Will We Ever See An iPhone Killer?

Las Vegas (NV) - Ever since Apple first showed its iPhone in January of 2007, cellphone makers appear to have accelerated their innovation efforts to create new types of phones or at least phones that offer the same appeal as the iPhone. This year's CTIA tradeshow revealed that the iPhone will remain the benchmark of a mass market smartphone, while all other manufacturers are still catching up. But they are learning and are getting closer.

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PS360WII3908d ago

Yes there will be an iPhone killer, and it will be made by Apple ;)

Fishy Fingers3908d ago

I agree, iphone2 or ipwn as I'd like to see it.

Fishy Fingers3908d ago (Edited 3908d ago )

*bah why cant i upload pics??*

anyway... my ipwn...

Andronix3908d ago

the iPhone is a beautiful and well functioning bit of hardware. But i have been holding out for the 2008 model.

It will feature 3G
It could feature;
GPS - so it acts as a personal navigation system.
video recording
and maybe, haptic feedback.

i cant blimmin' wait!

Pain3908d ago

mmm cant wait to play with mine.......well......when the blood paper weight comes to Cunuck Vile....

Kakkoii3908d ago (Edited 3908d ago )

I'm expecting whatever ARCHOS makes next to be a great iPhone killer.

They know how to pack in a lot of memory and not skimp on features and screen space. And have been doing touchscreen way before Apple.

CNET compared the "Archos 605Wifi" to the "iPod Touch" and the 605 won.

So Archos's next gen should be a dream in a little touch box :)

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decapitator3908d ago

Yeah but that will only happen if companies are NOT trying to be like the iPhone.

Massacre3908d ago

The iPhone killer ? I am not interested in the killer. I am more interested in what will out innovate it next time. Killing a year old tech isn't an accomplish any company should be proud of accomplishing.

Stryfeno13908d ago

Of course, nothing last forever...In today, gone tomorrow.

riksweeney3908d ago

This is the problem with the iPhone, since it has so many features, you need a big screen to see them on. This results in a big phone. Now all the other phone makers are copying the touch screen idea and our phones are getting bigger again.

Sure, having a touch screen is nice, but if it results in my phone twice the size of my current one then I don't want it.

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The story is too old to be commented.