game in EA's conference that was releasing this year on Xbox One and PS4, was played on either a PC using Xbox one controllers or the Xbox One Devkits. It's really all about marketing and Partnerships, Every year we see Sony Partner up with Ubisoft to market and Demonstrate there big franchises on the PS Platform and EA also did the same last year with Sony. While MS had been working with Konami, Capcom, and Activision.

Next year the Division will be demonstrated again at E3 with The PS4 and it'll continue to be proof that platform holders partner with Publishers to demonstrate big Multiplatform games on their platform to form brand association.
Ju  +   867d ago
Of course they do. Alliances are forged between publishers and developers. EA showed everything on XBox - but their Gen4 runs the same on the PS4 - since forever. And EA didn't show any new IP. Everything is based on their legacy engines. Have to look at their Ignite engine what's really new.

They did a fantastic job on the render back end in NCAA and next Madden. Ignite doesn't mean they re-wrote everything from scratch. And how EA works is, that they do not build for a specific platform. This was sure a business deal.

However, I am sure, The Division and Watch Dogs has been in development far longer - and appears to have quite some new tech built for it. That said, the earlier they'd get dev kits the better the chance to show it on the platform. And Sony was no doubt earlier. Quite a bit. And if it works and Sony is a great partner (which I assume is also a reason we saw PS4 footage) why change?
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mrmancs  +   867d ago
PC lead platform
... And we are surprised?
First let's compare the finished article , next, let's see a ps4 lead platform game and then compare it to a PC... Oops we won't will we , ps4 lead platform games will be exclusives... Oh well.
Two disagrees up to now off ppl who don't like the truth? Wow.
#5 (Edited 867d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(6) | Report | Reply
it should be lead. Its king of x86.

dips to 28fps on ps4.

In the end PS will have the best games compared to pc again.

The last of us > most pc games in the last 5 years..

let them hav grpahics and u enjoy infamous.

pcs best looking AAA game is a crowd funded space game.
#5.1 (Edited 867d ago ) | Agree(12) | Disagree(8) | Report | Reply
mrmancs  +   867d ago
Totally agree , and besides , this particular game isn't that high on my ps4 first games to get list... Much more tastier morsels coming ps4 way... :-)
starchild  +   867d ago
Or how about I'll own a PS4 and a PC and enjoy the best of both worlds? Yeah..
Sevir  +   867d ago
From the footage it seems like a minor downgrade, with weather and anti aliasing and some depth of field effects, beyond that the PC version doesn't look insanely more impressive, which stands to reason.

Watch_Dogs being a cross gen game and being a launch title for the PS4 keeps up well with the 2012 High End PC version. What I want to see is Digital Foundary compare the PS4 and Xbox One versions head to head. It should be a foregone conclusion that the PC beats PS4 and XBOX One in raw performance...

Lets see the comparison for the Xbox one verses the PS4.
windblowsagain  +   867d ago
PC footage was topend when it was shown.

PS4/ETC does not run on DX.

Still long way to go and things need converting over.

DOF is nothing special these days, and DF try and make it seem like a big deal.

Best DOF, Uncharted - Yes a PS3 game.

Compare finished game to full pc demo.
well on console graphics get better and more optimized over time on pc graphics get better then u upgrade.

PC's biggest win is actually frame rate to me.

When u have to slow things down to notice differences then meh.

Also I wonder if the pc demo was on a $400 pc?

let be fair..
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aquamala  +   867d ago
"Similar to many multi-platform titles targeting next-gen hardware, Watch Dogs was initially demoed using high-end PCs, rumoured to be using Nvidia GeForce GTX 680 graphics cards" ... "Given the raw power in these PC-based set-ups is much greater than either of the next-gen systems, there is some concern that what people were seeing might not have been representative of the final product"

"the image quality on the PS4 version of Watch Dogs does indeed look slightly less refined than in the previous PC demo"

"there are some clear examples where certain features have been scaled back. Depth of field is used more often in the older PC demo, and to greater effect, while the appearance of ambient lighting and shadowing also seems toned down on the PS4, reducing depth and visual flair across the scene"

