Ashes Cricket 2013 System Requirements Announced

CricketGaming: 505 Games have posted the PC System Requirements for Ashes Cricket 2013.

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sunnygrg1772d ago

Just give us a freaking release date already >_<

Stoppokingme1772d ago

Cricket games have been okay at best.

But if you love cricket you'll buy it anyway, I just hope it's more polished then previous versions.

angynagpal1771d ago

Have you seen the screenshots they released? Its a joke!

fOrlOnhOpe571772d ago

Never bought a cricket game but I am tempted. Must admit I could use the exercise :-)

angynagpal1771d ago

Nah...Il wait for Big Ant's Cricket 2014. It would be releasing before October 2013, and is a much much much superior cricket game. Infact it looks like the cricket game we all have dreamt about!!

They even have a beta out for their creation tool and it is one of the most comprehensive creation tools ever for a cricket game!

Here is a link from planet cricket on this game: