Did Sony just Prove The Wii U’s Texture Bandwidth Is Not Slow?

Playeressence - Doctre81 discusses how Sony’s Mark Cerny might have indirectly proved that the Wii U is nowhere near as weak as some developers (EA) are saying.

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zeal0us1747d ago

Well it may not be weak as developers like EA saying it is but I doubt most big name developers will take the time to fully understand how the system works/try to use the system to its full potential.

thorstein1747d ago

Wow. Is your avatar two faces or a candlestick holder?

Dagobert1747d ago

I think it's two gay guys about to kiss.

BitbyDeath1746d ago (Edited 1746d ago )

The two faces or the candlestick holder?

pixelsword1746d ago (Edited 1746d ago )

It's either or... it depends how you want to see it.

I prefer the candlestick holder because it looks like Moe from the Three Stooges cloned himself and is about to tenderly kiss himself.


That was a good catch by whomever put that video together; I wouldn't have caught that because Nintendo really didn't clarify because of the end results, maybe; but this guy pieced it together well.

On the downside though, if they are alike in the same way, that means:

1. that development will still be a bit tricky to unlock the potential (in the video that's just a round-about way how they use to say about developing on the the PS3)

2. They have decent development tools now to make development a breeze (what developers said about developing on the PS4)

So either way it looks like the PS4 and WiiU have power, but Sony may have finally created good development tools to patch up the harder spots but maybe not the upper-upper echelon of development like Cerny is stating.

TriforceLightning1746d ago

It's looks the logo from Double Fine's new game Massive Chalice but it's not.

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TripC501746d ago

I agree with you zealOus. Now lets watch others avoide your comment by talking about your picture that looks like two faces... or maybe a glass. Because who gives a shit.

Cuzzo631746d ago

Lol. slow last few months for WiiU news huh

yewles11747d ago

Yeah, because 12.8GB/s DDR3 on the Wii U is TOTALLY not slow compared to 68GB/s DDR3 on XBOX ONE and 176GB/s GDDR5 in PS4...

RememberThe3571747d ago

Someone explain to me what the disagrees are about?

SegaSaturn6691747d ago

I disagree with anyone whose name starts with Y because I was sexually assaulted by my uncle yulius yates when i was six.

gaffyh1747d ago

People only click the "Disagree" button to annoy the people who actually care about that feature. Don't worry about it.

HyperBear1747d ago

Those disagrees are the result of a group/percentage of the N4G community who do not fully understand the technical specifications of each of the three gaming platforms, and thereby, they disagree because their "beloved" system of choice is being sarcastically downplayed when compared to the other two.

Does that about sum it up? lol

ChickeyCantor1747d ago (Edited 1747d ago )

The video is pointing at the eDRAM which could compensate in certain areas.
But is it sufficient enough for a lot of games? Absolutely. No one is expecting the richness of PS4/xboneone on a technical level.

Ultimately they don't matter to us gamers. A good game is a good game in the end.

yabhero1746d ago

True, let's hope the power doesn't get in the way of the WiiU getting good games though...

TheOneEyedHound1747d ago ShowReplies(1)
Qrphe1747d ago

Don't forget about the EDRAM and SDRAM both the Wii U and Xbox One have. They may not be ideal but they do help a ton with performance.

kwandar1747d ago

Well lets talk about that ....

Quantity of memory doesn't impact speed, well it does in the sense that accessing MORE memory is theoretically slower. Doesn't mean that more memory isn't good, but accessing more memory is slower, although it does let you do fast screen draws.

More to the point, I don't think anyone argued that Xbox One or PS4 don't have more/faster memory. The argument has been, all along, that Wii U isn't capable of running next gen (however the hell that's defined) and that just doesn't seem to be the case according to Sony.

starfox791746d ago

your wrong mate wiiu has 32/64MB edram on mcm thats 130GB to 260GB of bandwidth ram,thats without the cpu..

herbs1746d ago

And Yewles learned nothin from the video lol.

Locknuts1746d ago

Disagreed because you didn't watch or understand the video.

Dgander1746d ago

I thought the video was explaining texture bandwith? Anyway it does not surprise me to see that kind of comment from a well known Sony fanboy mongoloid with aspbergers on youtube. The people that thumb him up probably has the same sickness he has.

jcnba281746d ago

I don't think you understand what Mark said in the video....

TriforceLightning1746d ago

Someone obviously did not watch the video.

quantae061746d ago

Instead of leaving that comment on here, you should debate Drtre about it then. I'm sure he has a logical explanation.

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Blastoise1747d ago

I don't know what any of this means.

starfox791746d ago

It means if ur system RAM is good but ur Cache memory is poor then you loose mega power,wiiu has 3MB of edram cache on the cpu cores,with tons of edram on the MCM basically for ur gpu and cpu to share at will,then there's that 30% of secret specs we know nothing about on wiiu could be another 32MB edram or 64MB ??

