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Submitted by KingWilly105 868d ago | video

Can Battlefield 4 make a dent on Call of Duty: Ghosts?

Can they see eye-to-eye, or will their differences ever end? (Battlefield 4, Call of Duty: Ghosts, PC, Xbox One)

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Geovanny  +   869d ago
Yeah nobody cares about COD this time or at least in my area they dont.
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ape007  +   869d ago
"Yeah nobody cares about COD this time"

lol that is the ultimate delusion, u broke records man

CoD ghosts along with Grand Theft Auto V will the two most selling, most played games this year and next year. FACT
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Geovanny  +   868d ago
I also said..."my area".FACT
sevilha82  +   868d ago
It´s not just you´re area,trust me people are fed up with cod.

I don´t know if it´s going to sell more or not,but it´s just not the better game anymore,if people dont see that they just dont know games enough.

This from a ex cod lover,there are so much more options in the market that deserve a change,not just Batllefield,lot´s of free4play dev´s are going to apear in the Ps4 the next year or so and they need people to suport them,mostly because they make good games,and cod isn´t a good game anymore,just my opinion.
wishingW3L  +   868d ago
pre-orders are crazy high though.
GuyThatPlaysGames  +   868d ago
Battlefield will NEVER EVER outsell CoD. The CoD fanbase is just too big.
Andreas-Sword  +   868d ago
This time Battlefield will outsell CoD!
Here are the North American Pre-Order charts:

PS4: Top 10 Pre-orders
1. Battlefield 4
2. Watch Dogs
3. Killzone: Shadow Fall
4. Madden NFL 25
5. Call of Duty: Ghosts
6. Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag
7. Need for Speed Rivals
8. FIFA Soccer 14
9. Knack
10. Driveclub

Xbox One: Top 10 Pre-orders
1. Battlefield 4
2. Dead Rising 3
3. Ryse: Son of Rome
4. Madden NFL 25
5. Call of Duty: Ghosts
6. Watch Dogs
7. Forza Motorsport 5
8. Kinect Sports Rivals
9. Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag
10. Need for Speed Rivals

Also in Europe Battlefield will outsell CoD!
3-4-5  +   868d ago
Once COD, BF4, TitanFall, Destiny, Killzone and other FPS drop people will realize how much more there is to FPS games besides COD.

I'm a fan of COD, but after just starting BF, I realize what I was missing out on. Take that and add in 4-5 other good FPS and there is a lot of competition compared to the current gen.

The pie is going to be sliced up amongst more people now so COD's cut will be less. The game will still be solid, they always are, but it will be more of the same until people give them a reason to otherwise change up the formula.
AceBlazer13  +   868d ago
trust me not just ur area some ppl don't even know wat cod ghosts is.the series is dying slowly but surely
yeahokchief  +   868d ago
Why are you all arguing about this?

GTA V is going to smash everything.

CoD will always have higher numbers than Battlefield because it is a more social experience whereas Battlefield is the more technical/graphical powerful game. Graphically powerful games that only run best on expensive PCs don't set sales records. Social games do. The Battlefield devleopers wouldn't even get off their high horses to make a fun mode to compete with CoD's zombie mode. Dinosaurs would have been a hilariously awesome way to one up them with a more social/fun type mode, but they had some stick up their ass or something. Or I guess they just aren't good enough to do dinosaurs properly.

And for the record I never liked CoD and I don't like Battlefield anymore. Halo was okay, but I don't like Microsoft. FPS are lame and overrated on metacritic in general. BFBC2 was amazing, but BF3 was crap on PS3. I'd argue it was lackluster on PC too in terms of the GAME itself. Lack of destruction which impacted the quality of the map design etc. Although BF4 seems to be making all the gameplay improvements that BF3 should have brought in the first place. BF3 was just a graphical showcase. The game itself was ass.

GTA is in a class of its own. A polished, rare and timeless gem that everyone wants.
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MrMister  +   868d ago
COD is still king in my book
Xristo  +   868d ago
As a BF exclusive player (between BF and COD), I could not care less. COD is dead to me and what people play on their time is their own business. At the end of the day, BF4 WILL make enough to be successful, so that's good enough for me. If you are looking for me during that time, you can find me on the Battlefield.
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n4rc  +   868d ago
Giving up on cod.. Been lackluster rehashes year after year while they ignore the massive lag issues..

New gen means new IPs take over.. So much competition now and they all look and sound better..

