Linux Desktop Market Share is up as Much as 61 Percent, Study Finds

It's possible that the Linux desktop will never be anything more than a fad among geeky enthusiasts. If so, a growing swell of people appear to be much more faddish of late, as numbers from appear to indicate.

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decapitator3911d ago

All the OS companies seems to be stealing from that big Microsoft pie this year as a result of Vista and their declining brand recognition.

Scarfy3911d ago

Yeah. The forecast for Microsoft is not good at the moment. I've a feeling the computing landscape will be quite different in the next ten or fifteen years.

I may be wrong, but I don't think the average home user has much need for bulky and excessive OSes any more.

A lot of stuff can, and is, done via the internet these days. What do people use their computers for? Internet? Music? Photography? Some "office" related stuff?

craymoogy3911d ago

linux can do those things, and yet it's free

Pain3911d ago

Was only a mater of time till the "Dark Age Of Window's" to pass , Stevey did nail it, 1997-2007
for the world to live in shadows and Yay now we see the light and its Mac this Mac that and if u
not Mac you Linux.

i Welcome are new Over Lord's, Hail 'MacNux'!

tplarkin73911d ago

It went from 0.01% to 0.016% desktop market share. (Sarcasm. I don't know the real numbers, but I'm not far off.)

ElfShotTheFood3910d ago

Linux will never amount to anything significant.

Nor will Macs.

Pain3910d ago

Linux will never amount to anything significant. - I wouldn't make that bet.

Nor will Macs. - Thats a Good One lol way funny last i checked Apple stock is $156 and still climbing

MS is $29

and oh yea this...

o o
o O