Microsoft Forgot the Golden Rule: Customer Service is Everything

Gi - It’s not the fact that Microsoft decided to take the Xbox and turn it into a device that requires a constant and consistent Internet connection. Nor is it the fact that Microsoft has begun to focus more on partnerships and applications than actual video games. The $499 price tag, along with the digital rights management technology that Microsoft was going to utilized and has since flip-flopped on the issue has caused many grumbles among gamers, but that too is not the problem with Xbox One. When all the grumbles and groans silence, the true problem is clear. The problem with the Xbox One is Microsoft.

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Godmars2901741d ago

Are they even aware of such?

Mr_Nuts1741d ago (Edited 1741d ago )

Of course...however they just see us as massive dollar bills that don't speak

MicDude1741d ago (Edited 1741d ago )

That's any business bud, you all treat Sony like they are Saints. The fact of the matter is they made the right decisions; there is no doubt in my mind about that. However, Sony made those decisions because they see it as the best way to positively affect their bottom line.

If you disagree please explain why.

Godmars2901741d ago (Edited 1741d ago )

There should be more than enough examples of how MS and Sony are different companies. That one tries to give you your money's worth for buying their product, while the other wants more of your money to use the product you bought from them.

It really shouldn't take more examples than that, but then you refuse to see any flaws in what MS does.

Sayai jin1741d ago

Godmars are you speaking of MS and Sony companies as a whole?

Godmars2901741d ago

@Sayai jin:
of course not. Sony has their instances of trying and succeeding at screwing over consumers, and MS has done some honestly good things.

It just that as far as gaming or their media box initiative, ill-will and misrepresentation seems to pool around the Xbox division.

MicDude1741d ago

First, did I ever say Microsoft wasn't flawed? No. What I'm saying is Sony looks at customers the same way Microsoft does. We are all looked at as potential profit. All businesses exist for the sole purpose of making money,and you are naive if you believe otherwise.

Remember a few years ago when the PS3 was announced at a launch for $599 and they basically told people to 'get a second job?' It was a disaster. Microsoft is going through the same shit now. Microsoft has begun to correct mistakes by removing the DRM and putting a fresh face in charge (Give her a chance) They will rebound from this just like Sony did.

If I am wrong and fanboyism and stubbornness kills the Xbox then you can say bye bye to gaming consoles as a whole because there will be no competition and no reason to innovate. Competition is what drives a company to make awesome product because they could potentially lose profit to competitors.

Mr_Nuts1741d ago

Why is it people like MicDude who defend the crap out of MS have only joined this site in the past few days

Godmars2901741d ago (Edited 1741d ago )

I said you refuse to see flaws, and you do. To you MS and Sony treat consumers *exactly* the same. And yet where MS does something like XBL and puts all of its features behind a paywall forcing a Silver account to buy Gold if they want to use Netflix on the system, on the PS3 anyone can use Netflix without any additional fees. That's why the service is more popular on the PS3 than 360, the PS3 is reportedly by Netflix themselves the most used on the PS3, despite at one time the 360 had the service exclusively to itself for almost a year. Despite the 360's over 20 million install base advantage in the US.

Likewise the PS3's $600 price was a balance between the 360, and standalone Blu-ray players which at the time cost around a $1000.

Meanwhile with the 360, there was smoke and mirrors BS that it was far cheaper. The Arcade SKUs which required overly expensive, MS-only, HDDs. MS bemoaning the future-proofing of Blu-ray left and right while they're still implementing changes to how installs are done from DVD which only inconvenience some 360 owners. Ones who bought Arcade SKUs and systems with small HDDs. And the XB1, as it was and even as it is, does worse than inconvenience some consumers - it outright excludes them.

Were MS to leave consoles now as they look more to their needs than consumers and even the industry as a whole, it would be a good thing. Sony learned their from their mistakes with the PS3, which really had nothing to do with the price, and Google Apple and even Nintendo can give them the good kind of competition which all need to make good games.

Not the bad kind that created achievements and trophies, which artificially lengthen games while often making playing them chores rather than fun, or has born such division among gamers as these past few console gens.

Screw you for making me write all this crap, cause you're not going to admit to any of it!

Sayai jin1740d ago

@Godmars290 - Oh ok. My question was for clarity on your comment not trolling. thx

MicDude1739d ago (Edited 1739d ago )

I honestly don't know why I try. In a nutshell I got labeled a fanboy for not bashing the Xbox and questioning your loyalty for Sony instead.

The Xbox and Microsoft are far from flawless. The rewards system is garbage. Games on Demand are overpriced. (I don't buy them unless they are on sell.) More should be offered with the Gold Subscription like discounted DLC and games, or maybe a Netflix of Hulu subscription included, and those apps should not require Gold to access those apps. So yes there is plenty of room for improvement.

Screw this shit. Complete waste of time trying to debate with others who refuse to see the other side of the argument.

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3-4-51741d ago

They thought they had more leverage than they really had and became arrogant about it.

What happened after proves they aren't as smart as they think they are.

When somebody offers another option, people then have a choice.

I'm a huge Xbox fan but I'm not sure I can buy the next one. I have a feeling more RPG's will end up on the PS4 and that is kind of what I'm interested in playing.

I already play FPS and sports games those will be on both Consoles.

Urusernamesucks1741d ago

What aload of crap,

The golden rule is income. It applies to everyone.

iceman061740d ago

You have confused the ends with the means. Every business is out to make profit (as income must be balanced with operation cost and risks). However, the means to that end is that consumers must be satisfied or there will be no profit. If what you are supplying is not being demanded by consumers, then the value of your supply and eventually your company will drop and you will be forced to either create a new product or close up shop. So, in essence, the Golden Rule of business really is about customer satisfaction.

Urusernamesucks1740d ago

^^exactly the only motive to satisfy your Costumer is to get their money. The main goal has always been income. I Don't know a Business that only wants laughing and cheerful Customers without getting their hands on their pokets.

Insomnia_841741d ago (Edited 1741d ago )

They didn't forget, they know! They just don't give a f*** as long as it gives them money, isn't that clear enough with the 180 after seeing the pre-order results? If selling you a faulty product in 2005, the recent XB1 mess, the constant lying and misinformation like the snap thing and "game sharing" is not proof enough, then I don't know what is.

CalibriSerif1741d ago

I'm happy that gamers have united and taught Microsoft a valuable lesson in customer care. I forgave (and forget) them about RROD fiasco but this time, they won't get away with their greed. I am for PS4 this generation and they have to convince me again how to trust them (NSA, kinect spy, etc.)

shorty74a1741d ago

Be happy that their is a choice. Having Microsoft and Sony around is good for gamers. They keep price in check.

Axonometri1741d ago

In USA? CS is all bit dead in US. It goes hand in hand with majority of public curtesy. 25% people have traditional values... 1% upper businessmen have a sole.

Fireseed1741d ago

O% of these statistics are authentic.

videogames1741d ago

exactly and that why they are failing.Bill Gates Era was all about customers, but now Microsoft only see money not gamer's, not there products and rules.

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