RTheRebel1747d ago

Another reason to respect Mark =)
He himself shut the haters I will buy Knack DAY 1

TheGamingArt1747d ago

Jesus. I seriously hate seeing non developers spread information they DON'T UNDERSTAND. This isn't a walk in the part bit of information and the concept can be applied to both consoles. You will hit a LOT of other bottlenecks in the process that the onboard memory can't compensate for. Passing more memory through the bus != next gen graphics. That's not how this logic works. Stop pretending to understand OpenGL and Direct X architecture and learn how to develop before spewing out this shit from your asses.

annus1747d ago

It's just a numbers game to most. They don't understand that it doesn't matter if you can hold 1TB of VRAM if you don't have the processing power to actually render it.

TheGamingArt1747d ago (Edited 1747d ago )

And yet, people are disagreeing with me..... ignorance is disgusting. Disagreeing with me is like being an average joe telling construction engineer architect that the main suspension can be removed from the building and everything will be fine. Considering I'm a developer for a living, I believe I'd have quite a bit more insight with memory management and allocations, bandwidth in busses, etc than those of you who just read articles and watch people rant on Youtube without any insight on the actual matter. I should have even MORE insight on this matter since I deal with ARM based mobile chips. Ignorance is bliss.

Isis061747d ago

Ignorance truly is bliss...

1746d ago
TheGamingArt1746d ago


I got that he's calling developers lazy and stating that the Wii U can keep up with next gen titles. In the first wave of games, this may hold water... but it won't later on. This argument lies true for anything though, optimization = better performance better games. It also equals a lot more work, money, time. It's not worth it. Especially for a system with such a low install base. Why would you budget hundreds of hours for optimizing your game on a console, when the game will hardly sell compared to other consoles in which you'll receive the same if not most likely better performance from without optimizations? It's a waste of resources. Especially with the latest statements from EA not even remotely breaking even on a single WiiU game they've released.

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kwandar1747d ago

"Passing more memory through the bus != next gen graphics."

Problem is that no one (to my knowledge) has defined "nex gen graphics".

Can Wii U play with Xbox One and PS4, given the current software? Yes as far as I can tell,if the programmer isn't lazy and/or the studio wants to spend the $ for programmer time to tweak.

The hardware does the job for anything I've seen so far, just not as simply or elegantly. Maybe in 5 years we can have this discussion again and you'll be spot on.

If you were attempting to say that passing more memory through the bus != graphics capabilities of PS4 or Xbox1, I think only fools and fanboys could disagree.

JohnS13131746d ago

The real problems the Wii U has are the mediocre 2GB of RAM and USB 2.0. Too little RAM and slow USB. The hard drive is tiny. They expect gamers to use an external hard drive. Fine, then include the faster USB 3.0 so the games aren't slow.

wampdog291746d ago


And yet another person that knows very little (if anything) about the technical side of game consoles. This would be fine if you didn't try and make it SEEM like you know how things work. USB 2.0's max data bandwidth is 480 megabits/second which is 60 Megabytes/second. The Wii U reads game discs at 22.5 Megabytes/second (which is actually really fast and something that isn't ever spoken about). This means that USB 2.0 is still plenty fast enough to read games.

kwandar1746d ago

I dislike USB2, not because of speed, but because you have to buy drives with an added power adapter. Minor, but it is a nuisance. Speed however is of no issue as wampdog29 correctly pointed out.

TripC501746d ago (Edited 1746d ago )

If you consider the information compiled into that video "shit from your asses." I would like to know what your shit looks like because that "shit" seemed pretty interesting to me.

Joking aside, you suck.

TheGamingArt1746d ago

All because you gather data on people saying what can be optimized, doesn't mean that one thing can equate to another. This guy gathered arguments from EA that provide techniques for increasing processing with a lower bus speed. This does not provide any relevance to massive graphical enhancements or anything of the sort. This kind of algorithm allow developers to improve on things such as texture load ups. What does that have to do with keeping up with current gen? Theoretically, this doesn't increase polygon counts, this doesn't increase the amount of animations and physics that can be processed simultaneously at a high frame rate. This is an invalid argument based on information the arguer doesn't understand. All of those processes are based on physical GPUs and CPUs and their respective on board memory and speeds. Hence "shit from your asses". And all because you are interested in it, doesn't make the argument remotely valid.

TripC501746d ago

Look guy I'm just a gamer, not a tech genius like you. "This is an invalid argument based on information the arguer doesn't understand." The only thing I'm pointing out is that you suck because of your overly negative attitude towards this article. If you dissagree with it can you do it in a better, more intellectual, way instead of getting shitty in a comment section? Because not all gamers are as tech savy as a developer.

TheGamingArt1745d ago (Edited 1745d ago )


If you don't understand it, you shouldn't talk about it or agree with it. Take some time out and do some research. Spreading this stuff is how we get fanboys and Air heads who just talk the talk. It brings out the worst in people when people believe crap and it isn't valid at all.

TripC501745d ago (Edited 1745d ago )

I never agreed with it. I said it was interesting. Read my first comment again.

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