But after a hundred billion dollars they still can't afford a new game engine.. Surprise surprise..
shibster88  +   868d ago
Bf4 dudes all the way but what I dont want to happen is all these cod boys) now changing to bf) will playbit like cod and run around like headless chickens, I just hope they play it as a team and use tactics and help the team/squad if they dont, there will be alot of mad bf boys like myself.
Geovanny  +   868d ago
Yeah and when they have mics they sound like average socially akward COD players.
Akuma2K  +   868d ago
I agree with you, hopefully there will be a kick feature so gamers will know that if your not helping complete team objectives and just going for a high kill streak etc.. they will be kicked out.
showtimefolks  +   868d ago
the last COD sold 10% less than the year before so the COD brand is slowing down, but whatever they loosing in yearly sales they getting back Via DLC and COD elite

BF4 i believe will do 12-15 million but i doubt it gets close to 20, CO is very easy to pick up and play while you have to understand many things in BF to succeed

GTA5 will sell the most in 2013
COD after that
BF4 #3
AC blackflag
last of us will end up doing 6-9 million i believe,
venom06  +   868d ago
OF COURSE IT WILL!!! BF3 made a NICE dent in CoD.. and BF4 will only do the same if not more.. seeing that BF3 sold 18million..
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Andreas-Sword  +   868d ago
I think also Battlefield 4 will sell very well.
I think BF4 will sell 16-20 Million units. (PS4, Xbox One, PS3, Xbox 360 and PC)

And, here is a current Poll:
BF4 vs CoD: Ghosts
Please vote!
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dcj0524  +   868d ago
Cod trashed the fps name. To non first person shooter gamers cod is the only fps and just generalizes it to the whole genre. The fps still has innovation in it, and with the oculus rift coming in 2014-2015ish the first person genre will get some fresh air.
Vladplaya  +   868d ago
I donno, I think there are a lot of people who are fed up with BF just as much they are fed up with CoD. First of all because BF been trying really hard to become like CoD, the dumb down gameplay compared to original series is only prove of it. Also BF4 is basically BF3.5 and I know a lot of people who really can't stand that. They could have easily added a lot of BF4 features as BF3 expansion pack, or heck, just could have included them from the start in BF3 (like commander that everyone begged for).

But yeah, if people buying CoD, there is really no hope for them, if they are not bright enough to realize they been buying same game every few months, than w/e makes them happy I suppose.

I will get BF4 when it will go on a good sale.
Allsystemgamer  +   868d ago
Everyone I know is excited for bf4 I have no idea what your talking about. And of course it looks similar to 3 it's a sequel. That's what sequels do. They add new features and change it up a bit.
detroitmademe  +   868d ago
how is bf4 trying to be like COD? BF4 has seems to have much better destruction than BF3, reminisced of bad company 2, dynamic weather which will affect gameplay, air ,land and much more improved sea battles & Thats just the tip of the iceberg, BF4 is its own beast, get it together man, you should know this
Unicron  +   868d ago
I'll give ghosts a chance... If they actually fix issues like team quitting without penalties to protect your precious k/d, host advantage, horrible aim assist code, team balancing, spawn balancing.... Sigh.
jd6187  +   868d ago
This fued is going on forever, but the two cannot be compared two different games. COD is an Arcade shooter with a huge fanbase. BF is a Strategic shooter with a big PC fanbase and now trying to make it big on consoles with the ps4 and xbox 1. So dont compare two different shooters.
gamernova  +   868d ago
The only thing that's killing CoD is CoD itself. People are starting to notice the repetitive nature of the game.
FITgamer  +   868d ago
As long as there are 12 year old with irresponsible parents COD will always out sell BF. That being said im done with COD, the same old shit, laggy servers, BF4, and Destiny made me lose all interest in it.
FanboyCrusher  +   868d ago
With next gen Call of Duty is being stomped. As far as I can remember BF4 is tearing up the pre-order charts on both systems. Call of Duty is as good as dead, and with the next gen consoles proving it. It also proves it's a casual game, made for casuals buying the same crap every year.
madara0sama  +   868d ago
As long as EA doesn't charge 80$ for a next gen game.
objdadon  +   868d ago
No way in hell anything outsells cod. Im fed up with it as much as anyone but it's to accessible, popular, and fun for casuals and hardcore alike. It's like floyd mayweather, I can't stand him but if I was betting I wouldn't bet my money against him! Gta is gonna sell for sure but nothing is outselling cod anytime soon.
T3AMRR  +   868d ago
Cod it means in portuguese Bacalhau....Fish :)

I think Activision could make someting.....change the name to WatchDogs 2
Or PlayDogs :) omg what a crap of game Graphics are worse then BF2.

Sorry but i have played Cod4 a little and graphics were mutch better, when i go for
YouTube and see Last Cod Games omg, Bad Graphics , strange colors, many videos showing the lag betwen players, no destruction, i just can't believe what players see in that crap of game, or maybe one thing, don't need to buy a new Pc or new Console, cheap Solution.......
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jjb1981  +   868d ago
Bf4 is one of the main reasons I'm buying ps4 on day one.

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