The Last of Us review | ABS-CBN News

Sony’s PlayStation 3 is on its way out and The Last of Us, its latest horror-survival game, is the perfect swan song for this generation's gaming console. Game developer Naughty Dog, makers of the highly successful Uncharted Series has created yet another masterpiece.

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VsAssassin1774d ago

ABS-CBN news is one of the Philippines' top news channels. I hope the Philippine media gives more attention to games given this news site is starting to do so.

strigoi8141774d ago

The Last of Us art director is a Filipino.

VsAssassin1774d ago

Yeah, Erick Pangilinan is his name right? Go, pinoys!

jorellpogi1774d ago

The best seller in the Philippines for four weeks now. TLOU is truly a masterpiece.