Must-Have Mods: The Witcher 2: Extreme Quality Flora Mod Released, Eliminates Grass Pop-In

DSOGaming writes: "NeoGAF’s member ‘EatChildren’ has released a pretty interesting – yet demanding – mod for The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings. According to its creator, this mod dramatically increases grass rendering distance, renders distant tree moss, presents full detail bushes/shrubs over entire fields, maximizes the quality of trees at any distance, and completely eliminates grass pop-in. In short, this mod makes The Witcher 2 look even more beautiful than before."

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kalkano1592d ago

The plus side of not having started this series yet: by the time I get around to it (and I will), it'll be SO much better.

john21592d ago

the beauty of mods ;)

reaper241591d ago

I really don't know how anyone can disagree with this. Mods make game better, this is not an opinion but a fact.

kalkano1591d ago


Especially when some of those mods are released by CD Projekt Red, themselves.

starchild1591d ago

Yep, mods are one of the things I love most about gaming on PC.

I've already played The Witcher 2 a ton, but it's one of my favorite games ever and I don't mind playing it again. :-)

coolmastermarktwo1592d ago

Damn! This game is 2 years old but still looks so good!