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Submitted by 360ICE 945d ago | opinion piece

Xbox One Dev Admits: I Can’t Count to 11

During an “Ask me Anything”-session on Reddit the Xbox One developer revealed that when tasked with mapping the hardware limitations of the new Kinect camera, he found that the device had more features than he was able to count. (Culture, Xbox One)

Update This is satire!

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360ICE  +   945d ago
I'll just go ahead and say that it's satire right away. The website links to the original story.
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laura14collins   945d ago | Spam
Burrito26a  +   945d ago
Good stuff.
Tommykrem  +   945d ago
Very funny, I have to say!
Insomnia_84  +   945d ago
goldwyncq  +   945d ago
At least that dev can count beyond two, unlike some guy out there...
Ezz2013  +   945d ago
well then good thing they named xbox ...ONE
jXales  +   945d ago
that was actually a funny read :D
Lboogieskells  +   945d ago
What does he mean by Count to eleven? At first I thought he was speaking metaphorically, but now I'm confused.
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devwan  +   945d ago
"Thanks to the infinite power of the cloud, the Xbox One will definitely be able to count to eleven at some point."

When that day comes, take it all back Sony fanbois! Eat your words!!11
jeffgoldwin  +   945d ago
As much as fanboys are foaming at the mouth over the headline, it was just a joke. Save yourself the time wasted on clicking on the link.
Hicken  +   945d ago
Who's foaming at the mouth? Everybody in here is laughing at it, not taking it seriously.

Except you and Nocando and a handful of others who think "Sony fanboys" are taking it seriously.

Imagine that.
jeffgoldwin  +   944d ago
^^^sony fanboy who foams at the mouth at a dig on Sony. Then claims it to be laughing at joke when its a MS troll.

You have to appreciate the irony with that.
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Hicken  +   944d ago
So... you accuse people of doing something.

Someone points out to you that NO ONE is doing what you're accusing.

That becomes proof of how they're doing exactly what you say they're doing.

You finish it up with claim of irony.

I'm sure you don't see it, but there's something wrong with your thinking.
Lboogieskells  +   945d ago
nevermind lol
pabadamus1  +   945d ago
? That was stupid. Had to read the whole thing to realize it was poking fun.
devwan  +   945d ago
2nd paragraph "Kinect-features such as ‘tracing individual fingers’ and ‘watching you while you sleep’", surely the game was up at that point?
pabadamus1  +   945d ago
Lol. I thought those were legitimate features. I mean, it has night vision, the ability to recognize emotions, read your heart rate and gauge levels of interest. Is it far fetched to believe there isn't some data to be gleaned from watching us sleep? I dunno. Maybe I was a little slow on the uptake.
devwan  +   945d ago
:) Maybe. Who knows though, it might listen to you talk in your sleep and target some suitable advertising your way in the morning? Seems legit.
StockpileTom  +   944d ago
lmao imagine that... Xbox sleep study... diagnose sleep apnea and other sleep conditions!
RedHawkX  +   945d ago
he cant count to 11? Then I'm gonna give him to the count of ten to get your ugly, yelluh, no-good keister off my property...?
before I pump your guts full of lead!

1.....2.... 10!!!!
DragonKnight  +   945d ago
Developers with Filthy Souls.
N4realGMRZ  +   945d ago
Sony Fan grasping on straws ....I hope all of them take a minute to reflect on how silly they are sometimes......the fact that the article needed to be updated as satire says volume about this group.......
dcj0524  +   945d ago
Volumes of BIG......BLACK........ devices. Except for ps1. He had to be all gray and special.
RedHawkX  +   944d ago
if you want them clicks and site money and such you need to please playstation gamers only. its called survival. these sites better learn that quick. xbox is done time for the playstation to shine yet again.
fsydow1  +   945d ago
The power of the clouds, damn these idiots never stop. Remember not everyone has a constant internet connection or can afford it. How is the power of the clouds gonna help you when you in a remote area playing games offline,stop this cloud crap please.
ironwolf  +   945d ago
Haven't read the article or the comments, have you fanboy?
jeffgoldwin  +   945d ago
Everyone who is relevant to next gen gaming has the internet. Sure there's prolly a handful that fall thru the cracks, but can't ever, ever please everyone, everytime. If you cant afford/live in some weirdo place, chances are you cant afford next gen gaming anyways.
fsydow1  +   945d ago
So if I don't have an internet connection and I play my games offline, my version will be gimped,is that what the Xbone is about.then helllll no on my behalf.
Dead_Cell   945d ago | Personal attack | show
hazelamy  +   945d ago
my favourite line.
"The Pixeled Courier has not been able to find a precise definition of how much power ‘infinite’ is, but it is heavily rumored to be considerably bigger than eleven."
shadowmist13  +   945d ago
Big difference between lazy and stupid,they dont wany to count beyond ten because then they are working hard...lazy,people called me stupid at school and then one day i wanted to prove i was just lazy so then i started studying and i actually did well hahaha,big difference between to stupid to count and to lazy to count lol.
ironwolf  +   945d ago
Based on your irrelevant comment to this thread, Those people were apparently right.
sonic989  +   945d ago
" watch you while you sleep " ??????
Williamson  +   945d ago
So that's why they went from 360 to 1.
jackdaddy  +   945d ago
Probably posted by an xbox fan who has evolved a sense of irony...
kungfuian  +   945d ago
For those younger members the 11 comment is a reference to spinal tap the movie which is a mockumentary of an old metal band. Great very funny movie. Here's a link to the 11 part for ref.
H0RSE  +   945d ago
It's sad that people have to be told when something is satire. It's even sadder when those people are upset at that fact, because they were really anxious to post negative comments.
Goro  +   945d ago
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11
JunioRS101  +   945d ago
Explains the shitty hardware.
mydyingparadiselost  +   945d ago
One time I counted to 11 and the resulting brain hemorrhage caused me to buy a Wii, which is actually pretty fortunate since my playing capabilities have been reduced to shaking things and smiling at bold, semi bright colors. Oh, time to wipe the drool off the keyboard...

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