"we should be prepared for differences between PC and console titles which may not necessarily result in superior console versions. In the case of Watch Dogs, the switch to PS4 hardware means a few drawbacks compared to year-old PC code"
MysticStrummer  +   867d ago
I don't know why anyone is shocked. We knew after E3 2012 that those demos were run on high end PCs. The PS4 version looks closer to that than I thought it would so no problem. I'm interested to see what the PS3 and 360 versions look like, even though I won't be playing either one.
Destrania  +   867d ago
They really should be waiting to do comparisons until the actual consoles are out, just saying.
Corpser  +   867d ago
We are only 3-4 months away , these launch games need to be close to be finished
mrmancs  +   867d ago
I just said that also and got disagrees...god forbid the ps4 match the master races version....
Corpser  +   867d ago
Where are the people that think ps4 can match high end PCs? It's clearly more like a mid range pc today
GamingTruth  +   867d ago
well ps3 and even ps4 games look better than anything ive seen from pc so i have a hard time seeing what you say as true
#10.1 (Edited 867d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(11) | Report | Reply
sorane  +   867d ago
You must have eye problems then. I can recommend a good eye doctor if you need.....
GamingTruth  +   867d ago
or im not a pc fanboy and im black i dont have nerd vision then again i understand games with art dont look good compared to games with photorealism like pc games photorealism graphics aim games are the only ones that look good on pc pc always gets raped by playstation platforms in art vs art graphics playstation platforms since ps3 have ushered in the cgi leveled graphics era pc just has tons and tons of motion blur
Pandamobile  +   867d ago
Do you actually believe the crap that you type? I mean wow... I'm going to give you the benefit of the doubt and assume that you're actually a somewhat intelligent person who likes to come up with retarded opinions to troll everyone.

...or is that not actually the case?
#10.1.3 (Edited 867d ago ) | Agree(4) | Disagree(1) | Report
starchild  +   867d ago
You have crappy vision then. All games combine art and technology. No PC game is completely photorealistic.

The fact is, while some PS3 exclusives do look very good, they still don't look as good as the best games on PC. And no console games have the image quality and framerate that you get on a decent PC.
GamingTruth  +   867d ago
i know starchild and pandemobile it hurts that everyone isnt a pc nerd and fanboy its not crap i type im just not a pc fan and youre mad you come here in non pc related articles and boast about pc and you expect everyone here to agree with you sadly this site is the pc fanboy camp and youll get tons of supporters to agree with you nomatter how untrue the crap you type is
ZBlacktt  +   867d ago
Agreed, the PS4 will never match the cost of high end PC's of today.
esemce  +   867d ago
I will probably play this and most multiplats on PC, my PS4 will be mainly for exclusives or for online games that friends have.
ZBlacktt  +   867d ago
Show us the XBox One game. Oh that's right, they used PC's to show their games at E3.
Whitey2k  +   867d ago
U do realise that watch dogs is only using 4gigs of its gddr5 right? And thats pretty impressive but down the line like the ps3 did it will make the pc run for its money like killzone n Last of us as n example
Pandamobile  +   867d ago
More RAM =/= better graphics. If the GPU is already computing at capacity, throwing more memory usage into the mix isn't going to do anything but slow down the entire rendering pipeline.
ZBlacktt  +   867d ago
On this forum. Nobody screen names know more then multi billion companies that mass produces the products in which we all get to enjoy.
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j4re  +   867d ago
Ugh... I wish I hadn't watched that.
brich233  +   867d ago
Ofcourse the PS4 version is going to be inferior to the Pc version.

PC has High End Graphics Card, High end CPU, vs
Ps4's Medium graphics Card, Low end Cpu.

...and as far as 8gb of GDDR5, GO JUMP. It doest make grapichs look better Sony Fanboys. GOOOOO Jump!!!
jay2  +   867d ago
Delete please. messed up with a typo and got a new post.
#16 (Edited 867d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
jay2  +   867d ago
Oh COME ON! 5 yr old hardware won't look as good as current PC Hardware.............
windblowsagain  +   867d ago
Nobody doubts when push comes to shove, You can up a PC graphics wise, higher rez,aa etc.

But with PS4, it'll look 99% the same.

You can bitch about it all day.

PS3/360 versions of BF3 look amazing for a machine with less then 512mb to work with.

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