The Mysterious Sky People

Zelda Informer: "Most of the action in the Zelda series takes place on land, which makes sense, but occasionally we get to visit other locations, like the sea and even the skies, each one with its own gameplay and story elements. Interestingly enough, unlike many other places which have a defined identity and an established history, the sky above Hyrule has yet to find its own mythos. Every time a place in the sky appears in a new Zelda game, it is depicted entirely different than the last time. Some time ago, we at Zelda Informer discussed the mysteries of the many people that have inhabited Hyrule skies and Dathen Boccabella gave us his thoughts on the subject, however, I see things slightly different.

Throughout the series history, we've visited the sky many times: first, in the Four Swords trilogy, in which Link travels to the Palace of Winds, known as the Palace of Vaati in Four Swords, but it wasn't until the final release in the trilogy, The Minish Cap, that we fully knew about the place. At the time, it was located on the Cloud Tops, populated by the Wind Tribe, who originated from the surface until they learned to control the wind and left Hyrule to live in the skies. However, by the time of Four Swords and Four Swords Adventures, they no longer dwell there and the clouds are deserted. What happened to them?"

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